We Won a Cruise! - Cover

We Won a Cruise!

by Pei


Incest Sex Story: Family wins a ten day cruise that puts the young kids in tight quarters for the first time in their lives

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

“Oh, hello Martin, what has the mailman ringing my door bell?” René Summers asked when she answered the door and found the mailman on her front porch.

“Have some mail you need to sign for, that’s all René. How are you and Don doing? Are the two of you coming to the card party on Saturday night?” Martin the mailman asked while waiting for René to sign the green card receipt.

While opening the letter she was signing for, wondering why some contest company was sending her another ad, and one she had to sign for, René and Martin spoke about the mutual group they belonged to that played cards together once a month.

Glancing at the letter she found inside the envelop she had just opened, René read the bold print and then screamed out, “My god Martin, we’ve won a ten day cruise!”

They both read the letter and Martin was thrilled that his friends had won a wonderful, all expense paid vacation, including airfare for four.

After telling Martin goodbye, René ran to the phone and called her husband at his office.

“Let me speak with Don Summers,” René told the lady who answered the phone at the company where her husband was employed.

Don could not believe what he was hearing as he and René had never been able to take a really good vacation as he was saving money so his children could have a first rate college education. Now the four of them would be able to travel together and have a terrific time together.

Over dinner Don and René told their two children of the news about the vacation. “Kids, your mom sent in a form about six months ago and she has won a vacation. It is a ten day ocean cruise, all expenses paid, including airfare.”

Both parents saw the faces of their children look hurt like, when Don only said for two. Laughing at the joke they had pulled on the kids when he told them of winning the trip, René added, “It is a family trip for four, so guess you two will be coming along.”

For the rest of the meal they all spoke of the cruise and finally, Wade asked, how many rooms will there be?”

“Two staterooms with a balcony for each, so we can set outside and watch the ocean waters and the sky, especially at night, René answered.

“Mom, does that mean Susan and I have to share a room?” Wade wanted to know, “Man that sucks, a room with my sister,” he added to his comment.

Two months later they drove to the airport and were on their way to Miami to catch the boat for the cruise. Arriving in Miami, they were met at the airport and taken by limo to the massive cruise ship tied up at the dock in Miami.

Once they started on board the ship they noticed a banner with their names on it above the loading ramp on the ship. They were greeted by members of the ship’s staff and escorted to their staterooms. Once inside their room, Don and René kissed and hugged each other and marvelled at all that had happened during the past two months. Their card club had yard sales and bake sales so they would have extra money to spend on their dream vacation.

René had taken Susan shopping, buying them each various clothes so they would be appropriately dressed. She had purchased various clothes for Don and Wade as well.

Now she started to unpack their clothes so they could shower and clean up before the ship pulled away from the dock.

Susan was looking around the stateroom she and her brother would share and asked Wade, “Which bed do you want?”

“This one.” Wade said pointing the bed directly across from the TV, which would give Susan the one next to the sliding door leading to the balcony.

“Awesome,” Susan agreed with her younger brother, “that is the one I wanted, as I want to lie in bed at night and look out at the stars.”

They started unpacking as they had been told by their mother and to be sure and meet them when the ship was ready to depart. Susan had placed her new bras and panties in a stack on her bed an Wade noticed then when he carried some of his items to the dresser.

“Wow sis, those are really sexy things. How did mom let you buy them?” Wade wondered considering his mother’s very conservative tendencies.

Somewhat embarrassed, Susan answered, “Yeah, she even helped me pick them out. Do you like them?”

“They look great. I would love it if you could model them all for me.”

Looking at her younger brother, Susan replied, “You can’t see me in my underwear.”

“They aren’t much different than your bikini, so why not? Besides no one but you and I will know. Think about it, mom and dad won’t know unless you tell them as I sure won’t.”

“I don’t know. Underwear is way more intimate than pool stuff. It would feel odd.”

“Oh come on. We’re living in this room together for the next ten days. Neither of us will have as much privacy as we’re used to at home. Might as well relax a little.”


“Susan, I’m going to undress to my boxers, so would you not watch while I get ready to shower?”

Following words with action, Wade started undressing for the shower.

Watching her brother as he removed his slacks, Susan saw his thing sticking part way out from the opening in his boxers. This was the first time Susan had ever seen a penis and she could not stop staring.

Turning, Wade saw his sister looking at him and knew what she was seeing. “Do you want to see all of it Susan?”

Even though Susan was a year older than her brother, she was very shy and introverted and let him take the lead whenever he wanted. She was embarrassed to be caught looking at her brother’s penis as it was accidentally exposed to her eyes. Up to that moment, the idea of the cruise had given her somewhat of a romantic feeling of being on a cruise in a fancy room with a man, even though she knew it would be her brother.

Unable to speak, Susan nodded her head yes. Her eyes took in all of Wade’s body as he removed his boxers in front of her amazed eyes.

Wade was excited and he could not control the erection that began to grown in front of his body. Watching his sister, he saw her eyes glued to every movement of his cock, from hanging like between his legs, till it was now pointing almost straight up into the air.

Wade flexed his cock muscles making it twitch up and down, and noted with satisfaction the gap that appeared on his sister’s mouth.

Feeling the need to get off, Wade waited just a moment and walked into the shower after letting his sister get one final view of his hard cock as it lead his way thru the room.

In the shower he jacked off to the image of his sister and wondered what she looked like nude. Will she let me see her now that he stood in front of her with a hard on? Within no more than a dozen strokes on his cock, Wade shot his cum all over the shower wall. Then he dried off and walked back into the room naked and picked up a pair of boxers and put them on in front of Susan who watched every movement.

“Susan, can you undress in front of me, like I did for you?”

Susan, practically in a trance, slowly pulled her top off, then unfastened her skirt at the side and stepped out of it and placed it on the bed with the top. Now she was only in the new light green satin and lace bra and panties her mother had let her pick out at Victoria’s. She was embarrassed as no man has ever seen her completely naked, even her doctor. After much hesitation, Susan finally reached between her 32c breast and unsnapped the front closure of her bra, then pulled it off her arms. Her breast were capped with puffy areolas and nipples that only teen breast can have. Susan’s nipples were really puffy on the breast and were raised half an inch from the breast themselves. And at that moment, she was extremely aroused and her nipple got harder than they ever did and her areolas got puffier than ever.

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