A Love So Beautiful - Cover

A Love So Beautiful

by Meredith Jaussaud


Incest Sex Story: A 22-year-old woman discovers the girl who has held her heart since adolescence. Her 40-year-old Aunt. A romantic, captivating journey into the profound love between two women. Life long desires are finally given their moment to share in this alluring tale of romantic incest between Aunt and Niece.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Niece   Aunt   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Meredith was a typical 22-year-old college graduate ... A prominently radiant woman, her Latina features could lure any person into getting what she wanted. She knew this, but felt it was unfair to use her body in getting what she wanted. Having just graduated, the pressure of landing a secure job frightened the young woman as college loan companies would soon be banging on her door.

She had always been the independent type; strong and secure about herself, not like the rest of her sorority friends had been. They were muddled with the typical rush of life, marriage, and children...

Meredith wanted nothing of that. Her mind was open to endless possibilities, and she knew it was her duty to explore every option possible in order to be truly happy.

Back late one afternoon from her job at a local bookstore, she sorted through the mail of the day.

Somewhat surprised, she saw a thick letter from her Aunt who lived in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Curious, she sat down to inspect the contents of the delivery.

“Dear Meredith. Think of this as your graduation present. We’ll worry about getting you home once you get here. Love, Aunt Deb.”

Inside was a one-way ticket to St. Petersburg, first class. Delighted, Meredith began making the calls to get off work, and to tell her Mother of her sudden plans. If she felt good about any decision, this was it. Her Aunt could help her find a respectable job anywhere in the state of Florida since she was the owner of her own company, and now filthy rich due to the fact that a large firm had recently bought her out. It was destiny...

The flight was a day away, and Meredith began packing her best suits, and personal attire. That night when she went to bed, all the possibilities rushed through her head about a possible life in Florida...

Money, success, and hopefully true love. Always an independent woman, Meredith neglected her personal life during the last four years of college. She always reassured herself it was the right thing to do since she saw many of her closest friends get involved with devastating relationships that usually ended their college career. She was to have no part of it.

After about an hour or so, her mind began thinking of her Aunt. She always admired her boldness in her career, yet she felt somewhat envious of her too. Aunt Debbie was the talk of the family ... rich, successful, and still single at 40. Lavish cars and homes, Aunt Debbie never allowed a person to interfere, personal or professionally. But it was something else that drew Meredith’s mind to wonder about her Aunt ... something far more forbidden.

As a teenager, Meredith spent many long weeks with her Aunt in her home in Florida with her younger brother. Her Aunt had the luxury of making her own schedule, and usually spent the days with her niece and nephew at Clearwater Beach. It was there that the young Meredith began noticing her Aunt’s alluring features ... full, plump breasts ... a slender figure highlighted by well rounded hips, and a full, fleshy ass that Meredith’s eyes always seemed to be drawn to.

Being half Latina, Meredith’s family was subject to such enticing features, as she was no different in all respects. It was late one afternoon that her silly younger brother discovered something in their Aunt’s bedroom ... something that opened her mind to a vast assortment of prospects. A new glossy issue of an all girl magazine was in the hands of her younger brother.

Excited (as a typical 12 year old boy would be), he showed off his prize, mocking his sister as he pranced around the house, gazing at the photo spreads. Curious, Meredith never uttered a word; but inside, she was planning on pilfering that magazine for her own self.

That night, she swiped the magazine from under his bed, and brought it into her bedroom. Her heart raced as the pages revealed many vixens of the flesh. There were plentiful lesbian pictorials to choose from ... The excitement arrested the young woman’s senses. But it was the pictorial in the middle of the publication that caught her interest.

The pictorial featured two voluptuous, Amazon sized women on a beach; much like the one her Aunt had always taken her to. The kisses, the legs, well oiled and tanned, the alluring positions ... but it was several pages of the two women exploring each other’s backsides that had the 16-year-old captured.

Never before had she seen women together, much less making love to one another. The four middle pictures revealed the elevated spheres of their plump asses that drew Meredith’s heart in. She gazed incessantly at the two gently caressing the cheeks of each other’s glorious backside. Fingernails pressing into the skin, tongues lapping each inch of those bronzed cheeks...

Never before had Meredith thought that a woman’s ass could be adored in such a way ... Her mind swirled in the pictures, but just as she began feeling her swollen self-climax, the horrid thought of her doing this to her Aunt rushed into the view of her mind’s eye. Disgusted, Meredith set aside the magazine, and forever sealed the forbidden thought of acting upon this terrible, yet erotically appealing thought.

The flight was smooth and relaxing ... As Meredith made her way to the gate, there sat her gorgeous Aunt. Debbie looked simply radiant, just as Meredith thought she would She could tell that her Aunt had gained a few pounds, yet the extra weight filled each curvy feature nicely. She happily greeted her Aunt with a long embrace. It was so good to see her at long last. It was a moment she would never forget.

The two graciously made their way to Debbie’s car. The sun felt good upon Meredith’s brown skin ... she felt alive; she felt loved. It was sunset, and Aunt Debbie took her niece to the best restaurant on the beach. A lowly lit establishment, the two shared an intimate dinner together, catching up on the months between her last visit. Soon, her Aunt had several names for her to call for possible job openings, and it all seemed to be falling together-- just as planned.

After two days, Meredith had contacted the people her Aunt had named, and before long, she had well over a dozen interviews across the state. Meredith was in pure delight as the offers kept rolling in, and it was time to celebrate. Aunt Debbie wanted to show the young woman a good time, and began conjuring up many ideas as to how they could relish the thrill of new possibilities.

“Where are we going?” asked Meredith.

“Somewhere special.” replied Aunt Debbie.

The two had dressed up for the evening as her Aunt wore her usual classy suit. The garments hugged her curvy figure well, and Meredith took notice of it by complimenting her gorgeous Aunt. Meredith was complimented as well as she wore a tight, revealing black mini-dress that allowed spectators to view her (now) well tanned, buxom cleavage.

Her thighs were well defined by years of aerobics, and exhaustive workouts. Debbie basked in the presence of her niece ... She knew they made a very hot couple. As the two made their way down the freeway, Aunt Debbie began to take notice of her enchanting niece.

Her young woman was now a well-developed shrine of flesh. Meredith’s glossy black strands of hair flowed in the breeze as the convertible top came down ... Her lips covered by glossy red lipstick ... Aunt Debbie was honoured to be in the presence of such overwhelming beauty.

Driving up to an unknown establishment, Meredith noticed that the place had no windows, or any normal features of a nightclub, or a restaurant.

“What’s this place?” asked the naive 22 year old.

“Something you’re going to enjoy,” said her Aunt as the two made their way out of the car.

As they walked inside, Meredith saw several male patrons exit the doors. She was confused, but still eager to follow her Aunt. As they walked in, Meredith’s eyes were bombarded by numerous females that were completely nude.

She knew where she was ... a nude dance club. Aunt Debbie stopped, and turned...

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been to a place like this before!” asked Debbie.

“No, I haven’t. I can’t believe you took me here!! Why?” asked the perplexed young woman.

All her Aunt did was take her hand, and lead her to the back of the club. As they made their way back, Meredith’s eyes were filled with images of flesh and erotic poses. One in particular caught her eye ... a blonde dancer with well-built breasts, but it wasn’t her bust that held her attention ... it was seeing her completely stooped over-- swaying her backside in the face of a fortunate customer.

Meredith came to a halt in mid pace as she witnessed the sight. Suddenly, the dancer’s face glanced up, and saw the Latina woman gazing at her ... the two’s eyes made contact ... But it was when the voluptuous blonde pressed her lips together for a kiss that took Meredith’s breath away in a fleeting moment of ecstasy. The dancer’s eyelids squinted as she cast her spell over the young woman.

Meredith was captured...

The two sat in a secluded corner of the club ... Still spellbound, Meredith could only gaze in awe at the bodies of the lustful vixens, and her Aunt took notice as she flirtatiously lit a cigarette.

“I knew you’d like this place,” Debbie said in a sultry, low voice.

As a semi-nude waitress placed down their drinks, Meredith kept scanning the crowd for her preferred blonde. But she was nowhere to be seen.

“I can’t believe you took me to a strip club!” said Meredith as she sipped the cold drink.

“Sweetheart, if you’re going to be down here, you might as well see what we have to offer,” said her Aunt as she settled back in the plush leather couch.

“Hi there.” cooed a suggestive voice.

Glancing upward, Meredith saw the dancer who held her heart the very first moment she walked in.

Her heart skipped a beat...

“Hi.” was all the poor young woman could come back with.

The dancer replied with a suggestive smile as she walked over to Aunt Debbie, leaning over as the two shared a meaningful embrace.

“Hi, love ... Glad you could make it,” said the blonde vixen.

“Is it time for me to take the stage?” she asked in a coy manner. Her Aunt nodded yes as Meredith witnessed the dancer begin a slow dance to the beat of the music that played in the background.

Meredith sat in dismay as not only was her Aunt’s hidden lusts were revealed, but now this woman’s body was seducing her in a way that made everyone cringe in awe. Meredith quickly gazed about, seeing several male patrons gawking at the sight ... Slightly embarrassed, Meredith inched back in her seat-- back to the display of wanton lust.

The blonde slowly turned her back on Debbie ... arching her back ever so slowly as she raised the perfumed flesh of her ass. Aunt Debbie let out a low moan of approval as the dancer gently swayed the spheres of her flaxen ass towards the captivated 40 year-old.

“God, you have such a gorgeous ass,” said Aunt Debbie in the most serious tone.

Meredith watched in disbelief as her Aunt’s hands carefully placed themselves upon each full mound of the dancer’s cheeks. The hips still motioning to the careful rhythm of the music. Her fingers crept along the contours, gently kneading the plump skin as the dancer gasped ... Aunt Debbie took the back of her fingers, and brushed them along the surface of the ass, down along the darkened crevice that seemed so forbidden to the young Latina. Meredith’s eyes longingly inched up the length of the dancer’s stomach ... the two now locked eyes once more.

“She loves this,” whispered the dancer to Meredith. Meredith could only sit in admiration...

“You’re so beautiful.” gasped Meredith as the dancer reached up, and placed her palm on the young woman’s blushing cheek.

“Look back there ... tell me what you see,” the dancer asked.

Doing so, Meredith glanced back at her Aunt basking in the glory of the chestnut hued flesh. Never before had Meredith ever been put on the spot like this.

“I just ... I see her hands on you.” uttered a helpless Meredith.

The dancer’s hand tightened it’s hold on her cheek.

“What else?” demanded the blonde.

“Her fingers ... on your ass. She ... she wants it.” whispered Meredith.

“Yes.” sighed the blonde.

“You want it too, don’t you?” she said as she leaned forward closer to Meredith.

Her long strands of golden hair fell over the young woman’s face ... Meredith’s heart was pounding...

Her resistance melting as she felt the dancer’s hot breath cascade across her blushing face. Expecting her very first kiss with a woman, Meredith felt the dancer’s tongue nestle into her ear ... Hearing the wet tongue work it’s way into her ear lobe, Meredith let out a helpless moan of surrender.

“Oh my God.” Pleaded a crippled Meredith.

“Your tongue ... between my ass cheeks. Tasting me.” whispered the dancer.

“Oh god, yes.” replied Meredith as her eyelids fluttered closed.

“Licking me ... my cheeks. Your lips kissing my asshole.” Meredith shuddered in rapture.

As soon as the seduction began, the dancer quickly turn back to Debbie, resting her hands on each side of Aunt Debbie’s head, leaning over as her lengthy blond hair concealed their faces. Catching her breath, Meredith sat back to see what was happening. She couldn’t see much except for her Aunt’s fingers gripping the dancer’s plump cheeks. Meredith wasn’t about to be neglected ... not a chance.

Scooting over, Meredith’s fingers drew back the blonde’s tasseled locks to see her Aunt swallowing the dancer’s tongue. The slurps of their kisses could be heard as the two ignored Meredith’s obvious request. Meredith couldn’t believe this ... Her Aunt kissing another woman, and that woman had just invited her to relish the most forbidden part of her delicious body ... The dancer’s arm then reached out toward Meredith, grasping her neck to bring her in ... Soon, the young Latina woman was lost in the darkened abyss of the dancer’s sweet smelling hair.

She couldn’t see much ... she noticed that the kiss was broken, and now the dancer shifted up so that Meredith and her Aunt could feel the warm breath that washed their faces. Each of her hands gently placed themselves on Debbie’s and Meredith’s heads ... motioning the niece and Aunt to stare at each other ... their faces just inches away...

“Ooh ... you two are so hot.” said the dancer in a enticing tone.

“I know you both want each other. I can see it...” Said the seducer.

Meredith sat in complete shock as to what was happening. Just inches from her sat her lovely Aunt, so beautifully perfect ... so tempting in every way.

“Kiss her.” moaned the dancer. “Let her know she belongs to you.”

With that, Meredith felt the trembling fingers of her Aunt caress her cheek. Her fingertips brushing her lips.

“Oh, Meredith. God I love you.” uttered a weakened Debbie.

If only the dancer knew; If she only knew that the two women beneath her were related by blood. An Aunt and her niece ... about to share their very first kiss. She felt her Aunt’s fingers bring her mouth to hers ... Then, the intense surge of the kiss crippled Meredith’s entire body. She was sharing a kiss with her beautiful Aunt. Not the usual peck-- or quick kiss, but one that only two lovers truly know.

This was wrong ... And as Debbie’s lips fastened themselves around her nieces’, Meredith discarded the wrongs and rights of this, and only listened to what her heart was telling her. This was too strong an urge to deny for any longer ... Never before had she ever kissed another woman, let alone by a blood relative.

The dancer could only watch in awe of the passionate merging. With no clue as to the two’s relation, the Dancer leaned over, and cooed her support for furthering their romantic kiss. Saliva oozed from the corner of Meredith’s mouth as her Aunt’s lips urgently pressed against hers-- as if the years of want had demanded such attention, and rightfully so. With their hands curling into each other’s hair, the two women began furthering their relationship beyond their Aunt/Niece one to become one of a lover’s.

Debbie could not believe she had this happening. Her kisses were only a minor expression of her deep seeded feelings for her niece. Always denied, or laughed at ... but this was becoming serious.

And with each passing moment, the two began to realize there was no turning back ... Never.

Debbie’s head leaned back as she held Meredith’s lower lip in her hungry mouth-- suckling it as if it were her life force. The two now shared their first gaze as lovers since the kiss began nearly five minutes earlier. Meredith could feel her heart simply stop as she gazed into the lovely green eyes her Aunt possessed. Debbie felt her niece’s hand slip into hers gently as the motion confirmed the two’s unsure feelings.

“I’m in love---” Meredith began to whisper as her Aunt’s finger quickly silenced her.

“Sssshh.” Replied Debbie.

Debbie’s lips inched forward again, gazing at the supple face of her delicious niece. “Ssshhh,” came again as the lips came together in another display of surfacing emotions. As the passion surged again, the two’s hunger came into play as well. Now this kiss was more aggressive from both women ... hands became more daring ... sighs grew as the slurps of their kisses were heard. Debbie leaned into the body of her loving niece as she could feel the bulky mass of her breasts meshing against hers. It was incredible. Never before had the two felt such a raw hunger for another person ... ever.

As the Dancer left the two alone, Debbie sensed that the situation called for a more intimate setting.

Standing up, Debbie took Meredith’s sweaty palm in hers, and lead her back out to the car. After an excruciating ten-minute drive back to her house, Debbie quickly guided her niece inside. And as the excitement and fervor grew, their mouths merged yet again.

This time, no one was around. No eyes to examine, no hearts to long for the love that these two women were experiencing for the very first time. Debbie had slept with several women in the past, but no one had ever aroused such a deep-seeded yearning as Meredith did. Her mahogany hued flesh-- so perfect in form. The thighs ... the abounding breasts that spilled over her top ... and that dark, jet-black hair. The looks a Mexican woman possesses that thrills the common eye ... and Debbie was making love to it.

Thoughts of right and wrong continued to swirl in her head, but it was when Meredith leaned back, and stared into Debbie’s eyes. That look of pure craving was the final catalyst to make Debbie disregard all doubts.

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