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The Dog Lover

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Chapter 10

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

“Is ... is that you, Rhonda?” stammered Sharon after lying there on the side of her face for a seeming eternity after Cesar had already slid his deflating animal penis out of her snugly grasping anus. Her eyelids felt blue and heavy. Her eyelashes fluttered faintly. In the crevice of her buttocks, and down below into the seeping pink folds of her cunt, she felt all wet and spent. Her budding young body had been drained. But she was happy.

“Yes, it’s me, Sharon. May I come in?”

“Uh, huh.”

Rhonda came forward, tightening the belt on her robe and swinging her long red hair over her shoulders.

“Did I do wrong, Rhonda?” Sharon asked plaintively, looking up through her long platinum hair with those bright blue, still childish eyes of hers.

Rhonda stroked her sister’s cheek gently. “No, baby. You did right. We’re both going to be free of hangups our mother imposed on us. I think we’ve both learned more in one day than our parents taught us in a lifetime.”

Rhonda chuckled softly, then reached down to pet the masterful German shepherd.

Sharon blushed crimson, her cheeks puffing up very large and rosey-hued. “I ... I couldn’t help myself, Rhonda. He — he was so demanding ... he started barking at me and snarling and ... He made me want it in spite of myself, in spite of the fact that mother would not approve.”

“You mean he made you want to fuck, is that it?”

Sharon continued to blush furiously. Her sister’s use of the obscene language was stirring up her loins again in a way that she would have considered unmentionable only a few hours before. “But — oh, Rhonda, that’s a dirty word. It makes me feel all funny when you use it.”

“Let’s try to break loose of our inhibitions, shall we honey?” She paused. “You did like it, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes,” she confessed. “It was wonderful when he rammed his cock into my asshole.” She was surprised that she could use such foul language and not feel guilty or disturbed by it. It was contrary to everything she’d been taught. She could feel her tiny, sensitive clitoris beginning to tingle urgently. “I loved it!” she cried.

“But did he satisfy you?” Rhonda probed.

“Ohhh, yes, he did, sister. But I don’t think there’s anything that could compare to having a real man’s cock inside of me.” Sharon winced, still rubbing her wet little cunt as though she were polishing it of tarnish. The moist oval folds of her pussy and the creamily glistening dark hole in the center of her body. Her pussy hair sparkled with drops of cum, and she rubbed herself furiously with her fingers in order — hopefully — to get rid of some of the itch her sister had produced by her filthy talk.

“You’re a little doll, aren’t you?” Rhonda said aloud. “I didn’t realize my little sister was growing up to have such a beautiful little vagina, just perfect for fucking.” She smiled and reached down into Cesar’s genital area to locate his quiescent hidden cock. She began playing with it casually as she asked her lovely young sister. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like Cesar to stuff his cock up inside you, dear? That might make you feel better.”

“Oh, what I really want...” she paused, her eyes downcast.

“What, honey?”

“Oh, I can’t say it! You wouldn’t like it if I did.”

“Come on, we’re sisters, aren’t we?”

“I want to make love to Bob. Oh, he’s so sexy and strong. Such a man, not like these stupid creeps who’re always after me...”

To want to fuck her brother-in-law? That was almost incest. When she could have Cesar’s gigantic eight-inch penis stuffing itself in and out of her snugly virginal cuntal chambers.

Or was it so ridiculous? Maybe not so much as at first glance-for if Bob could be coaxed into an affair with her younger sister, then he would be less likely to complain if Rhonda took up with Cesar on a permanent basis. And everything would end happily ever after. Sharon would have her brother-in-law, and Rhonda would have both a husband and a dog lover.

“That’s very admirable of you to be able to express your desires like that, Sharon,” Rhonda said at last, when she could get her wits together. “Just how long have you felt this way?”

Sharon looked away sheepishly. She couldn’t help pushing her fingers in and out of her seeping young cunt, until finally she had wedged them so deeply that her middle finger bounced against her tight little hymen. Then she moved her fingers around, making herself gasp as she battled her sensitive little clitoris back and forth.

“Then there’s only one thing to do,” said Rhonda determinedly. “Bob called just a few minutes ago saying he’s coming back home early. Seems he got the job and the Vice President wants to come down here to scout out a location for a new plant. So tonight when Bob comes home, you can seduce him.”

Rhonda grinned and ran the smooth palm of her open hand over her sister’s quivering, rosy-peaked breasts. The pert teenager shivered and her nipples stiffened ardently at this wanton realization. “When Bob sees these young tits, he’ll go crazy. Bob is a real breast man.”

“You’re not jealous, are you?” the young love-slave asked tremulously.

“Don’t be silly! I love you all. We’re a family, darling, and families stay together.”

“Is Cesar part of our family, too?”

Rhonda looked sullen for a moment. “I dearly hope so. Oh, we both love him so much. I only hope Marla understands that.”

They had it all planned out. The formula was simple, really. The first move would be to get Rhonda out of the way on some flimsy pretext. After that Sharon would have to depend on her own imagination. After all the maturing she had done today, she didn’t have any doubts about her ability to manage the situation, although she was a bit nervous.

They were all seated at the kitchen table; the dinner dishes were stacked in the sink.

“You look like the cat that’s swallowed the canary,” Bob said, looking at Rhonda’s young sister, trying to figure out just what was different about her today.

Sharon giggled and fluttered her eyelashes, which Rhonda had elongated with mascara. Rhonda laughed and put her hand on Bob’s bulging genitals under the table. So he did have the hots for her little sister, after all! He was stiff as a board.

“She’s just in a giggly mood, that’s all,” she told her fiancé, squeezing his bursting cock and balls gently. “You know how girls are in puberty.”

Bob winced and shot her a dark, puzzled look. What was happening between these two?

Sharon just smiled again and pushed some bright platinum hair out of her eyes. She could hardly wait to show her brother-in-law-to-be the hairs on her pussy ... so blonde and soft.

While Rhonda had been combing out her hair, Sharon had confessed that she had witnessed her sister sucking on Cesar’s penis and swallowing his squirting animal cum, but her sister didn’t seem to mind. Instead she rambled aimlessly into discussing how Sharon was going to arrange to fuck Bob this evening.

Bob dropped one hand underneath the table and covered hers with it. She continued to gently milk his sexual organs, and his cock was pumping itself full of blood in savage expectation of a rollicking good fucking. He tried to signal Rhonda not to continue, but she appeared to ignore him. Finally he just resigned himself to her astonishing lewd behavior — she had never done anything this aggressive before.

“Oh, Sharon’s a big girl. She probably knows more about sex than you do.”

Bob glanced speculatively at his rapidly growing up sister-in-law. She probably did at that! He noted with some heat that the ovals of her saucy red lips were just perfectly formed for sucking. What a shame that some lucky man would get that instead of him. He closed his eyes, and his nostrils flared slightly as he visualized Sharon’s young mouth closing all warm and moist and soft about his long cock. Rhonda would never do that for him.

“Rhonda!” he gasped, no longer able to control himself. Her thumb passed over the eye of his penis, rubbing off the seepage of pre-ejaculate that had appeared there. He glanced at Sharon, but she had her head down and was twirling the napkin. Apparently the girl had noticed nothing. Bob signalled to his fiancée vigorously with his eyes, but to no avail. Again and again she pretended not to notice him.

“Rhonda,” he finally rasped in a low voice. “Stop that!”

But his fiancée only giggled. Finally he managed to summon the strength to pull her hand away. He crossed his legs just as there was a pronounced scratching at the kitchen door.

“Is that that goddamned dog from next door?” he said somewhat crossly, really peeved at his sexual frustration. He looked at his gorgeous sister-in-law again and his cock gave a heart-stopped jerk.

“Yes, that’s Cesar,” Rhonda said, getting up from the table. Marla asked me to take care of him until the weekend. Really, Bob, he’s no trouble at all,” she said, winking at her little sister. “As a matter of fact ... I’m glad you reminded me. Marla said for me to stop by tonight and pick up his vitamins. She gives him vitamins every day to keep him healthy and in good condition,” she added with a smirk that only Sharon understood.

Bob nodded in consent. He reached down with one hand under the table and, face flaming, struggled to put his penis back inside his pants and shorts. Then he zipped himself up, uncomfortably aware of the loud whirl of the metallic teeth meshing. “Be back soon?” he grunted after a moment’s hesitation.

“Be back in a jiff! Take care you two,” said Rhonda, leaving the room and heading for the front door as planned. Bob watched her walk off, just a trace puzzled. She smoothed her hands over her sexily swaying hips and then was gone.

After Rhonda left the room, Bob coughed nervously, eyeing his soon to be sister-in-law who sat grinning at him from the other side of the kitchen table. He felt as nervous as a boy on a first date. It was somewhat unusual for them to be left alone together with Rhonda gone.

“How are you doing?” he asked at last, trying to fill the silence.

Sharon stood up and seemed to stretch and yawn, bending her long, slender arms at the elbows and bringing her small fists to her mouth. “Yes, I really like it here with Rhonda.” Her ripely budding breasts seemed to leap out at his face from under the tight sweater which she wore. Her sweater, under the strain of her budding breasts, seemed to have accidentally opened a button so that now her cleavage was really startling. The swelling hillocks of her healthy young breasts were of such creamy smooth flesh that it was all he could do to keep himself from reaching out for them.

“Whow. I feel so lazy from the sun today. What do you say we turn on the radio?” And with that she jounced into the living room, her long curls bouncing around her back, her surprisingly mature buttocks wiggling in a sensual enticement.

Bob couldn’t keep his eyes off her now. His penis had remained huge and hard, and was currently throbbing as if it were filled with gunpowder and about to be detonated. He pushed back his chair and staggered to his feet, wiping his lips clumsily with his napkin and dropping it to the floor. He moved off after her as if he were hypnotized.

Sharon was turning the radio to a local rock n’ roll station where the Eagles were in the midst of one of their top forty tunes.

Bob felt his blood boil as she started dancing with that lascivious, abandoned rhythm so common to kids these days. Christ! There was almost a wantonness about the dance’s movements, so unlike when he was in high school. And now Sharon, his fiancée’s sister, was doing all of their gyrations, her beautiful young breasts bobbing, her hourglass hips shaking from side to side, her long blonde hair flying around! Christ! Why did she have to be Rhonda’s sister?

Sharon raised her arms and pursed her lips sexily. As her lovely long arms moved up and back, her breasts bounced that much more and her hips swayed titillatingly in time to the raucous, primitive music.

“Sharon,” he gulped. “My God...”

Suddenly it seemed as if yet another one of the buttons on her sweater had come open, revealing yet another gorgeously tantalizing expanse of soft warm flesh. Bob was amazed to be able to glimpse one of the large strawberry crests on her breasts, for the already low-cut sweater had come open that much.

He loosened his neck tie, the sweat pouring out on his forehead His tremendous erection was sticking up pointedly in his pants, and he was at a total loss as to what to do. Should he dance with her, or tell her to stop or what? God, if Rhonda came home and found him dancing with her little sister ... oh, nobody could tell what that fiery redhead might do.

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