Letter to Charlotte - Cover

Letter to Charlotte

by Mistress Kay


Horror Story: A letter to man telling him how his future is being shaped by a domineering wife and sister

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Horror   .

It all began with a letter Charles received on Friday after being home ill for a week with an undiagnosed lower abdominal disturbance.

March 31, 1989

Dear Charles:

I had a nice chat with your wife Paula, the other day. We both agreed that you need a new direction in your life to help you stop playing this silly role-swapping game. She tells me that she has once again caught you attempting to wear some of her clothes. It is obvious that you cannot make up your mind what you are and how you should behave. Because of your insensitivity to Paula’s position it is obvious that something must be done to prevent your doing irreparable damage to her reputation and security. Since you obviously are unwilling to take her situation into consideration we must take charge of your life for you.

We’ve developed a plan to resolve every aspect of your weakness once and for all. Your business partners have already been notified that you won’t be into work anymore. They received your letter of resignation from their association and have accepted it with regret but as you requested they will not attempt to meet or talk you out of your decision. Your share of the partnership, which amounted to over $100,000 has already be forwarded to Paula as you “requested”. She has deposited it in her new account as well as all funds from your joint account. You will therefore be totally dependent on her good will and support in order to live. She in turn believes that living off someone else is inappropriate and that working for a living is good for the soul.

Therefore, new employment more suited to your nature, has already been arranged and will begin as soon as you are appropriately prepared for it. The manager of the Sapphos Beauty Salon has agreed to take you on as an apprentice in their pedicure room. The Manager has been kind enough to send over the new uniform you’ll be required to wear.

Charlotte is how you will forever henceforth be known both legally and by everyone you meet. I know you’re going to just adore the uniform. The cute little dress is all red satin with a strapless low-cut bodice and a sassy little full skirt. You’ll have to wear several short crinoline petticoats to make it flare out properly. A lacy white apron will highlight your new tiny waistline ever so dramatically. Of course, we were at first concerned that it would be too small at the waist for your figure, but with the proper corseting, we know you’ll look exquisite even if you are very uncomfortable and restricted in your movements by the severity of the corset. The loveliest pair of stockings was sent along with the outfit. Honey, they’re black and very sheer with a seam running all the way up the back to the prettiest lace tops. These will of course show under your flared little skirt. She’s also sent some cute little lacy anklets to wear over them.

You’re going to be just too sexy for words. You’ll just die when you see the shoes you’re to wear. They’re red patent leather and have the highest heels I have ever seen. They must be at least 6” with open toes and the most delicate ankle straps. I can just see you in them now, forced to mince about the salon so carefully to keep from falling. That will be quite difficult and tiring for your legs at first because the base of the heels is smaller than a pencil eraser. You’ll have to learn to keep every muscle in your buttocks, calves and ankles firmly in control just to even walk. However the conditioning that will cause as a result of your being in such heels for 10-12 hours a day will develop a gorgeous fanny and beautiful feminine leg lines.

Now, because this salon has a very exclusive clientele, it’s most important, dear, that you not embarrass us by misbehaving. To insure this, we have worked out a strict morning regimen to be followed the rest of your life. After your morning exercise and walk, you’ll get to eat. However, from now on there will be no more he-man breakfasts. Just some toast and grapefruit perhaps. A little juice will be permitted, if only to help you swallow the special Estanil vitamins your wife has acquired for you. Then it will be up to the dressing room where I’m afraid your wrists will have to lashed to the lacing bar. This is of course to restrict your movement while you’re being prepared for work each day. You’ll be drawn up on your tippytoes so we might lace in your corset a few more inches than what you’ve been used to up till now. I know that you will love the ultimate 19 inch waist which they require. For the first six months until the Estanil really takes effect, that dirty little thing between your legs will have a nylon cord loop attached to it and this will be drawn up between your legs and hooked tightly to the back of your corset. That way you will never be able to get an erection and expose yourself. Unfortunately, since it will now be pulled between your thighs, your walking will probably keep the end so irritated you’ll never be able to stop some feelings from entering your mind, but you’ll not have to worry as there will be no way to respond to them.

Of course your own lovely toes will be polished and buffed whenever the polish needs redoing. Since you’ll never again be allowed to have unpolished toes, this may have to be redone weekly. Since they adore red as a part of their basic Salon theme at the salon, you will use the brightest and sexiest red colors at all times for your hands, toes and lips. You have so admired my gorgeous long nails that you will have porcelain nail covers, good for six months, applied in 1 1/2 inch lengths as the very first action Paula and I take. That will however make it almost impossible for you to do much without our early help. In time, unless you wish to be severely punished, you’ll learn to do everything necessary despite the terribly long nails.

While you’re suspended it will be much easier to draw up your beautiful new stockings as well. Whenever polish has to changed or redone, it probably means you’ll be there for a while each morning which will tend, over time, to elongate and narrow your waistline as the muscles re-adjust permanently. Of course the special medication, especially the Estanil, will also change the distribution of body fat particularly in your hips and abdomen. I’m sure you want the stockings to go on correctly with the seams as straight as possible. Next, you’ll be buckled into your lovely new open toe pumps and the little gold padlocks, which are so cute, will be fastened to keep them on all day. Then, before we go further, your makeup will be applied while you’re hanging so helplessly. We feel the extra time in that position is very important to your figure development. Special care will have to be taken with your lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher, and false eyelashes so as not to give away your secret to the ladies you’ll be servicing.

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