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The Dog Lover

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Chapter 3

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

Rhonda could not repress a sharp twinge of excitement as she made her way to the bathroom with the furry German shepherd right behind her now and occasionally brushing against her naked legs. The feel of his rough fur along her slick skin sent sensual shivers all the way up her soft inner thighs and into the redly crinkled outskirts of her love-starved pussy. She felt faintly confused by this curious sensation and her subsequent reaction, but still was not prepared at the conscious level to admit to herself that she found this wild and strange animal erotically intoxicating. The timing had been too perfect; almost as if her nosy neighbor had been peeking through the window and waiting for the right moment to tempt her. From stories she’d heard about the divorced woman, a borderline alcoholic who chain-smoked cigarettes and invited delivery boys into her apartment for hours at a time, Rhonda would not be surprised at anything.

“Well, here we are, handsome,” she said as they entered the bathroom. And then, because she always did this, it seemed the natural thing for her to drop her housecoat from her lovely body, revealing her sleekly proportioned flesh in all Titian desirability.

Cesar’s big brown eyes fairly flared at this exotic and spell binding presentation of feminine loveliness. Unhindered now, the heady scent of her hungering pussy wafted clearly to him and made his loins pulse with an answering desire.

Rhonda turned, feeling her cheeks flush hotly as she realized that Cesar’s burning hot eyes were upon her as she stood there naked. That brutish animal might have been her Bob, gazing at her lusciously naked body, for all the attentiveness he was relishing upon her. She glanced instinctively into the cabinet mirror, and then looked away. There was certainly no harm in disrobing before this animal! She looked at her firm highly-set breasts. No, of course not. After all, it was not as if it were a man she was alone with, was it?

Laughing nervously, the redheaded woman bent down and gave Cesar a light fondling around his snout. “You little devil, you,” she giggled. “You’ve got eyes that get right up between a woman’s legs, don’t you?”

Cesar gave a muffled whine and licked her hand. Rhonda really liked the dog now, and he reminded her of a pet she had as a child. Another German shepherd, though a female. Besides, any admirer was better than the television set and those silly politicians. Feeling like Venus as she appraised her own voluptuous body in the surrounding mirrors, she realized that even Bob hadn’t looked at her supple, curvaceous flesh like that in a long time. Was that fair?

Smiling seductively at herself, she shook out her long, glowing red hair. Then she turned away from Cesar towards the bathtub, presenting to him the juicy rounds of her buttocks, which joggled tantalizingly before his longing eyes as she moved back the shower curtain and then bent over in order to turn on the faucets.

From this position Cesar could make out just the barest wisps of her pubic hair poking back between her quivering thighs to the juncture of her smoothly formed ass cheeks, and he snorted hotly in familiar anticipation.

Rhonda meanwhile had cut off the drain and found a suitable temperature for the water. She moved it around with her hands to be sure it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold for the doggey, who was to be her companion for the next couple of days. And in that moment of complete and vulnerable exposure, with her naked buttocks jutting lewdly back toward Cesar’s face, the young woman had an experience that would have been predictable for a woman of wider sexual experience, but which Rhonda Baker constituted perhaps the most shattering physical adventure she had ever had — or thought about in her entire life.

For, in that moment suspended between time and space, poised with all of her lusciously tempting nakedness undulating in sexual promise over the bath, she suddenly felt the hot, swiping tongue of an animal moving wetly from an artful point just below her curl-fringed pussy lips, stroking ardently through her quiescently enduring cuntal furrow, and up sharply through the cleft in her buttocks to flick and poke expertly at her virginal anus! This time there was no prompting for the lewd behavior: no steak bone wielded temptingly in front of his sensitive and hungry nose, no “good doggie” talk to be reciprocated.

“Aarrgghhh!” Rhonda groaned, as her pussy became alive with the aftershocks of her near orgasm before her neighbor had intruded. And now this reaction all because of a ... German shepherd, a dog she’d only seen a few times in the past.

This was outrageous! Before she could get a grip on herself, the brutish animal repeated his lewd act, this time curling his tongue like a scroll and pushing it obscenely up through the hair-lined lips of her burning hot cunt. Rhonda held on to the edge of the bathtub trying to collect her thoughts.

This was not even remotely similar to anything else sexual she’d ever experienced, and she had thought she and Bob were sexually liberal! This dog was putting her to the test! But Cesar’s sudden action worked on her just as if she had let out this obscene growl of lascivious delight which came from she knew where.

“Cesar. Good doggy!” Without a thought as to whether he would bite, she reached in back of her and tried to push his snout away. But the feel of his cold wet muzzle in her fingers and between her buttocks was a second sensation so electrically erotic and stimulating that it could not be tolerated for longer than a single instant.

And, in that instant, the single-minded stray continued his depraved behavior with another hot, wet swiping lap up through her torrid cuntal cleft to flick up maddeningly like a leather whip at her sensitive nether entrance.

A fierce primitive groan of sensuality escaped Rhonda’s parted lips once more, but, by now, she had also begun mumbling various incoherent prayers in her head, trying to distract herself. In a small way this seemed to work, and she managed miraculously to work up the strength from her tortured limbs to push herself up from the bath. This also tended to force the dog’s snout somewhat more snugly between her cleft moon buttocks, and the threat of attack at her anus sent off another furious thrill deep in her loins and immediate feelings of self-recrimination set in.

What would Bob think if he knew he’d been replaced by a dog?

“Get away — oh God, Cesar! Get away! Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”

Her limbs felt so weak and helpless she couldn’t believe it. It was as if she had become almost paralyzed with some illness in her muscles. But her imprecations to the dog seemed to have done some good, for the powerful animal now took her seriously and backed off across the bathroom tiles away from her.

Indeed, Cesar was well-trained enough to know when a human really meant her protests and when she didn’t. When he sensed that his beautiful new redheaded mistress actually was serious about wanting a respite, he backed off immediately. He had learned through long experience as well that it was not wise to force the issue with a female who was not quite ready. A smart dog and well able to play the waiting game, he sat down on his haunches in one corner of the bathroom and stared at her with his muzzle resting on his paws and his big dark eyes brooding and thoughtful. He would wait for her. Forever, if need be...

Especially now that his mistress, the one next door, had replaced him for the weekend with her sister’s dog. He’d show her he wouldn’t be left out in the cold with no warm, sweet-smelling woman to cuddle up to at night!

Visibly shaken, Rhonda managed to straighten up and find her way to a standing position. She steadied herself as best she could with one hand on the tub, then sat down on its edge until she could get her breath. She would have sat down of the toilet seat, across the way, but her muscles had turned to jelly, and she was huffing and puffing and her heart pounding as if she’d just run the three-minute mile.

“So ... you ... so that’s what you ... you do ... shame!”

It seemed like years before the thousand vibrating pieces her loins had smattered into finally came back together again, and even then they continued to jump for some time before she could get to her feet again. Still intent on giving her new charge a bath, she staggered over to the sink to get a brush, rubbing her thighs tightly together in an attempt to kill some of the terrible pressure that was building between her shivering legs.

“You — you naughty dog,” she said, only mildly cross and really less cross that she thought she should be, shaking the brush at him. “You must never do that again. You hear? Or you’re going back to that crazy mistress of yours ... for keeps! Somehow, I really don’t think you want to do that...” The last was said with a half-smile.

Cesar cringed down on the tile and looked up at her with woeful eyes. He wanted to please his new mistress, and couldn’t understand her sudden burst of anger — she had smelled so ready for him. What was the matter?

Rhonda glanced at herself in the mirror. Her face had gone completely crimson and she was surprised to see that her nipples had tautened again. If that was the effect of a little playful show of affection by a charming dog like this one, then Bob had definitely left her alone one night too long! Surely the dog had meant nothing sexual by it — dogs always licked people when they were happy. If she hadn’t been in such an unusual position he might have licked her face, or her hand. It was natural for him to be so demonstrative.

But not so natural for her to be blushing so hotly and aroused to the extent that her loins felt as if they were filled with honey. She had to get a grip on herself.

“Come here,” she said imperiously to the dog, pointing at the floor in front of her.

Cesar got up obediently and went over to her standing at attention with his tongue panting out. Then he was thrilled again as his beautiful mistress got down on her knees, her milk-white breasts ballooning nakedly against his furry body as she began brushing out his snarled and filthy coat.

Rhonda could not keep back a shiver of excitement as the erotically stiffened tips of her breasts brushed back and forth over Cesar’s shaggy, unkempt body, his fur tickling titillatingly at the already sensitive puckered little nerve buds. Her breasts had always been unusually tender and the feel of his muscular canine body against her smooth, sleek white flesh was totally unlike anything the yearning redhead had ever experienced before. She couldn’t label it either. It was not obscene — and yet it was. It was warmth and affection and understanding and love, and all the thousand and one cozy things that dogs and humans find together, and yet it was more than that. And she liked the feel. “Why hadn’t she thought of getting a dog herself?

“Now ... is that better?” she crooned, her nostrils flaring without her certain knowledge, the outer well of her pussy becoming quietly flooded with moisture as it poised in readiness for some obscure, unnamable thing. She ran the brush through Cesar’s rough coat, straightening out the snarls and making it smooth and sleek again, as it should be. Of course, he hadn’t known what he was doing. He was just a dumb animal. He couldn’t have had any idea what his licking of her responsive pussy was doing to her. After all, he wasn’t a man.

Not that she had ever permitted her fiancé to do anything so filthy. Oh sure, though, Bob had tried, begged her, but she’d always managed to talk him out of it at the last minute, asking him to wait for marriage.

But if such a thing could be so wildly stirring, could it be that it was she who was wrong, to have put him off? She was getting all mixed up.

But this was all harmless. If she was aroused it was merely for Bob ... then, too, there was that little stretch of time on the waterbed when he had gotten so hot.

“There, is that better?” she asked as she finished giving Cesar’s coat its first set of strokes, swinging her long red hair back over her shoulder.

Only to have Cesar answer by abruptly turning his head and darting out his long thick tongue to wash wetly and intoxicatingly across her startled open mouth. “Why —!” But before she could finish, his tongue had artfully inserted itself between her lush red lips and he was French kissing her, stuffing that long wet tongue all the way into her mouth, licking at her even white teeth and all around the sides of her gasping mouth.

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