Cousin Lucy - Cover

Cousin Lucy

by Anonymous


Incest Sex Story: Two teens at a wedding

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   Chan Erotica   .

Be Me, 14 down in Virginia for Uncle Ted’s wedding, having a lousy time
Cousin Lucy 15 was a total hottie, a muscular soccer player/track star athlete
with auburn hair and green eyes flecked with gold, slim,
small-breasted and hot as hell
Similar ages, so thrown together all weekend
We’d always gotten on but now she looks through me
Teasing and slamming on me.
I gave back and felt like I was holding my own,
but it made me want her something fierce.
Hot summer, so seeing her in bathing suits,
shorts and tank tops and had a hell of time hiding my boner.
Then we got dressed for the wedding
She put on little black dress that only came to mid-thigh
and shimmery tan stockings with flats.
This was even sexier and the way her muscular legs showed as she got
out of the car—at least easier to hide erection
Sat together in church, she slides closer to me
Her leg brushed against mine
Dick tenting my pants
Not sure she noticed, made no sign
At reception she was across from me at kid’s table in corner of room.
Eating and making small talk with little cousins
Feel something brushes my foot—moves inside my pant leg, up my calf.
Look around the table-Who? Only one person with the reach for that.
She’s calmly eating her dinner
Lucy meets my eyes-looks away.
She slips shoe off and put her stockinged foot in my crotch.
I make a noise
She gives me a quick grin—and goes back to eating, and stroking me.
This is my first foot rub and I’m INTO it.
She seems to be trying to gauge my girth and moves the foot around.
A look of surprise crosses her face.
I point at her and ask for the basket of rolls.
Somethings up with my voice. Husky
She was building up a serious rhythm on me.
Only a few ways this could end. None real good.
Don’t want to spooge in my good pants
She reads my mind or something, Takes feet back and puts shoes on.
She looks at me and jerks her head towards the bathrooms.
I get up, keeping my napkin in front, and follow.
Lucy heads back, passes the bathrooms
Dark hallway, filled with stacks of chairs.
She pushes on all the way to the back of a row
I grab her, she grabs me—Locked mouths
Her hot mouth covering mine—her tongue got involved right away.
Put hands on that silky dress
Feel the warm curves of her body—nearly bare shoulders and pert ass
She breaks off suddenly and looks at me
I smile back and start kissing her neck.
“Ohhh, shit,” she moans “Most guys are too stupid to do that. Go right for my tits.”
Realize I love her soft Southern voice
“I’m not most guys.” I murmur into her ear with a little hot breath.
“Here I was half convinced you wouldn’t follow me.”
As she started kissing and licking my neck.
Felt her hips press into mine as I gently massaged one perfect breast through her dress
“After you got me all wound up at dinner?”
We continued making out and getting slightly undressed.
“Is your cock really that big, or do you have socks stuffed in there?”
“Use your hands this time.” I told her as I kissed down her cleavage
and breathed in her heady scent.
Lucy grins at me, bites her lower lip and I feel her hands moving over my pants
“Mmmm ... Mmmm ... Mmmm...” she says.
I reach down and put my hand on the silken thigh and slowly draw it up.
About to pull the zipper of her dress down
She’s fumbling with my pants
We freeze
Voices, familiar heading out for a smoke.
We come back to our senses. We are so not alone here.
I let go of the zipper pull/she drops her hands to her sides
Lucy looks at me. “You’re not ... you can’t be a virgin,” She whispers.
I don’t want to stop, but I don’t want to lie either
“Only barely,” I say, “and not for lack of trying.
Girl got freaked when I put condom on and that was that,” I explain.
“Condoms don’t scare me,” Lucy says, “As long as us being cousins doesn’t bother you.”
“It doesn’t, in fact...”
“It makes me hot too,” she said and giggled.
“What about you?”
“About three months ago. It was meh.”
We make out for a while more and then I have to ask.
“We going to do it here?” I say into her hair.
“Naw, Too many people’ll be through here soon.
Tonight we’ll all be at Uncle Brent’s. All the adults will go to bed drunk.
I know a place.”
“How long?” And my expression makes her laugh
“Two or three hours only”
She says it sweetly—pushes me back into the darker area behind the chairs.
We start kissing again
Less urgent, Sweeter
I’m running my hands all over that tight body kissing all the skin I can reach.
She’s murmuring in my ears.
“I know it would be too, too mean and bitchy to leave you all hard like that since I teased you all this time.”
I agree and watch in wonder.
She pulls away and sinks down
“Don’t you worry, now. Cousin Lucy is going to take good care of you.”
And undid my belt and zipper.
Feel cool air on my cock
Feel hot mouth on my cock.
Too dim. Can barely see her eyes when she looks up at me.
Just loving the feeling
Tell her so.
She jumps up and kisses me hard, then drops back down and takes me DEEP!
Smell of her perfume is on me from last kiss
Pump a gallon of pent-up cum in my cousin’s mouth, and she swallows it all.
Full on love her as the serotonin rushes.
We put ourselves together to return to the reception.
Now, I can wait two hours.
But she’s gotta stop looking at me like that if we’re gonna keep it a secret.

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