The Dog Lover - Cover

The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2021 by Jon Reskind

Chapter 7

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

Good Lord, what’s going on here? tutted the platinum-tressed teenager, distraught after minutes of ringing the door bell and pounding ‘til her knuckles turned white. Perhaps the neighbor lady was in her back yard. She remembered, now, Rhonda was saying that her neighbor Marla all but lived in her back yard with her pet German shepherd, Cesar.

Sharon came around the house to the back patio, where the high wooden fence separated Marla’s dog pen from the neighbor’s adjoining backyard. Though it made her feel nosey peeking over someone’s fence and spying on her privacy, Sharon rose to her tip-toes and pulled herself up to chin level to scan the patchy back yard. It was then she heard the alarming words:

“Oh, Dobbie, oh God! Don’t! You mustn’t lick my pussy, you naughty dog. It feels too goood!”

Sharon’s breath caught in her throat. What on earth was going on here? Dobbie? Dobbie had to be an animal’s name! She struggled to find a knot-hole in the thick, wooden fence, but found it security tight, safe from the eyes of peeping strangers ... like Sharon.

Sharon could hardly believe her ears. Oh, God, what was a woman letting a dog do such nasty things to her? Slowly, almost fearfully, the anxious teenager made her way along the fence, like a rabbit eyeing a carrot patch, her smooth buttocks wiggling nervously under her cut-offs.

“OH, Dobbie! Oh, you naughty dog! You’ve got your tongue stuck up all the way into mama’s — urggh! Oh God! Dobbie, you’re driving me crazy with your tongue! What would my sister say if she knew! Oh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!”

Sharon felt as if she had an orange stuck in her larynx. Dobbie! A dog was fucking this woman with his tongue! This was ghastly!

But this feeling did not prevent Sharon from moving swiftly across the patio’s cool brick floor toward a latched gate that separated the dog’s pen from the rest of the yard. She pushed her fingers against the partially opened gate and watched it slide open wider to reveal the most indecent and lewd sight she had ever seen in her life!

For there, on the ground lying on a huge beach towel, was the mysterious neighbor lying stretched back, her legs spread crab-like, her full firm breasts quivering tantalizingly and the nipples distended with her lust, as a Doberman Pinscher lapped his long red tongue over and back through her shining wet pussy, drawing her moist dark pubic curls after it with every obscene lick!

Sharon gasped and fell back into the shadows against the barbecue pit, her fingers moving instinctively up under her levi cut-offs toward her bathing suit bikinis, then inside through the snug elastic waistband to course down through her sparsely curling pubic hair. One finger found the swollen lips of her itching and burning young cunt, making a tiny, titillating little circle all around their hypersensitive outer edges. She bit down hard on her sultry, pouting lower lip, and began to move her finger around faster under her bottoms. This was altogether too much! She thought she was going to go out of her mind, unable to deny herself any longer. First, there was Bob’s hungry stare as she left in her bikini, then the newsboy’s hungry kiss, and then that obscene old man in the park ... and now her sister’s neighbor was deep in the throes of sexual adventure so lewd that Sharon’s young mind could scarcely grasp it. What was the world coming to? Was this maturity?

Everywhere she looked, she was getting turned on. It seemed to be other people ... and dogs who were having most of the fun, and her hot little cunt couldn’t stand the waiting any longer! Had her sister withstood these temptations when she was Sharon’s age? Today was a day wherein nothing seemed to be sacred. Maybe it was a full moon...

Her mind aflame with desire, the pretty blonde teenager stuffed her middle finger up through the pleasantly drenched confines of her slippery cunt, working it around. Fierce enervating waves of lust seemed to inundate her virginal teenage flesh. Her loins felt as if they were boiling over. It would not have been so difficult to conceive of her worldly and beautiful sister’s neighbor laying back there in the yard with a man. But with a dog?

Suddenly she saw Marla pull her knees all the way up so that they touched her breasts. In this position the slender crevice between her smooth milk-white buttocks was rolled upward and presented in obscene sacrifice to Dobbie’s savagely licking tongue. Sharon watched wild-eyed from the gate as the big animal’s gleaming tongue scrolled up to thrust madly in and out of her neighbor’s hair-fringed cuntal furrow in a lascivious imitation of intercourse, then spiraled its way wetly downward to flick without mercy at the woman’s wrinkled little anus.

Marla seemed to be choking on her own moans as Dobbie’s tongue pointed and elongated, licking and flicking passionately at her exposed and vulnerable nether opening. She no longer delivered words of any clarity, but rather one long string of mumbled imprecations, all of them hopelessly incoherent with passion.

Sharon was trembling violently now. As if in a dream her free hand began involuntarily massaging the straining voluptuousness of her virginal young breasts. Then her fingers snaked up under her tight bikini top and trapping her trembling nipples between thumb and forefinger and kneading and twisting at them until she was afraid they might rip loose from the quivering milky mounds.

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