8 Millimeter - Cover

8 Millimeter

by Bawdypen


Erotica Sex Story: Two friends watching reels they're developing and stumble on some private porn. One thing leads to another

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

“Guess we oughta be glad for this overtime, Zack. They say this new video thing is gonna replace 8mm films. We won’t have much developing to do when that happens.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that too, Jerry. Supposed to be pretty amazing. Take your own movies and see it right on your TV. Well, we got about 50 more to run through the processor. Those new chemicals all warmed up?”

“Should be by now. Here’s the first batch. Boy, you know with a camera like that you could take your own dirty movies! Better than a Polaroid. You could make some real hot smut ... if you can get somebody to do it in front of ya.”

“Yeah, that’d be the bitch of it. Would you do it?”

“What? Fuck on camera?”

“Yeah. Wouldja?”

“Why, Zack? You gonna go out and buy one?”

“I would if I could make some hot fuck films! Hell, guys probably would. It’s gettin’ the chicks to agree that’d be hard.”

“You could always hide the camera and do the fucking yourself.”

“Hmmm. Trouble with that is you only get one long shot. Might be a kick, though.”

“Well, get some guy hiding in the bushes to take the pictures.”

“I’ll be in the bushes with the camera, Jerry, filming you doing the dirty deed. How’s that?”

“HO! You wanna make a star outta me, Zack? Or you just wanna see my big dick?”

“Shit. You’d be so scared your dick would shrivel up to nothing. Might make a good comedy, though. Cause she’ll be laughing!”

“Hell. Get Junior next to a juicy gash and camera or no camera ... it’ll stay like that til I spritz!”

“Okay. I’ll be the cameraman and you can be the star. We can figure out ahead of time where you should be and how you should move her around and stuff. Maybe down by the lake. Uh, start feeding the film through and keep those envelopes in order. Don’t get ‘em mixed up.”

“Yeah, back to the drudge. So much for Hollywood!”

“Hey, I could do it. I just don’t think you got as much guts as you think. You wouldn’t even do the screen test.”

“Screen test? What the fuck you talkin’ about?”

“Gotta do something first to check out how to do it right.”

“Like what?”

“Like ... I don’t know. Like maybe you jerkin’ off or something.”

“Hunh? Me and you out in the open and me naked, strokin’ my dick?! What if somebody came by? They’d sure think we were fruity!”

“See, you’re backing out already. You think you could do it, but I want a real movie. The guy’s gotta be sure. You can’t stroke your pud while I film it ... you wouldn’t be worth shit for anything else.”

“Unh ... I suppose. Long as you don’t get no ideas once you see my pretty dick!”

“One peek at your teeny pecker and I’m gonna all of a sudden turn queer, hunh? What an ego!”

“Now, don’t go puttin’ Junior down til you see him UP!” Jerry laughed. “Hey, didn’t you tell me something about a guy named Alston once? Here’s a couple of reels from a Carl Alston.”

“Yeah, that’s the guy! Lemme see. That’s him. Takes dirty movies and sends ‘em in. He’s smart. He probably knows it just goes through a machine and all we ever see is the stuff on the ends. He puts dumb stuff on there, but in the middle--OOH LA LA!”

“But he’s right. So how do you know?”

“He had a rush order one night and the damn processor broke down. I had to develop it by hand and hang it up to dry. Shoulda gotten a gander at it! Two hairy-assed guys really going at it ... cocksucking and butt-fucking. Even 69’d and licked each other’s asses. Dirty-looking, hairy asscrack, and the dude’s lapping it all up and down ... cleaning his shithole out like a demented fiend! Camera goes around to the other side, other dude’s doing the same damned thing. Got his tongue shoved up that crapper and really digging in.”


“Must be some dirty old man or something. Had these two kids naked on a couch beatin’ each other off!”

“Kids? Boys? How old ya talkin’ about?”

“Maybe 16 or 17. Coulda been older but they sure didn’t look like it. One blond kid hardly had any hair on his nuts.”

“Didja turn him in?”

“Fuck no. What do I care? Kids were having fun from what I could see. Besides, that’d be a little hypocritical, wouldn’t it? After all, that’s what I wanna do.”

“What, jerk off boys!” Jerry teased.

“No, pussybreath ... take dirty movies.” Zack chuckled. “I just sent ‘em back to him. What’s he got this time, two?”

“Yeah, wanna check ‘em out later?” Jerry asked excitedly.

“Sure. No RUSH tags so why not take ‘em over to my place and watch? Have them all ready to slip into the stack in the morning.”


They finished up and hurried over to Zack’s. He set up the projector and screen while Jerry grabbed beers from the kitchen. Zack turned off the lights, flicking it on. There was about 20 seconds of the local Safeway market, then...

“Hey, it’s that same cute blond!” Zack blurted. “Uh, I mean, the ... the same kid.”

“Hmmm.” Jerry looked at Zack suspiciously. “I’ll let that pass. And only cause it mighta been an honest mistake. He is almost as pretty as a girl.”

“Yah, that’s ... what it was. A real sissy boy, isn’t he?”

“Uh, oh. Forget that girl shit. He’s taking his pants off. Look at the rod on the kid!” Jerry gasped.

“Here comes the other one in just his underpants. He’s already got a boner in there! Horny little pricks, aren’t they?”

“Horny ... but not little. Oh, jeez ... look what he’s doing. I got a feeling they’re not gonna just jerk each other off this time. He’s gettin’ on his knees!”

“HA HA! WOW! Dick hit him right in the face!”

“Yeah, and the guy’s zooming in. Oh, man ... he’s blowing him!”

“No shit! Look at the li’l cocksucker go!” Zack pointed needlessly.

“Wooowie! That ain’t the first prick he’s had in his mouth, that’s for sure. Fuck,” he laughed, “little fag’s better at giving head than any chick I ever had!”

“Yeah. I’d let him blow me, too!” Zack cried.

“I didn’t say I’d let him blow me. Gawd, he’s got the whole damn thing down his throat! On second thought ... I would let him blow me.”

“Ah, look at this. They’re gonna 69. Yep, other kid’s getting right down there. He’s gonna blow the blond.”

“Boy, those gay boys sure learn early, don’t they?” Jerry remarked, somewhat in wonderment.

“Yeah. Had a kid blow me in the 10th grade. He was good too.”

“You messed with another guy?” Jerry asked.

“Um ... not really. All I did was jack him a little.”


“Alright ... I jacked him off! Hell, it was worth the blowjob.”

“I can see that. Sure. Yeah, that’d be worth it.” Jerry shrugged.

“HOLY FUCK! LOOK! Kid’s squirting a big load in the blonde’s mouth!”

“Look at him suck up that jism! MAN!”

“What the hell’s that?” Zack cried. “Looks like a squirrel in a tree.” The film ended, snapping around the reel. “Guess that’s it.” He let out a loud sigh. Zack flipped off the projector and turned on the table lamp. He held his hand over his crotch. “Fifty feet’s only about 13 minutes long. Why doncha go get us a couple more beers?”

“Uh ... why don’t you?” Jerry crossed his hands over his lap.

“HAH! You too?”

“Me wha ... WHAT?” Jerry barked, blushing.

“You got a fuckin’ boner!” Zack laughed.

“Yeah, so what?”

“Nuthin’ at all. Look here!” Zack pushed his crotch up, showing Jerry the hard prick in his pants. “I got one too.”

“Damn! We must be horny. Even the queer stuff’s gettin’ to us!” Chuckling, he stood ... proudly showing off his own bulging prick straining the material. “I’ll get some more beer. Too bad it was so short.”

“HEY! We forgot there’s another one. Hot damn!” He took the reel off and set up the other one.

Jerry came back quickly with their brews. “Maybe we’ll get to see the blond cum.” Jerry settled in.

“Say, you’re really diggin’ this, aren’t you?” Zack smiled.

“Like you’re not? Come on, start it up. Never seen stuff like this before. It’s a hoot!”

“Uh, I don’t know if I should,” Zack teased. “Maybe you’re getting a little too turned on. I’m starting to get nervous.”

“START IT UP, DICKHEAD! I’m the one who should be nervous, since you’re the guy who’s felt up more prick than just your own!”

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