Midnight Mother - Cover

Midnight Mother

by Bob Banger


Incest Sex Story: An angry young man takes control of his mother

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

I was about sixteen years old when the events in this story started. My parents had been divorced for about three years, and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment with my mother and sister.

I got the tiny bedroom while they slept in the living room. The only bedroom in the apartment was so small that it barely fit the single bed that I slept in.

It was a horrible time because we lived so modestly and the good things in life were evading us. Most if not all of our problems came from lack of money.

To tell the truth, most of our problems were because of my mother’s lack of intelligence. My mother was not an educated woman but a hard worker. But her lack of intelligence resulted in her being taken advantage of too many times.

I say this because the reason for dad divorcing her was the affair she was caught having with our ugly, scumbag of a neighbour. And since she ruined our family and our much better family life with her stupidity, I didn’t like her and constantly fought with her.

Dad was a good man and provided well. But mom’s stupidity knew no bounds. Even though she was incompetent, she asked for full custody of me and my sister and tried to blackmail my father for ever more money and didn’t let him see us. So he moved to another country and we hadn’t seen him for a while.

Mom wasn’t fat but she wasn’t thin either; she was a little thick at 120 lbs and five foot even. She looked great for a thirty-two-year-old mother of two.

Our relationship ebbed and flowed depending on her moods and actions.

When we were on good terms we would horse around as mom always loved physical play.

One night she was on my bed in a long shirt and panties watching TV. I jumped on the bed and slid next to her. Due to the small space on my bed, to make room for both of us, she proceeded to wrap her right thigh over my leg, practically over my crotch. I could feel her pubic hair poking through her panties and tickling my skin. The realization that the soft pressure on my thigh was from her hairy pussy started to give me a hard-on. She felt it and squeezed against me even harder.

My immediate concern was my sister would walk in and see us in this awkward position. Obviously, my mother knew she was asleep because she had shut off all the lights in the living room.

All of sudden I saw my mom reach out and caress my thigh with her hand and say “You have got pretty legs for a guy ... one day they’ll be hairy like your grandfather’s.”

While she said this, my hard dick was starting to leak out pre-cum right under her inner thigh.

I thought to myself ‘well this is embarrassing’. But I was enjoying the closeness with my mom and didn’t try to separate us.

She then seemed to drift asleep and said, “Turn off the TV it’s late.”

“Uh ma, are you going to sleep here in my bed?”

“Yeah, do you mind? I’d like to sleep next my son, you didn’t mind when you were little.”

At this point she couldn’t mistake the feeling of my erection. I didn’t feel guilty for this because for years I wanted to punish her with what she did to dad.

During this time in my life I always thought the face of agony of a woman when she was having sex was an expression of pain, so I thought one day I’ll let the bitch have it. I knew it was far fetched that it would ever happen but I embraced the idea.

All of a sudden, I felt her caressing my balls and she asked “Do you want me to rub your pee-pee?”

Instinctively I answered “Yes.”

Mom pulled down my shorts and started to rub under the head of my penis. A minute later, she kissed my chest and said, “Take off your shorts so I can make you feel good.”

Instantly, I took off my shorts and my dick was poking up into the air.

Mom started to masturbate me saying “Do you like this? You like it when mama plays with your pee-pee?”

I didn’t answer ... I didn’t say a thing I just grunted and moaned.

She then got on her knees and faced away from me and started to suck on my dick. The slurping sounds she made were so loud I thought it would wake my sister.

As she was bent over on her knees next to me, I reached for her ass and I started to lower her panties.

Mom mumbled “no” with her mouth full of my cock.

Well, the minute I heard that I tried even harder to lower her panties and with her one free hand she started to fight me to get me to stop lowering her underwear. I started to get frustrated, so with my left hand I forced her head down onto my cock, and as she struggled to handle that, with my right hand I tore down her panties. As her panties reached her knees, her feminine aroma wafted out of her crotch instantly making my cock harder than ever.

Mom pulled off my cock and complained, “We are not going to make love. I’m just doing this because I thought you might like it, and like me better.”

I didn’t answer her. I just kept forcing her head down onto my cock and slowly pushed my index finger into her warm pussy and moved it around.

It took few moments, but soon her pelvis began to move in a circular motion, and I could feel her cunt getting a bit wet. I added another finger and a minute later yet another. I was fucking her cunt with three fingers and her cunt was creaming like crazy.

I then started pull her with her cunt to have her move her left thigh over me so I can reach her ass with both hands. She fought at first but eventually gave in.

Once mom was over me, I spread her cheeks and wiped as much of her cunt’s lubrication on her asshole.

She started to moan loudly and said, “I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet ... you’re just like your father.”

“Just keep sucking my cock. I’m enjoying your mouth. I’ll cum when I’m ready and had enough.”

She groaned loudly as I pushed an index finger into her ass as my fingers from the other hand continued to plunder her drooling pussy.

Moments later, as I pushed my second finger in her ass all the way to the knuckle, her ass and cunt clamped hard on my fingers and her mouth pushed down hard on my cock as she took me all the way in. I was in her throat as she came hard. She kept me in her throat for as long as her orgasm lasted. She must have lasted about a minute as her body shook over me.

Right around the time that I thought she was about to suffocate, she pulled off my cock and her body slumped on mine and her head dangled between my legs.

Few minutes went by as I waited for her to recover. I started moving my fingers inside her ass again, she stirred and I felt her lick my balls and suck them into her hot mouth.

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