The Downfall of Father Patrick - Cover

The Downfall of Father Patrick

by Amber Gold


Incest Sex Story: A priest-to-be rethinking his decision gets a new view on life thanks to his young niece

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Uncle   Niece   First   .

The trouble all started when Katie was fourteen years old. She was a lovely little girl with black curly hair and eyes the color of the sky on a clear sunny day. She had discovered sex by accident, at least the part that made her feel so good. One night she woke up and heard funny sounds coming from her brother’s room. His name was James and he was fifteen. Katie thought he was really cute, considering he was her brother. He had black hair and blue eyes, just like her but his body had matured and he had a broad chest and a real tight butt. All her friends told her she was lucky to have such a nice looking brother, but for most of her life Katie considered him a big jerk that was always picking on her.

That night she got up and slipped out her door and stood in front of her brother’s bedroom door. If she could discover something that he was doing that was wrong she would gladly hold it over his head. She could hear funny little moans and sounds coming from inside his room and her curiosity got the better of her. She discovered that the door wasn’t closed all the way so she stood in the dark hall and slowly pushed the door open. It swung open without a sound and she could see her brother on his bed. Moonlight was shining through his window and lit up his bed like a spot light. She took a step into the room and discovered he had his penis in his hand and was jerking it, or doing something to it, that made him grunt and make a funny noise. He was trying to keep quiet but he was having trouble doing that. She stared at his hand that was moving up and down that thing of his very fast. Then, as she stared in fascination he muffled a groan and stuff came spurting out of the end of his penis.

Katie put her hands over her mouth to stop from making any noise but her brother looked her way and saw her silhouette in the door way. Before she knew that he had noticed her he jumped up and grabbed her arm and pulled her in to the room. She could tell that he was naked and for the first time she was a little afraid of him.

“What are you doing spying on me?” He was whispering in her ear and she could tell he was mad.

“I didn’t mean to spy on you. I just heard some funny noise and wanted to know what you were doing.” Katie could smell something different about him or his room and it took a minute for it to sink in that he was really very naked. Naked and covered with his cum.

“You little sneak!” He shook her arm. “Be quiet.” He pulled her toward the bed.

“Just so you don’t tell the folks what I’ve been doing I think I need some insurance.”

“What do you mean?” Katie was whispering but didn’t like the way her brother was acting. “What were you doing?”

“I was jerking my cock off because I was so horny. Satisfied? Is that what you wanted to hear?” He was hissing at her in his anger at being caught by his younger sister.

“I don’t know what you mean. But since you’re so mad it must be something bad!” She felt some satisfaction in figuring out he must have been doing something he didn’t want the folks to know.

“Guys my age sometimes have dreams or our cocks get hard for some reason or another and it just feels good to jerk them like I was doing. But no one is supposed to spy. It’s a private thing.” He had pushed her over to his bed and she sat down on the it, hard.

“You don’t have any clothes on and I shouldn’t be in here.” Katie was getting over her surprise of catching her brother and felt like she had the upper hand. “Let me out of here or I’ll tell.”

“Nope! Can’t do that, you brat. You’ll tell anyway and Dad will whip me for sure. He is such an old prude at times. Mom will freak if she thinks you saw my naked body. Can’t you just hear her squealing about that?”

Katie had to giggle a little at the way he was talking about their parents. He was right. He would get a good belting and Mom would probably take her to church to be bathed in Holy Water or something.

“You can trust me, James. I know how strict they are. I live here, too.” She was beginning to feel sorry for her brother but didn’t want him to know that. “What were you doing, again?”

James pushed Katie down on his bed and got next to her. He began to whisper in her ear. “I have trouble sometimes. My penis gets real hard and the only way I can get it to go down is to jerk it like you saw me doing. God, Katie. It feels so good. That stuff that comes out is semen and that’s where all the baby sperm is in a man. Have you started your periods yet?”

“No.” She shook her head no and was surprised that James knew about that.

“You’re fourteen and you don’t have your periods yet?”

“I never thought about it much. When I asked mom about it when Jessica told me she had hers, mom told me that different girls have different bodies and I’ll get mine when I get them.”

“I could show you what I was doing. I know it makes girls feel good if a guy does it right. Have you ever played with yourself?” He was still whispering and pulling up her night gown to feel for her panties.

Again she shook her head no. “What do you mean?”

James began to rub at her mound under her panties and got his legs over hers to trap her down. “Don’t make any noise or we’ll both get the belt. I’ll show you what the babysitter showed me.” He grinned as he remembered that night. “She was fooling around and showed me how a girl makes her self feel real good. Then she showed me how she could make me feel good. Can you believe that Penny from next door actually put her mouth on my cock? She sucked it and made me crazy and I had to rub her till she started squealing and panting and moaning. That’s what got me started on all this.”

Katie lay very still as she heard her brother whispering in her ear then felt his hand on her mound. He wiggled his fingers down inside her panties and began to tug them off.

“Don’t make a sound and believe me you are going to love this.”

Half hypnotized by her brother’s whispers and the thought of Penny putting her mouth on her brother where she knew his pee came from had Katie quiet and waiting to see what would happen. James got her panties down over her hips and ran his finger into her slit. She gasped as his fingers pushed into her body and he put his other hand over her mouth and hissed a warning to be quiet. His fingers were exploring a place that she hadn’t even touched and somehow he managed to find her small clit. When he touched it she jerked from the unexpected pleasure she felt then spread her legs a little to see what he was going to do next. She had to admit it did feel good. She hoped there was more than just one little jolt of pleasure.

James was in heaven. This was his younger sister but she was a female. He loved females since he had been introduced to sex by the babysitter a year before. He never thought of his own sister as a candidate to relieve his pent up frustrations when he got so hard he could only jerk off or die. Now she lay very still under him as his fingers explored her slit. It was getting wet and he found that hard little clit again and began to tease it with his finger. He pushed on it and began to rub it hard. He rubbed it as she gasped and before he knew it she was moving her hips under his hand. One of her hands went on top of his as she held his hand tight to her clit as he rubbed her. Rubbing and rubbing he was bringing her to her first orgasm.

She was gasping and arching her back. He pushed her nightgown up and could see her nipples that he had never paid any attention to before. He began to lick at one in his passion. This made Katie more excited than before and it didn’t take long for him to give her an orgasm, the first of her life. He put his mouth over hers to absorb the moan that was coming from her when she began to buck at his hand. Then she relaxed and was still. They both lay there for a few minutes as they tried to figure out what had happened.

James got very excited. His sister’s pussy was now very wet. He wanted to fuck someone. He wanted to fuck someone very bad. His younger sister was on his bed, under him and they couldn’t be in any more trouble than they would be if they leaped into their parents bedroom screaming words of Devil worship and chanting incantations. He grinned as he thought of that. Thank goodness the parents bedroom was downstairs.

He got between Katie’s legs and held her down. “I’m going to show you what it is like to be fucked. You are going to love it.”

Katie was curious enough and a little in awe of her older brother. She liked that he was giving her his attention and that feeling she just had was worth having again. She let him take control and felt his fingers moving in her most private place. It felt good and she let him do anything he wanted. It didn’t take him long to start rubbing his cock up and down that wet slit.

“Get your legs around me. I need room to get in you.” He was whispering instructions and she was doing what he said. She wrapped her legs around his hips and that’s when she felt his cock right at her wet, open pussy. It felt good and gave her tingles down her spine as she felt him slowly push something into her body. Just a little at a time and she stared into his face as he began to inch his cock into her pussy. He had never fucked anyone before. His experience was more just being the object of the babysitter.

She liked teasing and playing with the boys but never let them fuck her. Now he was pushing his cock into his younger sister and she was letting him.

Katie held her breath as she felt something trying to push into her body in a place that she hadn’t paid much attention to before tonight. It felt good. His cock pushing hard on her pussy lips sent little thrills through her body and the harder he pushed the better she liked it. He was holding her with his arms behind her back and had his head next to hers so he could keep her from making too much noise. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen. He just heard talk from other guys about doing a girl for the first time.

He pushed but couldn’t go in. He didn’t care. He was so excited he was almost shaking. He had never thought of his younger sister as something to fuck but she was sure better than his hand. He kept grinding his cock at her pussy and with a yelp from her he busted through and slid into her as far as he could go. He put his mouth over hers to keep her quiet and was soon kissing her and she was kissing back. It felt good. It excited him and she was moaning so she must like it. In the dark he could pretend she was anyone. Not his little sister. He was in her so deep that his groin was mashed up against her crotch and it felt good. His naked skin felt good next to hers and they were both very aroused by this first experiment with sex.

He pulled back a little and she was so nice and tight that all he could think of was his cock. It felt good inside her like this. She was very quiet and was holding him a little and had her legs around his hips. Then he started pumping in and out of her, mostly instinct as his cock felt so good each time it was gripped by her hot slippery pussy. He was in heaven and was fucking for the first time. He kept her quiet by kissing her even when she tried to move her mouth away.

“Don’t fight me. I have to make sure we don’t make any noise.” He was whispering again and not missing a single stroke. It felt too good.

Katie was over her shock of that first pain when he ripped into her so hard and now she was enjoying the sensation of feeling him pushing deep into her body and pulling back out. He was hitting her clit and it felt good. She began to move with him, holding onto him tight as he pounded away at her pussy. He wasn’t going to last long but it was long enough. All at once he was making funny sounds in her ear.

“Uh, uh, uh. Oh God, Katie. This feels so good. I’m going to squirt again.” He closed his mouth over hers and they both bucked like two broncos as they pounded their bodies together and got that wonderful feeling of release when they had huge orgasms together.

Katie felt this warm wave of pure pleasure roll over her body at the same time she felt some wetness inside her body. They were both quiet for a minute as they were so surprised at how good that felt. Then James slowly pulled his cock out of Katie and let it plop down on the bed. They untangled themselves, keeping as quiet as they could.

“That felt wonderful, James. I didn’t know sex felt so good.” She was whispering in the dark.

“I know. That was so hot. Now get back to your room and we can do this again. But don’t let the folks know or we’ll both be in real trouble.” James found Katie’s panties and gave them to her. When she stood up stuff was running out of her body and down on her thigh. She wiped at it with her panties and padded into the bath room.

After that night they were like bunny rabbits. They couldn’t get enough sex. They would wait till the house was quiet then one or the other would sneak into the other’s room. It was always fast and furious but it was fucking and they both loved it.

Katie found herself looking at boys and even men in a whole new way. She loved the pleasure of an orgasm and when she wasn’t busy with her brother she was busy with her own fingers. Once she became sexually active she could no more stop than she could give up eating. James seemed to have less time for her as he discovered girls and was doing his best to get into every pair of panties that he could. For Katie it was a little harder. She wasn’t allowed to date or even be with boys. So her brother was her only chance for a real hot fuck. He was getting plenty of sex from girls and didn’t have much time for his sister. She was really frustrated and her fingers were her only release for her hot little clit.

Then her Mother’s younger brother came to visit. He was a priest and was having doubts about his decision and was visiting his older sister to work through his problems. He was an older version of James. Dark curly hair and those bright, sky blue eyes. The whole family wanted him to be a priest and give his life to the church. They did their best to try and convince him that he would bring honour to the family if he did this. His name was Patrick and it had been their mother’s dream that one of her children would go into the church. The family called on Katie’s mom to do all she could to convince him not to leave the priesthood. She was almost succeeding until Katie got in the way.

Patrick was 28 and handsome, but he was very serious looking most of the time and liked to read and take walks and spend time with him self. He did a lot of thinking, trying to come to some conclusion for how he would spend the rest of his life. He felt pressured from his family and the Church to stay a priest but didn’t think it was really what he wanted to do. He felt he should have some calling or revelation but nothing like that had ever happened. He felt he could contribute just as much to humanity as a teacher and was seriously considering that. The only reason he had gone into the priesthood was to please his mother and he was doubting that decision.

He had worked out a lot and his body was trim and fit. He had a nice smile and just a little sadness around his eyes as he struggled to come to the right decision. Katie got a crush on him and was soon following him around as much as she could. At fourteen she was already a lovely young girl. Her long, dark curly hair framed her face and made her dark blue eyes stand out even more. Her dark lashes framed her eyes that would snap with life and laughter as she was full of fun and mischief even if her parents were very strict. Having her uncle around just gave her someone new to try her charms on and she didn’t realize the effect she was having on a man that was struggling with his conscience.

Her body was filling out and her small breasts were beginning to develop. She had surges of hormones that would course through her body as she began to mature. She was more aggressive than ever at masturbating and finding a partner that she could use for sex.

One night Uncle Patrick was sitting in his room, reading his bible and working through his problem when Katie came running down the hall to rush into the bathroom. He enjoyed his young niece as she was full of life and seemed to be a free spirit compared to her mother and certainly to him. He had to smile when he saw her as she reminded him of a young colt just getting used to life and wanting to run and kick up its heels and discover everything new about the world. He had no idea what was in her mind most of the time. She liked to follow him around and half the time he wasn’t aware of her. But recently that was changing.

She would manage to be in the same room with him, standing next to him or sitting across from him at dinner. She was always looking at him with a cute little smile and he was beginning to think she might have a crush on him. She was about the right age and he was flattered by it but didn’t give it much thought. Then one night he stayed home when his sister and her husband went out and he was alone with Katie. She curled up next to him on the couch as they watched a nature program on TV. He found it very interesting but soon became aware of Katie leaning up against his side.

He liked the feel of her warm body next to his. He hadn’t had any experience with women as he had to abstain from all that as a priest. He could smell Katie’s hair and he inhaled the faint scent of flowers and liked it. His arm felt good where her young body was pressed against him, warming his skin through his shirt. He had never been so aware of a female before and this was all new to him.

Katie knew what she was doing. She relaxed against her Uncle Patrick to see what would happen. She was so hot for him and hadn’t had a decent fuck in weeks. Her pussy was all twitchy and warm. She needed to have her Uncle touch her like her bother had and she didn’t know how to get him to do it. She put her hand down on his leg as she snuggled close to him. His skin burned from her touch as he felt the first stirring of some desire deep in his body. He knew this was crazy. She was only fourteen years old. He had no idea that she was a hot little temptress and would do anything to get him to play with her.

She absently ran her hand along his thigh and relaxed more against his side. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. He thought she was just an innocent little girl that was getting sleepy and wanted to cuddle a little. He hugged her close and smiled down at her. She turned her face up to him and her lips were moist and pink and looked so very soft. As he stared, he was mesmerized by her eyes and the little pink tongue that came out to lick at her lips.

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