Forever Faithful - Cover

Forever Faithful

by Theresa C

Copyright© 1994

Erotica Sex Story: A secretary gets seduced by a company manager and starts a life-long affair

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I just received an announcement for my tenth High School reunion. I don’t know if I’ll attend, but it got me thinking about the incredible changes in my life between then and now.

Ten years ago, one week after graduation, I became a secretary at a medium-size plastics company. I was attractive (blonde, green eyes, great complexion, good figure, even if I say so myself), but I was shy, demure and a virgin-the perfect product of 12 years in Catholic schools!

Guys in the plant, salesmen, and even some clients flirted with me, and a few asked me out. I went, but I guess the fact that I didn’t put out for them got around and the dates became fewer and fewer.

The company had a tradition of giving a dozen roses to secretaries on their birthday. On my eighteenth birthday, in November, my roses were accompanied with an invitation to lunch with Robert, a vice-president, at one of the nicest restaurants in town. Nervous, and easily impressed, of course, I accepted.

The restaurant was on the top floor of a downtown hotel. As we were walking to the elevators, Robert led me to a seating alcove in the lobby. We sat down and he gently held my hand and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Theresa, you already know my style is very direct, but I don’t want that to overshadow what I’m about to say.” He paused and smiled at me, “I really care for you.”

I started to ask him what he was talking about, and he shushed me with his finger, “My Dear, I am a businessman and I want to make a business proposition to you. This proposition results from the fact that I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since the day you were hired, and I’ve never had to deal with such an obsession before. I have reserved a room upstairs, and if you permit me to make love to you today, and on a regular basis, you will begin our sales training program next Monday. You know what that could mean to your lifestyle.”

Through my shock, I could picture exactly what that meant. I was making $8800 a year; living at home; brown bagging my lunch and taking the bus to work. In sales, within a year, I could be making maybe ten times my present salary. I was tempted.

“Mr. Flannery, I’m very flattered, and very tempted, but I don’t have affairs. In fact, I’m still a virgin and I’d like to stay that way until my wedding night.” I knew I must have sounded corny and lame and less than convincing.

Robert smiled, “Theresa, I can be very gentle. Let’s have lunch. Think about what I said and you can either accept my proposal or forget we ever had this conversation. Your refusal would not affect your present position or promotion potential. You have my word on that.”

At the best and most expensive lunch I had ever had, but not tasted, I thought about making a real living in sales. On a personal note, I admitted to myself that Robert was very attractive -- 45-ish, trim, salt-and- pepper hair, a great dresser, and, in my experience, always the total gentleman. He was certainly a more attractive person (looks and personality) than any other boys or men I had ever dated. I also wondered why I was making such a big deal about being the last virgin in America on her wedding night.

After lunch, with a quiet smile and tiny nod from me in answer to Robert’s question, we went to the hotel room and I have never regretted my decision.

That afternoon, Robert was kind and gentle; I was shy and embarrassed.

He undressed me slowly, kissing and touching as he went. When I was naked, Robert devoured me with his eyes and hands and tongue. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. Prior to that afternoon, the farthest I had ever gone was a few short wrestling matches with teenage boys in the back seat of their cars.

In a few minutes, Robert had my body glowing like never before and tingling to his every touch. After almost an hour of his attentions, he moved his head down between my legs. I almost pushed him away, but I had enjoyed everything he had done to me up to then, I tried to relax as he spread my thighs open wide.

I could feel his nose in my pubic hair and then his tongue pushing between my wet pussy lips. I surrendered to him completely when he sucked my clit between his lips and I began the first orgasm caused by another human being in my life. It swept through me and I’m sure I nearly passed out from its intensity.

I was just coming down from its height when Robert reached a hand up to each of my breasts and squeezed my hard nipples between his fingers. I began to climax all over again.

When I finally finished coming, Robert wrapped the blanket around me and cradled me in his arms as I fell asleep.

Robert was smiling at me when I awoke, “Theresa, I’d like to make love to you, now.”

He had undressed while I slept, and he placed my hand on his penis. I was fascinated with his cock from the first time I saw it, and for the next half-hour or so, he instructed me in how to caress it and then lick it, and finally, how to suck it. I soon became very adept in the art of cocksucking, but that first afternoon I was tentative and unsure. He was patient and passionate.

Robert eventually rolled me over on to my back and knelt between my thighs, “Relax, Dear. I want you to enjoy this, too.”

And I did. I felt my pussy lips spread around his penis as he slowly and gently inserted it. He felt huge and hot and powerful. Then, I felt the resistance and he pushed ever so slowly until, with a sharp, quick pain, my virginity was gone forever and I was being fucked.

The pain became a dull ache and I soon began to enjoy the feeling of his manhood sliding in and out of me. He dropped his face to my breasts, sucking first one, and then the other, of my nipples into his hot mouth. I began to move, lifting my hips to meet his downward thrusts.

Quickly, I was nearing orgasm, again, and Robert smiled down on me, “I am going to come with you, this time, Dear.” And he did.

Robert drove me home after 10:00pm that first night, and, from that night became a regular but very private part of my life.

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