The Dog Lover - Cover

The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2021 by Jon Reskind

Chapter 6

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

Shaking out her lavender beach towel in her right hand and her cut-off levis in her left, Sharon Baker let out a long growl of dismay. Damn! After one day and she’d lost her new gold earring! What a drag! But then nothing had gone well since she’d gotten up this morning and headed for the community pool to cool off her burning flesh.

And it all started when her sister’s newspaper boy cornered her in the hedge. Yes, she could blame it on Danny to some extent, she realized, and that made her feel a little better. Because if he hadn’t grabbed her in the front yard, and pressed her mouth open wide in a long, lingering kiss, with his tongue thrust between her teeth and lapping hungrily at her own tongue, her belly wouldn’t have exploded like that. Oh God, the way he kissed her, rubbing his hands on her sensitively budding young breasts and grinding his loins hard up against her swollen pussy mound. Oh God, if that hadn’t happened, then she wouldn’t have had to stay at the deep end of the pool and dog paddle with one hand while she slipped the other under the tiny wisp of her bikini bottoms and tried to satisfy herself with two fourteen year old fingers.

And that’s probably where her matching 14 karat gold earring was right now — at the bottom of the pool!

Of course, part of the turn-on had started with Bob, Rhonda’s boyfriend. Man, what a sexy man he was! So tall and good looking; not like the creepy, pimply fifteen-year-olds who were always hitting on her. And the way he’d looked at her. Oh, big sister if you only knew how your husband-to-be looked at me before he left with his suitcase in hand! She just bet Rhonda would blow her head off if she knew.

So that really Danny’s obscene French kiss had just been the finishing blow. She had almost strangled on his tongue, but she had left him huffily with her loins simply awash with excitement and her cuntal lips itching desperately.

Consequently, she’d headed for the deep end of the pool, hoping for a minute — (oh, just a minute is all it would have taken) to satisfy herself and relieve that painful tingling. She’d clung to the rim of the pool and scissored her legs wide and wormed the fingers of one hand down into the snug elastic strip of her bikinis to get at her wildly seeping pussy lips. After rubbing her middle finger in and out of her desire-engorged cunt, making a whirlpool in the aqua water, she found no relief. Maybe she would have, had not that damned little kid with the snorkel started pulling at her leg. Damn, she was so embarrassed she’d clambered, dripping and disgusted, out of the pool. And now her earring was gone!

And now she was too ashamed to look any of the kids in the eye, and there were some good looking boys here today too! Sharon stuffed her belongings into her canvas bag, leaving her movie magazine in a puddle of water and the empty coke can laying on its sticky side for someone else to dispose of. The mortified and confused teenager darted for the park encircling the community pool. Maybe an hour sitting on a park bench would help cool her down.

How many other kids had seen her playing with herself under the water? Speculation was useless, except to feed her sorrows.

She paused briefly to feed the birds in the park, but she really couldn’t concentrate on the fluttery animals who seemed as jittery and unsure of themselves as she was.

“Hi there.”

Sharon looked around. There was a withered up looking old Chinese man sitting on the park bench with fingers and hands that looked scrawny and birdlike dipping into a bag of popcorn. He flung kernels into the air and laughed as the hungry pigeons fought for the white treats.

A classic dirty old man, thought Sharon. His short grizzled white whiskers and yellowed face with small, beady dark eyes staring at her, and just a trace of spittle on his oriental lips. He was bent over too; almost bent in half, she guessed.

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