Cyndi, Holly and Me - Cover

Cyndi, Holly and Me

by Marc


Erotica Sex Story: Going into a friend's house, Marc gets a nice view and surprise

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Lesbian   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

One of my really good friends is a girl named Holly. She’s a short girl, really pretty, with long dark hair.

I had popped by Holly’s suite for the regular Thursday night party run. It was still pretty early, so I wasn’t actually expecting anyone to be there, but I was in the area so what the hell, right?

When I tried the knob, the door was open, so I strode right in. There didn’t seem to be anyone home, even after I waited around for a good five minutes, so I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote a quick note saying that I’d been there and would be back in an hour or so.

I was about to tape it to her bedroom door when I heard faint and clearly ecstatic moaning on the other side. I could never pass up an opportunity to peek, sleaze that I am, so I tried the door. It was unlocked, so I opened it as quietly as I could and looked in.

What a sight for a healthy and horny heterosexual male! Holly was naked on the bed with her friend Cyndi, another regular in the party crew. Cyndi’s got a really hot body, not as “top heavy” as Holly, but really nicely rounded, and with bright (naturally) red hair. Now, Cyndi’s hobby is sex, and she’s good at it. I speak from personal experience on this — Cyndi and I had done it once or twice (well, maybe more than that!) on differing occasions (usually after or during one of her parties), and usually in fairly public places. Cyndi really gets off on the possibility of getting caught; she once got under the table at one of Holly’s parties and gave me a blow job in the middle of the dining hall!

Anyway, the two of them were sixty-nining away, and were too engrossed in each other’s bodies to notice me. The sight of those two attractive young women licking away at each other had my cock standing at attention instantly.

Cyndi was on the bottom, with her head towards me. As I watched in an ever-growing state of arousal, she tugged and massaged on Holly’s pussy lips as she wiggled her tongue over that tiny, tart love-button. Cyndi slipped a few fingers into Holly’s snatch and began to slide them in and out. I heard faint squelching noises as Holly’s hot box opened and closed around Cyndi’s hand coating it with her sweet cream.

Almost unconsciously, I opened my jeans and pulled out my cock and began to rub it. Holly’s butt was smooth and pale, and the way Cyndi was playing with it was really turning me on. I stood there, jerking off as the two of them ate each other. Holly threw her head back, spilling her long hair across her back. She bit her lower lip and tried to grind her cunt into Cyndi’s face. A stifled shriek forced its way out of her mouth as she came all over Cyndi’s face and hand. Her entire body stiffened and quivered.

When the waves of orgasm had passed, Holly went back to licking Cyndi’s snatch. Cyndi lowered her head and slowed down. She was clearly enjoying herself (and enjoying Holly!). I moved a little closer, still stroking my prick. Holly’s ass and cunt were sticking out and I really couldn’t take the sight any more without some kind of release. I went over to the bed and rubbed the head of my cock up and down the length of Holly’s slit. Her juices made it smooth and wonderful. Cyndi, who realized what was going on long before Holly did, grabbed my rod and guided it into Holly’s juicy twat.

I guess Holly was too caught up in the sex to really notice. But she started fucking me enthusiastically all the same. She moved her body back and forth, sliding her dripping box over my rigid pole. Cyndi really got into it. She lifted her head up and, every time my dick slid in and out of Holly’s cunt, ran her tongue along it to lick Holly’s cum from it, so that I was simultaneously screwing Holly and getting a tongue job from Cyndi.

The combined sensation of tongue and twat was forcing me closer to orgasm, Cyndi’s always been really great at giving head (at least as long as I’ve known her), and I guess the fact that she was licking Holly’s pussy juice from my prick turned her onto it even more. Even for a woman of Cyndi’s talents, this was something special. She kept her tongue moving up and down the shaft, and wrapped her lips sensuously around the head. Her hands worked around to my ass and she tickled it lightly while her mouth did its job on my cock. Then she sucked gently on my balls as she guided me back inside Holly.

The three of us were into some serious rock and roll. Holly was eating Cyndi’s twat with redoubled vigor, and Cyndi was licking Holly’s clit and my cock at more or less the same time.

Threesomes are always a bit awkward, and this was no exception. Sometimes, we would just move the wrong way and my dick would occasionally slip out of Holly’s steamy slit. Every time that happened, Cyndi would just lick it clean of Holly’s tart pussy juice and push it back in.

Cyndi’s tongue was so talented that it was a real effort to keep from shooting my load whenever she was licking my rod. Ultimately, a futile one. I couldn’t take any more. Between Holly’s tight pussy and Cyndi’s hot tongue, I was past the edge. As Cyndi’s lips kissed Holly’s essence from my prick, the cum started shooting out. It was a really massive shoot, and my cream seemed to spurt out forever. Each pass of her mouth brought forth another thick squirt from the depths of me. Some of it splashed onto Holly’s bush and stomach, but most of it ended up on Cyndi’s face and neck. Cyndi immediately started rubbing it over her breasts.

Holly stopped eating Cyndi’s pussy and turned upwards and worked her way up to Cyndi’s tits so she could lick my sperm off of them. Cyndi moaned in satisfaction as Holly’s pink tongue roamed over her erect nipples. Her hands snaked down to her pussy and she began to finger herself. One set of fingers drove deep into her snatch, while the other diddled her clit. She shuddered as her hand rubbed up and down, and spread her legs wide.

Cyndi was getting close to cuming. She was pounding at least three fingers in and out of her twat, and I mean fast. Her cunt was making slurping noised each time her hand pulled out. The other hand moved faster and faster over her clit. And Holly was still sucking and licking her tits in a more frantic way now. Cyndi started saying “Oh god fuck oh fuck oh god oh fuckfuckfuck” in a low and urgent voice. Suddenly, her whole body went rigid as a truly massive orgasm swept over her. She rammed her fingers all the way up inside herself and kept them there as her snatch clenched them in an ecstatic embrace. I watched this quite happily.

Cyndi lowered my pants all the way down so she could have full access to my crotch. She used this to the best advantage she ever had ... and she’s only topped it once since. She started just by running her tongue around the head of my prick. It was warm and wet and rough and felt absolutely wonderful. She started at the very edge and spiraled her way in to the hole. Then she lowered her lips and kissed it gently. Flattening her tongue along the bottom side of my rod, she lowered her mouth over me.

Cyndi’s cheeks tightened around my prick. Her lips were a tight circle and her tongue was in constant motion as she slowly lifted her head up, until just the very tip was still in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, sucking up the pre-cum that was oozing from it in a steady stream.

As I lay there enjoying the show (and the blow), Holly moved down to join her. While Cyndi was playing her attentions over the head of my cock, Holly got down between my legs and started to lick that little area between my ass and my balls. Only one other girl had ever done that to me before, and the excruciatingly pleasant memory of that was jolted into reality immediately. My balls tensed up as Holly’s tongue ran all over, dipping down the very rim of my butthole, and then worked oh-so-slowly back up to my testicles. She ran her quick and tickling tongue up the underside of my swollen sacs and took them gently into her mouth.

Holly’s mouth worked my balls lightly for a moment. Then, she started her way up to up to my cock, where she joined Cyndi in trying to make me cum. The two of them licked my prick from top to bottom. They settled their tongues on either side of the head. I had to close my eyes and lean back. I was really close to the edge as it was, and watching the two of them giving me a double header would have just been too much. I wanted to take my time and enjoy the feeling of having two gorgeous females running their talented tongues over my cock. And both of them seemed to want for my load, because they kept trading places up at the head, each trying to be the one to have my wad blow into their mouth.

Holly seemed to be winning out. I pumped my hips up and down as she moved her mouth over the top of my stiff prick. I could feel it ramming up against the back of her mouth. She just opened wider and started sucking harder and harder, moving her mouth up and down over the length of my rod. She slurped loudly on it, making inarticulate pleasure sounds. “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm.”

Cyndi moved up and started to kiss me deeply and passionately. Her tongue moved in and out of my mouth. Then she moved up slightly and dragged my face to her tits. They were small, but well-defined. Her nipples were firm under my lips. She started whispering, “Go ahead, suck them, pull on them.” On hand reached down to play with her twat. “Ahhh ... you like this? I know you want to cum. Come on, do it. I want to see you cum in her mouth. You want that, Holly-ho? You want his cum down your throat?”

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” was Holly’s only response, as she swirled her tongue around my prick. I was heading for the top, so I really started to push my cock into Holly’s mouth. She was taking every inch that she could, and then some. I could feel the sperm boiling up from the depths of my balls. Behind closed eyes, I could almost see it work its way up the shaft, until I couldn’t hold back.

I choked slightly as my cream shot out in a massive spurt that filled Holly’s mouth. Holly cooed and let it sit in her mouth until I was done. Then she withdrew slowly. Cyndi immediately moved down and pulled her up. “You have to share,” she said. I opened my eyes in time to see Cyndi as she pulled Holly toward her for a long, wet kiss. My cum passed from one mouth to the other, dripping down both of their faces. Then they moved down and started to lick the sperm from my shrinking rod. I sat and looked at the two of them with a silly, satisfied grin. The two of them looked incredibly sexy as their pink tongues wiped my dick clean. I could see drops of my cum glistening in Holly’s hair.

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