Time to Ourselves - Cover

Time to Ourselves

by The Superhuman

Copyright© 2021 by The Superhuman

Incest Sex Story: Adrienne was feeling lonely, lost and neglected by her always away husband. Looking for love, she turns her attention to her son

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   Grand Parent   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

Adrienne and her 15-year-old son Lee had been used to this scenario for nearly three-and-a-half years. Adrienne’s husband Thomas was an astute businessman, climbing the ranks of his company because of his business savvy. He also was very willing to go on business trips. After all, Adrienne didn’t work, so she would be home to take care of their son Lee, while their 19-year-old daughter Brittany was off to college. His trips lasted around six to eight weeks at a time. Adrienne didn’t seem to mind his absence, since his promotions came with hefty raises and bonuses.

Lee certainly did not mind. His quality time with his mother was always something he treasured. He spent very little time with his sister, and sometimes got time with Aunt Leslie and his grandmother Darlene. What Lee found fascinating about his mother and her two closest female relatives was a common thread they seemed to share: All had children when they were fifteen. He could not believe that Grandma Darlene, now 54, Aunt Leslie, 39, and his mother, who was 34, all decided to get pregnant so early. The fact that five years separated he and Brittany, as well as Leslie and Adrienne, gave him some kind of special bond with his mother.

It was a fascinating bond. For a woman of 34, Adrienne looked much younger. She kept herself in fantastic shape. Her body was like a girl of 18, and her breasts would put many women to shame. She enjoyed wandering around their home wearing tight outfits, or silky, nearly see-through items, a move designed to impress Thomas, not Lee ... but Lee was impressed nonetheless.

Only once did Adrienne accidentally embarrass herself with her son. When he was 12, she thought Thomas had made it home early from one of his business trips. She wore a sheer robe with nothing underneath. Deciding to surprise Thomas, she entered the kitchen, peeling off the flimsy robe. She popped into the kitchen to find her son staring directly at her body. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Adrienne was in such shock at seeing the wrong man in the kitchen. She stood perfectly still, the robe sliding off her arms and onto the floor.

Lee’s eyes were taking in his mother’s fantastic nude body before him. He had never seen a nude woman before, certainly not his mother, but he had no clue what he was supposed to do now that he was having that pleasure. Adrienne looked down and noticed a bulge developing in her young son’s jeans. She was taking some kind of perverse pleasure in knowing she was arousing her own 12-year-old son. Despite being mildly embarrassed, she calmly picked her robe off the floor, giving Lee a perfect view of her large tits, and walked out of the kitchen. Not wanting to lose the image of Adrienne’s body, Lee followed her into the living room, watching her tight ass as she exited into her bedroom.

Adrienne knew what she had done to Lee by not exiting sooner. She didn’t want or expect him to follow her into the bedroom and fuck her brains out, but she was making him think what he would be getting once he became older and discovered girls. Surely, some girls at his school were “candidates” to have impressive bodies when they got older.

To satisfy her own curiosity, Adrienne waited for Lee to go upstairs and she silently crept up. She had to know what he would do after seeing his naked mother before him. Standing at his bedroom door, Adrienne was the next one to be shocked as she watched her son removing his jeans and seeing her son’s erection spring forth from the bonds of the jeans! Lee was sporting a hard-on even Adrienne did not think any 12 year old could or would have just yet. She was not even sure Lee was in puberty at that time, but the thought of her son having such a rock-hard cock was too much for her mind to fathom.

She knew what would come next as she silently peeked in on Lee as he began jerking off quickly, the image of his nude mother racing through his mind. Despite how quickly he was trying to cum, Lee pounded his own cock hard for several minutes before he fired his cum onto the floor of his bedroom. Adrienne was so worked up herself, she had to keep herself steady and resist the urge to rush into the room and lick the cum off the carpeted floor.

The next year, Adrienne and Thomas decided to allow a tutor to come into the house to teach Lee. They had done this with Brittany, and it seemed to be time well spent, and prepared her for college. There was no reason the same plan could not work for their son. Lee seemed to welcome the challenge. They hired Carmen Rodriguez, a 41-year-old career tutor. The woman was the perfect person, having the right educational degree and qualities they were looking for. In addition, being Latin, Carmen seemed like she would not take much foolishness from her students.

Four months into the first year of Lee’s tutoring, Adrienne was returning home from the supermarket when she heard what sounded like arguing from upstairs. Trying not to disturb the situation, but needing to hear what was going on, she crept upstairs. At 13, she figured, Lee had best not be giving his tutor any trouble. Upon reaching her son’s bedroom door again, she saw the reason for the commotion. Carmen was screaming, all right, but there was no argument going on.

Lee was fucking his tutor! Adrienne could not believe her eyes. Her 13-year-old son was pumping 41-year-old Carmen’s twat hard, as if the two had been lovers for years! Despite her shocked gawking, neither Carmen nor Lee knew she was standing in the open doorway. Adrienne couldn’t take her eyes off her son’s cock, now a year removed from the incident in the kitchen. He was slamming it into Carmen’s pussy completely, and then withdrawing it up to the head, then driving it forth again. Adrienne swore to herself that the cock belonging to her “little” boy looked even bigger than the year before.

Carmen played with her own large breasts as she smiled at the boy, satisfied that Lee was servicing her pussy with his giant slab of fuck-meat. She screamed like a bitch in heat, her Latino blood boiling to its limit. Carmen definitely did not care that this boy was 28 years her junior. She only cared that his cock was pounding her cunt relentlessly. This boy seemed to be every bit a man, and Adrienne believed it totally as she listened to Carmen’s excited, lustful screaming as an orgasm ripped through her body. She continued groaning and moaning as Lee refused to pull out, filling Carmen’s hungry pussy with every drop of his love juice. Lee collapsed upon his spent tutor, and she held him. Lee never pulled his stiff cock out of her pussy. Adrienne watched with even more surprise when, after only a few minutes of rest, both tutor and student began fucking in earnest again.

Almost a year went by, and Lee continued to fuck the pussy of his tutor. Carmen was always willing and ready to take the hard cock of her student into her pussy again and again. Lee owned Carmen’s pussy, and no one would ever fuck her as long as she had this young stud. Within months of their initial encounters, Adrienne caught Lee fucking his 19-year-old cousin Katy ... Leslie’s daughter! Moreover, like Carmen before her, Katy could not get enough of having her pussy drilled by this now-15-year-old cock! However, unlike Carmen, Katy and Lee were doing different things together. She would suck Lee’s cock, Lee ate her pussy (and looked like an expert doing it!), and they fucked in different positions and enjoyed each other completely.

This new fuck-fest worried Adrienne. Lee was now taking a pussy from inside his family! This was very wrong. An older woman and a relative added up to something Adrienne did not want to think about. Could this be a result of Lee seeing her in the kitchen two years before? It was a possibility, though she did not want to be analyzing possible behavior. Perhaps things just led Lee into fucking both Carmen and Katy. They are both extremely sexy and attractive.

Another thing that didn’t make Adrienne very pleased was when Thomas called her from Hawaii and informed her that his business trip, already into its third month, was going to be extended another three-to-five. Angry, Adrienne found the first bottle in the house and began drinking. She wanted Thomas home, and already believed he was taking assignments to avoid her. It had been an extremely long time since they fucked. Thomas just seemed to lose interest in fucking her after Lee was born. It was something Adrienne did not understand.

Entering her bedroom that evening, Adrienne peeled the dress off her body, letting it fall in a crumpled heap on the floor. All she was wearing beneath the dress was a small pair of black silk panties. She did not remove the black heels and fishnet stockings she wore. Looking down at her undergarments, she thought to herself, what a fucking waste to dress like this for a man who obviously does not want you. With that, she crawled onto her bed and flopped onto her back, the booze making her dreary and tired. Within minutes, she was asleep.

What she didn’t realize was that she had left her bedroom door open, and her 15-year-old son Lee was watching her disrobe and pass out on the bed. He stepped quietly into the room, not realizing that his mother was half-drunk. She sighed heavily as she seemed restless in her sleep. As she sighed, Lee watched the sleeping woman’s heaving breasts moving up and down.

To him, his mother’s hot body was just as beautiful and sexy as it was two years ago when Adrienne exposed herself to him in the kitchen of their home. He was not about to tell his mother then or now that he had been sexually active since his 12th birthday. His cock had been fucking pussies for a little while now. He had Carmen and then his cousin Katy many times up to that day. The image of his nude mother powered his wanton lust for other women every time he fucked. His cock was rock-hard every time, and stayed that way because no matter how many pussies his cock slid into, none of them was the one he had been waiting to fuck for two years: the one belonging to his mother!

He knew his mother was trying to flash his father, but he showed up at home instead that day. Lee saw Adrienne staring at his hard-on pressing against his jeans. In addition, he could tell by the look in her eyes that in the back of her mind, she wanted him slamming his cock into her twat. Not just that day, but other times as well. Lee knew his mother sneaked peeks at him when he was in his room. He never knew exactly what times those were, but he just felt some days as if someone was staring a hole right through him.

Now he was looking at the woman that gave birth to him. She was lying on her bed, semi-nude, wanting her husband, who had chosen to remain where he was at for his business trip. Her slumber was alcohol-induced, and Lee never wanted to see his mother this upset over anything or anyone, though he had no clue it was due to his father’s decision. As her son, Lee wanted to see Adrienne happy. She was so beautiful when she had nothing to worry about.

Looking down, his hard cock was exposed through his robe. He knew exactly what he could do to make his mother happy again, as well as bring them closer together. Moving around the bed slowly, Lee pulled his robe off and dropped it onto the floor. He stood nude as he went to the side closest to Adrienne. Reaching down, he took his sleeping mother’s hand and brought it to his cock. Instinctively, Adrienne’s fingers wrapped slowly and carefully around the shaft, almost fondling it in her sleep. As he felt his mother’s warm hand holding his stiff fuck-rod, he reached down and touched her big tits. He squeezed them gently, his mother moaning lightly in her sleep.

Bending down, Lee brought his lips to his mother’s. He pressed his mouth to hers. As he kissed her softly, Lee could feel her fingers closing around his penis a little tighter, squeezing the shaft just enough for Lee’s own body temperature to rise. He slid his hand down his mother’s body, finding its way into her panties. He thought he would lose his mind as his hand crossed over his own mother’s pubic hair. As his fingers touched her slit, it almost seemed as if Adrienne’s entire body reacted despite the stupor she was in. She shuddered without waking up. She got goose bumps. Lee watched as her nipples hardened.

Damn, he thought to himself. She acts as if she has been ready for this for a long time. Surely, she and her father had been having some intense fuck sessions in all the years they had been married, before and after children. Lee never knew the truth, simply assuming his parents were still sexually active with each other. Bending down, he took one of his mother’s nipples into his mouth as he slowly slid two of his fingers into his mother’s pussy completely.

Adrienne moaned in her drunken sleep as her son began fucking her with his fingers, driving them into her fully, then retracting them and pushing them forward again. Lee held one of her hard nipples between his teeth and moved his tongue across it quickly. His mother’s goose bumps remained as Lee felt her hand slowly moving up and down on his young erection. It appeared that even in sleep, Adrienne was very receptive to having someone-ANYONE-doing the job her husband refused to do. But Lee worried ... what would she think if she woke up and found her son with his fingers in her pussy and wanting to put his hard prick in there, too?

Lee withdrew his fingers from his mother and made his way to the foot of the bed. Watching his mother intently, he reached forward and slowly pulled his mother’s panties off her body, exposing her pussy to him for the first time in two years. Now he was looking at his mother’s gorgeous body lying before him, nude except for the fishnet stockings and black pumps. The vision made her look so sexy and desirable. Even her son was not about to resist her.

Crawling onto the bed, Lee laid down on the bed perfectly, bringing his head near her open and wanting pussy. He slid his arms under and around his mother’s spread legs, moving in closer as he brought his hands to Adrienne’s pussy. He ran his fingers over her pussy slit again, then slowly opening his mother’s pussy. He kept thinking he was going to Hell for sure. He was about to taste the forbidden fruit. However, he in no way was going to be sorry for what he was about to do.

He moved his face into his mother’s pussy. Slowly, he slid his tongue along her slit, sliding it in and out of the great tasting area. He was enjoying his mother’s most private place, certainly, something no son should be enjoying, but Lee was not about to quit. He wanted this, and something told him his mother wanted it, too. This felt far too right to be thought of as wrong.

Lee’s tongue seemed to be having the same effect on his mother’s pussy as his fingers did, only more intensified. The goose bumps got a little bigger; Adrienne’s nipples were erect. Only this time, his mother moaned in her sleep and writhed on the bed slightly. Was she waking up or just feeling what he was doing in her drunken slumber? Though the question raced through Lee’s mind, he really didn’t care. He kept on working on his mother’s pussy.

He never said anything to her mother two years before because he knew she was slightly embarrassed when she bounced into the kitchen on that fateful day two years ago. If she had stood there nude any longer, and his prick had gotten any harder, his mother would have been lying across the dining room table and her son’s cock would have been fucking her pussy then and there! It would not have mattered that he was 12, or that this was his mother, who was 20 years older than him. The only thing mattered was the raw emotion she brought out of him that first day. He “replaced” her with other women, all the time knowing the very woman he had wanted to be with since day one. He was thankful to all of the other women who came before this day, and he wouldn’t change any of his time with any of them, but tonight would be so special for both he and his mother.

Lost in both his thoughts and his mother’s twat, he heard a light voice. “Lee?”

Lee didn’t stop what he was doing; he simply rolled his eyes up, looking above Adrienne’s open pussy. He saw his mother, barely awake, looking down to see her son eating her pussy. “What in God’s name are you doing?”

Lee raised his head up. Despite her verbal objection, Adrienne was not doing anything to actually stop him. “I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, Mom,” Lee replied.

“You shouldn’t be doing that. I shouldn’t let you do it.”

“Mom.” Lee stopped working on his mother’s wet pussy. She was more than ready for the next step. He rose on the bed, crawling over her body until he was perfectly hovering above her. Adrienne looked down and was amazed to see her 15-year-old’s rock hard cock at the ready for her. Her eyes widened at the sight, something that didn’t escape Lee’s observation. She placed her hands on her son’s shoulders. It looked like she was preparing to fend him off, but as Lee watched it appeared as if his mother was judging how to position him, if he was planning to mount her pussy with his cock.

It was obvious Adrienne was still somewhat numb from the alcohol she drank, but she kept an interested gaze affixed to her son’s love tool.

“But it’s so wrong,” she remarked very unconvincingly.

She didn’t even resist as Lee took her wrists and gently raised her arms above her head, pinning them to the bed. She looked up and gazed into his eyes. She was not fighting. Lee wasn’t sure if she was drunk or simply resigning herself to her fate.

He moved his body, allowing the tip of his hard shaft to run along her pussy lips. “I think this is something we’ve both wanted for almost two years.”

As if on cue, the tip of his cock slipped into the moist opening of her pussy canal. Feeling the tip of her son’s cock plugging her love hole, Adrienne shivered slightly, her goose bumps returning. Lee felt the warmth of his mother’s pussy surrounding the head of his cock. He leaned down and kissed her fully on the lips. Their tongues began wrestling as she was now returning the kiss instead of sleeping.

“Isn’t it time we finally do this?” he asked.

With the question, Adrienne looked down, between their bodies. She could see her young son’s hard erection ready to do to her pussy what she had witnessed it doing to his tutor and his cousin.

“But baby, what if your father finds out? He’d kill us both for this.”

“Mom, I know he’s going to be gone for several more months. And I’m not about to tell him anything you and I do here, or any other time. This is our time together. He has his chances to be with you. Tonight is my time. We deserve time to ourselves, and it all starts tonight. Besides, 15 years ago, you gave birth to me, and this cock that’s about to make you feel like the hot woman you are. Don’t you want to see if you did a good job creating this, and how much you’ll like having it inside you as much as possible?”

Adrienne continued to look down and view the stiff piece of meat ready to stuff her pussy. She could feel the tip pressing inside her pussy, with the rest waiting to be inserted. Though she would not admit it to her son, she was very intrigued as to how both Carmen and Katy felt about having this young cock fucking their twats as Lee had. She wondered how they allowed him to get into their hearts enough so he could claim their pussies for his own.

She even wondered how she could have given birth to a young man with such a readied fuck-rod. Moreover, it was a cock that had been fucking since he was 12! This turned her on almost as much as the times she watched him fucking Carmen and Katy. She wanted to feel like they did, as they took on this young stiff cock.

Gulping hard and taking the biggest, deepest breath of her life, Adrienne looked into her son’s eyes. “Yes,” she said softly. As she stopped thinking of reasons not to allow Lee to have her pussy, she began feeling like a pervert or child molester, but she didn’t care anymore. “Please let me know what it feels like to have my son’s cock fucking my pussy. Today and always.”

Giving Adrienne an appreciative smile, Lee bent down and kissed her again. The kiss was very hot and passionate. As they kissed, Lee continued to hold his mother’s arms down, over her head, but there really was no longer any need. Adrienne was not going to fight or go anywhere. She was exactly where she wanted to be, and about to do exactly what she wanted to do. Giving her son a hint that what was about to happen between them was all right, Adrienne moved her bottom on the bed slowly, wedging his cock into her pussy. Then she raised her bottom off the bed slowly, allowing a small bit more of his cock to enter her.

“Please let go of my hands,” Adrienne pleaded with her son. If she was going to do this, she wanted to be completely involved.

This was it, Lee thought. This was where she would buck him off and get away from him. He was completely surprised as he felt his mother slide her hands around his waist and cup his ass-cheeks with both hands.

“You’ve always been my baby,” Adrienne said to her son. “But tonight, you’ll also be my man.”

With that, she looked around their almost-merging bodies. She watched her son’s giant fuck-stick as she squeezed his ass in her hands. She spread her legs apart wider, preparing to take her son’s meat into her waiting pussy. Pressing her hands on his ass cheeks, Adrienne pushed him down onto her slowly. She could feel every inch of the boy’s cock as it slid deeply into her twat. Adrienne gasped aloud as the erect tool fit snugly into her pussy.

Lee made sure all of his cock was inside his mother. He pushed his pelvis hard against hers and held his rod inside of her for several seconds. With the cock nestled inside her channel, Adrienne groaned loudly, her lust rushing forth. She clutched her son’s ass hard, trying to keep the feeling of Lee’s young cock-meat occupying her pussy.

As he began sliding his erection in and out of his mother, Lee looked down. Adrienne was still clutching his ass as he took his mother’s pussy for himself. He watched his mother’s face as she experienced different emotions. First, he saw a pained expression cross her face. Gritting her teeth slightly, she gasped hard as her son plunged his manhood into her cunt repeatedly. It was obvious his size, despite his young age, was even more than his mother had expected.

Her face then changed slightly. She still grimaced from whatever discomfort she was experiencing, but now moaned softer, getting somewhat used to the assault her pussy was taking. The rock-hard monster belonging to her son burrowed into her snatch, but she stopped debating the rights and wrongs of having her son fucking her pussy. She accepted it completely now!

Finally, Adrienne began moaning in complete sexual fulfillment. She laid her head on the pillow again, looking up at her son. Her eyes were filled with tears. She looked happy. As she saw her son’s face, she smiled. His cock had been larger than she had expected. Two years of watching his sexual exploits with his tutor and cousin gave her a distorted view of his cock. Not since his father’s cock split her cherry 19 years ago did she feel such pain.

Lee’s cock filled her pussy completely, and because of its length, it went even deeper into her than Thomas’ cock ever did. Adrienne would not have ever imagined that was possible. Her son’s cock had made it farther in her cunt than her husband’s did, and Lee’s strong fucking turned her raw lust on even more than his father had. As her son pumped her pussy relentlessly, she could feel every inch of the massive staff moving inside of her. This was also a feeling that turned her on. She was on fire.

Lee seemed to be experiencing the same sensations and emotions as Adrienne at that point. As the moist wet pussy enveloped his cock, it felt almost like his mother was as tight as a virgin. Nevertheless, despite slight initial resistance, her pussy had accepted his cock easily. Her pussy was the most inviting thing she had, the one thing he had never taken from his mother. Now, she was letting him have all of her. Fifteen years before, he was brought into the world from this very canal. He was finally returning home, and his mother was welcoming him there!

Adrienne watched her son enjoying her pussy as he continued to drive it deep into her. She was moaning lovingly now, and questioning herself silently as to why she waited two years for this. Adrienne also refused to think of this as incest. To her, they were showing the purest form of love to each other. Men and women do this every day to express love ... why can’t a mother and son?

However, she also realized that by expressing love to her son in this fashion, neither of them was ever going to be able to resist fucking over and over again. Considering her husband seemed to enjoy his time away from them and did not think much of her or the marriage, then there was no problem in Adrienne accepting Lee as her bed partner and lover. She was experiencing more love and passion from this one act with Lee than in almost 20 years of marriage, and the feeling was fantastic!

Adrienne looked down as Lee slid his knees under his mother’s legs, spreading them apart even further and lifting her tight ass off the bed. Adrienne cooperated by draping her legs over her son’s. Positioned, Lee again plunged his stiff cock into his mother’s pussy. Adrienne groaned hard and looked up at her son, moving her hands up his back now.

As his mother brought her hands to his shoulders, Lee looked down at the loving woman. Adrienne was completely pleased and satisfied with him. She pulled him down atop her, kissing him deeply. She opened her mouth and allowed him to slide his tongue between her lips. Sucking on his tongue, she could feel her lust building. Her entire body was tingling as she felt the young, plunging love tool sliding in and out of her pussy. The kiss lingered as Adrienne wrapped her arms around her young lover’s neck, keeping him pinned atop her.

As they kissed, Lee found his mother’s breasts and began squeezing them tightly and playing with her nipples. Between the hot kiss and the playful fondling of her breasts, Adrienne moaned, completely resigned to having her young son inside her pussy; not just tonight, but for many nights to come. She also began to join in on the encounter as her lust took control of her, mind and soul. With each forward thrust of Lee’s young fuck-rod, Adrienne pushed her bottom up, assisting her son’s pumping of her cunt, though she knew that he needed no help.

Lee’s cock still felt like it was splitting her cunt apart, but Adrienne felt no pain. As he claimed her pussy with each thrust, she got wetter. She knew that this one piece of her that her son shouldn’t even be experiencing was where he belonged. Her pussy from this day forward belonged to him alone. At 15 years of age, her own son made her lust and passion reach a peak that his father could not seem to even touch. Adrienne knew that part of this reason was her “little” boy’s monster cock and the expert way he used it.

“Oh God, baby,” she exclaimed into her son’s ear. She was still very much drunk, but even she could feel the results of this encounter through the numbing booze. “Your cock feels so good in Mommy’s pussy.”

“I love you, Mom,” Lee whispered into his mother’s ear, before sticking his tongue into her ear and then sucking her ear lobe.

“Mommy loves you fucking her cunt. I want you to always stick that giant cock inside my pussy, baby. We can’t let this end after today, my baby.”

“Mom, it’s never going to end now. I’m going to fuck you as often as possible. Your pussy is so God damn hot, and it’s all mine.”

“Yes it is, sweetheart. No one else will ever have their cock inside my pussy. Only you. Mommy’s pussy belongs to you only, my darling. You can make your Mommy cum with your big cock. Would you like your Mommy to cum?”

“I’ve always thought you had such a great body, Mom. When you gave me the chance to see it two years ago, I wanted to fuck you then.”

“Y-you did?”

“God, yes! I’ve been fucking other women just to imagine it was you. I’ve waited for a long time to get my dick into your pussy. I’ve wanted to eat your snatch, and now I’m going to keep eating you and fucking you because I love you and want to show you how much.”

“Shit, baby!” Hearing Lee’s admission, and now knowing he was finally doing what he had wanted to do to her, she began the throes of her orgasm. Her son’s monster continued to plow her pussy as she began moaning and groaning hard. “My baby boy is making me cum! I want this so bad, sweetheart!” Her son’s cock was pounding Adrienne’s cervix as she groaned loudly, feeling her passions erupting throughout her body.

As she rode her emotions, Adrienne’s pussy muscles contracted around her son’s cock. Lee continued thrusting into his mother, but he, too was at the threshold of his own orgasm, which was brought forth by his mother’s lust explosion and her pussy’s grip on his shaft. He slammed his cock home as cum erupted from his cock. Adrienne could feel every bit of her son’s cum filling her cervix as her pussy milked every single drop from the monster tool slamming her pussy walls. She wanted everything her son could give her, regardless of being drunk. She surprised him by nearly screaming as she rode out her first orgasm with her only son.

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