My First Time With James - Cover

My First Time With James

by Anonymous


Romantic Sex Story: A woman remembers when she was with her love for the first time

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

I stood out on the front porch steps, waiting for James. It was the day he was to arrive at my house to visit me, a day that I had looked forward to for many weeks.

I stepped inside and looked at my reflection in the mirror to make sure I look as good as possible. My short red hair pinned back with a decisively placed clip, my brown eyes glistening with what was to come. I had taken extra care to look extra nice that day. I wanted to make the best possible impression.

The sound of a car door outside jarred me from my daydream, and I peeked out the window to see who it was. Two young guys were heading to the porch, one was thinner than the other, with short blonde hair. The other was definitely James. For the first time ever, I saw him. He was wearing black pants and a black shirt, much like he had told me. He had short brownish hair, and was about 5’11” or so. I liked him even more.

I heard the upstairs door bell ring, and thanked my lucky stars that no one was home upstairs. I answered the door, my 4” tall sandals giving my 5’5” height a noticeable boost. Being generally over weight, I had to choose clothing decisively, and had chosen to wear a black dress with shoulder straps, and little flowers near the top. Over it, I had a white button-down T-shirt with more flowers on it, which had been left open. I quite liked how I looked.

My hand closed around the door knob and I opened it, and James knew that it was me. Before I knew it, his strong arms were around me, and we were hugging. I felt his lips press against my neck, and I smiled at him. He introduced his friend, Colin, who had come with him. I gave Colin my hello, and invited them both upstairs.

We all sat in the dining room, drinking iced tea and making small talk for a little bit. Colin, much to my liking, said he was going to go out for a bit and leave James and myself alone.

I was grinning inwardly, but smiled cordially and asked, “When will you be back?”

Colin looked as if he knew why I had asked, and answered, “Four hours maybe? I don’t know. I’ll call first.” He left.

I watched his body move out the door as he closed it behind him. My mind was racing already, and I went back to the dining room. James had stood up, and was leaning against the couch. I smiled at him, and we took each other into our arms and enjoyed the closeness. I felt my heart beating faster, and wondered if James could hear it. I knew I could.

Suddenly, he was closer to me, and his lips were against mine. Fireworks were going off in my head, and I unexperiencedly kissed him back. I must have done well, because the kiss went on. We Frenched, our tongues caressing and mingling, and I was in absolute heaven.

In our past times over the phone, he had learned of my love and fantasizing about cocks, and blow jobs, and we had made it up that whenever he said “Suck me” to me, I would have to do so. And I agreed, because the thought of it had made my mouth water. But never had I imagined that I would actually hear him say it.

He was kissing my neck by this time, and his lips paused near my ear, and I heard two little powerful words from him that made my heart jump.

“Suck me”, he whispered.

My eyes met his, loaded with lust. Up until that moment, I hadn’t noticed a stiffening lump below his belly, but I noticed it now. And I knew I was going to like it. I led him into my bedroom (My parents weren’t home, thankfully) and had him sit on the bed. My fingers went to work, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them. I pulled down and saw his boxers, with a definite growing area. It was the first cock I had ever seen (aside from computer images) and I was becoming more excited by every passing moment.

I ran my fingers over the hardened area covered by his boxers. My lips met the heated lump, kissing it gently. I could feel him shiver under my touch. I had hoped that I would do well, because it what would become my first blow job.

Slowly, my trembling fingers found the waiste band of his boxers, and soon were working it down over the swollen flesh of his cock. I watched the boxers the whole way down to his ankles, not wanting to rush into seeing his cock. When I was finished, I put my lips to his knee, and kissed it softly. He put his knees further apart as I kissed up his thigh to his warm stiff cock.

I leaned back, looking it over in total amazement. I fell in love with his cock instantly, wanting it in all pleasurable ways. My fingertips touched the head gently, and down the shaft and cupped around his balls. I closed my hand around the shaft, and stroked it upwards with an unsteady movement.

His hand was then over mine, closing it his preferable way around his cock and sliding it to the hilt and back up to the head the way he liked it. He let go of my hand, and I continued the motion. I looked up at him, and his eyes were locked into my hand. I stroked him for a few moments.

He must have liked it, because he did not say much to me.

I decided to move on, and kissed the head of his cock. This stirred him, and he smiled at me. My lips opened and I took the head into my mouth like a large round lollipop, sucking on it as I pulled back. It popped out of my mouth, and I went over the first taste of cock in my head. Then I went at it again, but this time I went past the head. My tongue found the base of the shaft just above the balls, and in one soft motion I licked upward along the bottom of his cock.

The feeling of its hardness against my tongue was heavenly. I could feel my own cunt tingling with excitement. I licked the entire shaft of his cock over more than twice, starting at the base and working my way to the head. My hand closed back over his cock and my lips found his balls, and I sucked gently on them. He seemed to like that too by the sound of his soft moans and labored breathing. I figured he might be ready to cum soon, because his balls had seemed to tighten up more than they had been. I squeezed and kneaded them gently as I put my mouth over his head again.

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