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The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2021 by Jon Reskind

Chapter 5

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

Filled with wonder, her jaw hanging laxly, Rhonda Baker gasped at the gleaming red penis that had emerged from its long furry cocoon beneath the dog’s furry belly, thick and wet, it’s tapered end swaying tantalizingly as it left the protective shield in an ever expanding length of canine hardness.

It was bigger than she remembered Bob’s to ever have been! Rhonda panted wordlessly, her eyes glazed over as she confronted this marvelously formed canine cock sliding with such agonizing slowness from its soft brown sleeve. Her mouth flooded with saliva. She had never been so turned on in her life and ready to explode! She was thrilled beyond all measure that it was her beauty which had aroused this powerful good looking animal to such a pitch of lasciviousness that transcended all bounds of known propriety.

She realized it now — he wanted to get between her legs and fuck her, just as she had been secretly afraid of all along. And why shouldn’t he want to? Wasn’t she beautiful? Could only a man appreciate a woman’s beauty? And hadn’t Cesar proved that he knew all the little feelings and nuances required of an ardent lover? Hadn’t he proved his adoration? So why shouldn’t he fuck her, ram his thickly bloated animal cock high up into her slippery passion drenched cunt?

But some reside of morality was still present in the inexperienced wife’s mind, and suddenly she managed to protest in an agonized voice. “Oh, my darling ... we mustn’t ... it’s wrong ... forbidden ... no matter how much we want each other ... oh God, I do love you ... oh never ... not this ... darling ... don’t tempt me so...!”

But even as she stammered out all the awkward denials, she couldn’t keep her lust-gazed eyes off his still expanding and lengthening animal cock. “Ohhhh,” she squealed, hopelessly thrilled and in the grip of a passion so obscene it was unnamable. “Yes, I love you ... you know I do ... but how can we, lover, darling ... how can we ... oh God, we have to! I can’t stand it! I’ve got to cum!”

And with this, all last remnants of puritan morality and Catholic upbringing fled, and Rhonda uttered a sharp, piteous cry of anguished desire. If only he had made her climax with his tongue, perhaps she wouldn’t be so vulnerable. But it was too late now to ponder the imponderable; she was hooked. A mere slave of the flesh to his ardent canine whims, as she scrambled for the pillows, stacking them high under her buttocks and hips so that soon her open pelvis was raised high into the air as if on a dais for a temple goddess, and she rested back on her shoulders with her glossy red hair spread out like a fan around her head.

This position forced the burning hot flanges of her cunt to open up in an oval like a mouth waiting to be tongue-kissed. Beyond those open and vulnerable portals Cesar could see all of her urgently waiting wetness, waiting for the plunge of his lust-stiffened member. The redheaded woman’s eyes glowed with lascivious desire, and then she pulled her knees back again until they pressed into her erotically tingling breasts, revealing still further the lewdly raised mound of her flaming pussy, glistening with molten desire where it lay nakedly spread open before him.

Rhonda raised her beautiful head to look down between her rising and falling breasts and open legs at her handsome canine lover, who waited patiently with his massive shining red cock bobbing with the instinctual heartbeat of his lust. Beyond that lay his heavy, sperm-laden testicles that wanted to spurt deeply up inside her waiting belly. “Yes, Cesar,” she croaked shamelessly. “Fuck me now! I’m ready, darling!” She reached between her legs and lewdly stroked her middle finger through her greedily throbbing pussy with a savage erotic gesture. “Get it in, baby! Hurry, lover!”

Cesar wanted to, but he had been waiting for her to turn over. He had been trained to fuck women from behind, his paws clutching their soft fleshy curves as they trembled excitedly under him. He was not familiar with this new position. But his beautiful mistress was obviously ready and eager for him, and his own heart was also beating with a sex-crazed animal heat. Perhaps it was all right this new way!

Cesar whined as he moved hesitantly toward her on the waterbed. He wasn’t sure he liked this strange bed that moved and gurgled every time he moved. It made him almost sea-sick, but he couldn’t let that distract him now! Then, cautiously so as not to lose contact in the lunge, he mounted between Rhonda’s widespread legs, his canine head panting hungrily above hers, as his huge jerking penis swung in toward the streaming heat of her open pussy lips ... and finally brushed against it!

“Ohhhhhh ... oh darling ... put it in ... yes, hurry before I lose my mind!” Rhonda closed her eyes tightly as if to shut out the terrible waves of obscene guilt that were flooding her nakedly quivering flesh. But then her arms were snaking up around his furry muscular body and she was hugging him close, her softly moistened lips kissing all over his hairy snout, her tongue stroking obscenely across his. And as he answered her with his own licking of her passion-twisted features, she reached down beneath him and her cool slender fingers gently gripped his slippery hot animal-penis, parting her soft red pubic hair with its thick beveled tip, and bringing it warmly into the pulsating opening of her surrendering cunt.

“Oh, in me...” she sighed, as if she were cooing to Bob. “Ohhh, darling! I need it so bad! Fuck me with it! Hurree! Oh, just the tip’s inside me now, darling. Fuck it all into your hungry mistress’s cunt. Hurry! My wonderful, wonderful Cesar!”

The convulsively gasping redhead gripped the dog’s swollen cock with a hungry passion. It felt as hot and hard as a rigid iron bar and yet soft and wet at the same time. And suddenly Cesar lurched forward as if on cue. For moments he had felt her moistly clutching cuntal lips kissing his cock, nibbling at the fiery red tip like something possessed, and now he could take no more. He fucked forward with a primitive, purposeful stroke to satisfy his wildly throbbing animal lust.

“Ugggghhhh!” Rhonda barked as the huge dog fucked his cock deep inside her. At last! Her loins and brain were boiling like a witches’ cauldron. His penis rammed up so high into her belly she was afraid it would come out her throat!

Cesar was squatting partially on his haunches between his mistresses wide-splayed white thighs humping forward again and again to bury himself to the hilt in her hotly churning cunt. Each time he thrust, his sperm-bloated testicles came swinging forward, thumping with an obscene moist smack into the smooth, widely split crevice of her buttocks. And then he began pumping into her with the staccato speed of a wild machine.

“Urrrggghhharrrgggllldaaarling!” the groaning redhead gurgled ecstatically reeling with pleasure beneath the neighbor’s dog’s fucking. She felt as if she were already cumming, and her throaty cries became one long, endless moan of mindless delight as he pistoned relentlessly up between her legs. For Rhonda there was only Cesar, deadly earnest reaming of her tender cunt, and nothing else. Her passion-dilated cuntal passage flowered open like a rose in the hot summer sun. She would not have denied him anything now. She was totally enslaved and vulnerable, a helplessly groaning mass of aroused female flesh, with fulfillment her only direction. She lived for this excruciating thrill — this electric feeling of being fucked half to death by this powerful German shepherd.

This was sex at its most primitive and basic level, and she wanted to wallow in it. He was an animal on all fours, fucking her without tenderness or patience, but she didn’t care. His lightning thrusts were so mind-bending it made her teeth chatter and her head spin. She squirmed and groaned salaciously around his thickly dominating animal-cock which was despoiling her sacred redheaded beauty, feeling the entire blood-swollen length of it as it sluiced wetly in and out of her flaming hot cunt.

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