The Dog Lover - Cover

The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2021 by Jon Reskind

Chapter 4

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

“But, lover — Cesar, oh...” the sex-hungry redhead gasped incoherently, not knowing who, or what or where she was. All she knew was that this powerfully demanding animal kiss was making her cunt literally churn with lust. Her hotly quivering thighs felt as if they were disintegrating, while the moisture of her passion trickled by the seeming cupful from her wildly tingling walls and trembling cunt lips to soak into her already thickly soaked red pubic hair.

Her hands seemed to be moving helplessly, wonderingly all over the dog’s magnificent furry body as he stood there so motionlessly in the bath. Her tremulous breasts felt swollen to bursting and as if they were being caressed by hundreds of tiny hands. She sucked lingeringly all the while on his long, fluid tongue, all the time repeating to herself over and over again: no one will ever know, no one will ever know...

Her fingers reached down in the water to release the plug and send the water rushing down the drain. Her loins were so inflamed that she didn’t see how she could wait a single second longer without going out of her mind. Especially now that Cesar was somewhat spruced up and smelled so fresh and clean. She hoped and supposed that it wouldn’t take much to get him to lap at her cunt again. Maybe that would relieve some to the terrible tickling and itching in her loins ... Oh God, what on earth was she thinking? But no, no, it was true. She would let him if he tried again. She just had to have some relief!

Rhonda was amazed and alarmed as the bath water ran out to discover just how masterfully hung her house guest was. It was one thing to be caressing his penis with her hands when it was partially concealed with lather and soapy water, but quite another to be seeing it without anything to obscure its powerful size.

For the moment she felt just the slightest fear — a fear of the sort natural to a virginal girl who is not quite sure that her snug, tender young insides are adequate to the task of receiving a full-sized, lust-engorged penis. She wanted to laugh out loud. At her age, to be as apprehensive as a sacrificial virgin!

Her hands reached for the panting German shepherd and helped him to clamber over the edge of the tub, then watched him wildly spray water all over the bathroom as she shook himself in the center of the rug. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted of him, or what he wanted of her, or what they wanted of each other, but whatever it was, now was the time for it.

“Hurry, lover,” she whispered, blowing warmly into one of his pointed ears until Cesar quivered with hot delight. “Hurry, come in here with me and let’s lay down on my nice water bed. Let’s see what we can do for each other. You’ve got to help me, Cesar, before I go crazy!” Her hands brushed fondly up and down along his sleek wet back, growing more urgent and excited by the minute. She had to get him to lick her cunt if it was the last thing she ever did! No one would ever know!

“Hurry, darling!” she moaned, moving swiftly to the door of her bedroom. Now that her mind was made up and she was spinning hopelessly over the edge of obscene and illicit desire, she was in no mood to wait a single second longer. She had fought mightily with all her willpower to resist this forbidden thing, whatever it was, but it was no use. She had her needs and they were driving her mad, and felt totally willing to give in now that she had adequately rationalized away her depravity. She decided that her sanity was at stake, and consequently, almost any debauchery was justified in her mind. She had to save her mental health in order to continue living from day to day. After all, it was completely Bob’s fault, the dirty wretch, for leaving her alone with nothing to think about except their wedding plans and her sexual needs. “In here, quickly.”

The full-bodied young woman held the bathroom door open for Cesar, then closed it tightly behind him. The big dog stared at the television set that still hummed with the roll call from the fifty states, and then he paused at the edge of the water bed, not quite certain if that’s what his new mistress meant for him to do.

“Come on, up, up...”

Rhonda found herself thrilling as she watched his powerful form moving about so god-like and forceful. Cesar was a law unto himself. He knew nothing about making a living or providing for her, or about real estate or anything else. He was just a marvelous animal who had been born for this moment and none other.

She didn’t hesitate a minute, but moved quickly across the carpeted floor, her cheeks flushed with both excitement and anxiety. What on earth was she doing? Would she be able to look at herself in the mirror tomorrow? Oh God, did it even matter?

“Move over,” she commanded, and he did so as she lay down on one side of the big waterbed. Then she raised up her knee and slowly inched her voluptuously proportioned body over toward the center of the gurgling bed. Cesar leaped joyously out of the way, clambering over her legs while she got herself into position.

At last! At last she was ready. This was action he could understand!

By now Rhonda’s long milk-white legs were completely spread open in the center of the bed, and she allowed herself a luxury she hadn’t had time to finish, pressing her two fingers in between her steaming wet cuntal lips and driving them deep inside her churning cunt until a stifled groan of desire broke from her lips that was like the sound of a great amen.

That was it, she thought dreamily as she gently pistoned her fingers in and out of her seeping cunt. This was what she had been waiting for. This was what all her unrequited passion had been building to. Hopefully, this time there would be no intrusion.

She tried to ready for him as she finger-fucked herself in a frenzy of satisfying lust. Why had she denied herself before. Why had she felt funny masturbating in front of the television screen? She couldn’t remember now, and anyway, it didn’t matter.

“Cesar ... please ... help me ... do what you did before ... please...”

But the handsome and dashing dog merely looked down at her with a superior air, appearing to be waiting for something. What was it? What more did he need?

“Lick me,” she blurted out blatantly, surrendering. “Lick my cunt.”

The big dog appeared to laugh, and then his head inclined and he moved forward between her scissor-opened legs. With a single long, swiping movement, his snout went down and forward, and then his tongue was snaking out lizard-like and whipping through the moist wet furrow of her vulnerably spread cunt, ripping her soul to shreds.

“Aaarrrggghhh,” she groaned, her beautiful red-tressed head flailing backwards, her pelvis region thrusting upward to meet his ardent tongue. She had done it now, debased herself — and it was wonderful! There was no need turning back. And in a sense she must have realized that from the first moment she felt her belly trembling when she gazed down into the dark limpid pools of his hot and sexy brown eyes. The rest had been courtship. She knew now that she wanted this thing — this marvelous thing — no matter how obscene or illicit it was. Indeed, the very forbiddenness of their situation added a measure of excitement that was exotic in the extreme. As the big dog’s tongue lapped through her warmly seeping pussy slit, her glistening cuntal lips clung to it like a woman clutching at her lover. The rough texture of his tongue seemed to magnetically bind her tender cuntal folds to it.

And then Cesar did something that was so fiercely exciting and intoxicating it fairly took her breath away. For all of a sudden that fearful furry seducer drove his cold wet snout right up into her steaming pussy flesh, wedging it in as deeply as he could. Then when he’d done that he began punctuating his snout in and out of her convulsing cunt with a savagely swift, staccato-like movement.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she screamed. “What are you doing to me?” she demanded to know as he punched his snout in and out between her legs with machine-gun like thrusts. This was wild, crazy. He left her with no room to alter, cajole or implore. This was just the most furious, wonderful rape of her loins she’d ever encountered. The mind-drugging, soul-dredging tattoo of his snout banging back and forth against her vulnerable and open cunt sent her half way towards her orgasm before she knew what hit her.

Rhonda had never had any experience like this before. Usually Bob made love to her very affectionately before he even considered putting his thick, blood-swollen cock into her cunt. But this brutish animal was actually raping her with his nose! And she was loving every minute of it!

Frantic with desire, she gripped his ears wildly and tried to drag his face all the way up inside her. And all the while she was moaning as if she were delirious with fever.

“Oh, oh, Daaarrrllling!” she crooned, her head flailing from side to side and her long red hair flying madly around the pillow. This was totally the most mind-splitting experience she’d ever had. His snout was pumping in and out of her loins like an oil driller, making her lust spiral higher and higher with each lewd bestial thrust. She could feel the bristly hairs all around his handsome jaw, whisking in and out of her cunt as if they were going to rip her to pieces. But the pain didn’t matter. Nothing did. There was only this wonderful feeling in her loins which had turned her body to jelly. Only that mattered and nothing else.

Rhonda knew she was acting like a depraved whore, with her pelvis gyrating obscenely over the stray dog’s crazily raping snout, but she didn’t care. “Yesssss,” she hissed over and over, not even conscious of what she was saying. The passion-drugged redhead squirmed and twisted voluptuously on the bed and thrashed her body all over her lover-dog’s face like a woman gone mad, heaving her firmly mounded breasts up and back with primeval desire. The needs of her flesh had taken complete control, shoving all other considerations far into the background

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