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The Dog Lover

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Chapter 8

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

Back in Rhonda Baker’s bedroom, Sharon’s redheaded sister lolled lazily on her waterbed, the golden fingers of the late afternoon sun streaking across her tanned body as she reached one arm up above her head and stretched. Her firmly uptilted breasts jiggled with voluptuous resilience on her chest.

She had fallen asleep before the television set, and was thankful for that. For after an orgasm with Cesar’s tongue and cock up inside of her, she was no better than a whimpering dummy for the longest time until her body floated back together again.

Rhonda had never realized that such a wonderful lewd heaven could exist in this world. She had devoted her whole existence toward being a wife and maybe a mother some day, and now in the course of an afternoon all of her traditional Irish Catholic values had been turned upside down by the marvelous climaxes Cesar was capable of producing inside her no longer resisting flesh.

But of one thing she was certain — now that she’d found such a delightful way of spending a lazy summer day, she wouldn’t give it up for anything. Bob would have to accept her newfound desire if she was to be his wife.

Thrusting her fingers exotically upward through her long red hair, the contented woman thought again about the long sensual afternoon they had passed. She had needed less priming as time went on to fan her voluptuous curves into a glowing furnace of lust, and had moaned and gasped endlessly as she lay naked and wanton beneath Cesar’s searing wet caresses. How could she ever have thought that such beautiful love could possibly be obscene and perverted? That no longer made any sense. A broad grin broke out over her face when he mused at what her mother would think should she ever discover her eldest daughter’s obsession.

What had Cesar in store for her next? Would Marla allow her pet animal to wander the neighborhood freely, or would she jealously protect her pet, keep him safe at home and in her own arms. Oh, Marla couldn’t be that cruel! The lips of her shamefully relaxed cunt felt all swollen and sultry, waiting for Cesar’s next kiss.

She looked down at him where he now lay exhausted on the waterbed next to her. She had fallen asleep with her arms around his muscular furry body, but somehow he had managed to slip out of her grasp and find his own niche on the burgundy bedspread that enhanced his deep brown-black coat, making the light caramel of his belly and paws stand out vividly. What a beautiful animal he was! How could she ever repay him for the happiness he had brought her.

“Cesar!” she called out in a silken murmur, and patted the bed beside her. “Come here, Cesar. There’s something I want to do for you.”

Indeed she did. He had fucked her tremendously with that muscular hardness of his until she had thought she was going out of her mind. Now that he was exhausted and couldn’t seem to get it up immediately again, she knew of the perfect way to repay him. This way he would never forget her! He would steal to her back door every chance he had after the gift she was about to bestow upon him.

What she had in mind was lewd beyond her wildest dreams ... that is, up until this afternoon. She had never done anything like it for Bob, wanting to save it for marriage, but then there was nothing to save between a dog and a woman. So now all the stops were out. Cesar had already led her into a mood of debauched depravity unlike anything she’d ever imagined. Nothing she could do could possibly bring her any lower, after what they’d already been through. So why not?

“Come here, darling...”

Even though he was peering at her only sleepily with one lazy eyelid upraised, he understood what she was saying. And being an obedient animal, Cesar did get to his feet and then make a single effortless leap onto the bed.

He lay down with his muzzle on his forelegs and stared up at her with his large, soulful dark eyes. What now, he wondered mildly? Was it time for him to go back to Marla’s? Had she finished with her other dog lovers and want him back now? He hadn’t heard the telephone ring...

Rhonda smiled sweetly and ran her long, slender fingers gently over his sleek smooth crown. “Would you like to turn over, darling? Rhonda wants to thank you in her own special way.”

Cesar whimpered, not quite sure what she was after. Then suddenly Rhonda spread her legs and with a lengthy sigh of pure contentment, began slipping her fingers back and forth through the crispy red curls that surrounded her soft wet pussy slit. “Doesn’t that make you hard, baby?” she asked. “Look at me fuck myself baby. Look at how red and swollen my cunt lips are for you. Ohhh, so ready and hot. Just waiting for that sweet animal cock of yours to make me cummm ... oh, oh, god, doggie...” she swooned.

The big dog whimpered again and for an answer shot out his long tongue to pass it like a hot knife through the battered furrow of her open and hair-lined pussy. Rhonda gasped and stiffened. She felt like a puppet of sheer desire beneath that pleasure-tingling flesh.

As for Cesar, in another moment the moist pink flesh between her thighs had communicated its hot fluid desire through his lapping tongue and he began to feel his balls quiver with stimulation. His loins seemed to tremble like jelly. And in another moment he felt a terrible anxiety to get back inside of her.

Rhonda became quickly enslaved all over again beneath the rhythmic tempo of his tongue, her deep gaze racking her voluptuous body from one end to the other as his tongue slithered snake like in and out through the sparse red pubic hairs of her cunt. She felt as if her cuntal passage were on fire from his lust tongue fucking She rolled her lovely head from side to side, gurgling with happiness as she held his large furry head by the ears between her obscenely spread thighs.

And then her gleaming, lust-drugged eyes widened — for here it came! Gazing down over her full, widely set breasts, she could see all the way to the glistening spectacle of Cesar’s thick red penis emerging from its long furry sheath. The tapered end slipped and danced moistly as it came sliding out, a spot of cum already issuing from its tip. And it continued slithering hotly from its fleshy fur scabbard until it was extended to almost its full mouth-watering length.

She got up on her elbows, her long red hair swinging down over her shoulders and her proud taut breasts heaving with emotion. A licentious impulse of uncontrollable bestial desires raged through her nakedly panting flesh. She had never seen anything so beautiful in the world as Cesar’s long hard pleasure-giving penis.

Yes ... she wanted it ... it was thick and red coming out now ... and she wanted it ... in her mouth ... its thickening cone like shape heightening her excitement frantically!

She glared at his cock breathlessly as the big animal’s wetly glistening hardness came dangling out of his powerful loins, her mouth salivating erotically. Lust-driving thrills of unnatural lust surged through her ardently overheating loins. This was what she had wanted — at last! But how could she get to suck it?

“Cesar, lover,” the kneeling young woman panted droolingly, her lips glistening with saliva. “Come over here, darling.” She caressed his large head affectionately. Her hypersensitive inner cuntal flesh fairly seethed, sending a hot flow of cuntal moisture seeping down into her already damply twined pubic curls. Their lurid scene acted like a bellows of her burning loins. Her nakedly thrusting white breasts felt electric with lust and giddy thrills.

“Cesar, darling,” she pleaded, almost begging him now. “I want to love you. Please lie down. I want to suck that beautiful penis of yours, you gorgeous animal, just the way you sucked my cunt.”

Rhonda shook her long red hair out of her eyes, feeling as if she were in some sort of delirium. Then she got up to, her knees, her breasts dragging voluptuously along the sheet as she spoke to him in soothing, gentling tones, brushing her hand lovingly over his soft sleek fur, her eyes locked on the solid pink length of his emerging cock hanging so lewdly beneath his furry stomach.

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