A Cab Ride to Remember - Cover

A Cab Ride to Remember

by Kathy


Erotica Sex Story: The customers in the back of the cab were doing interesting things

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

The cab driver was only 23, and had been in this country for just sixteen months. He had emigrated from Russia, hoping for a chance to make it big in the USA. The young cab driver was trying to keep his eyes away from the rear view mirror, but the woman’s moaning made it difficult for him. He found himself looking back and tilting the mirror down to get a better look.

The well-dressed man had told the cabby to drive slowly so they wouldn’t make the traffic lights on Sixth Avenue as the cab headed North. Ever since then the man and young woman have been at it hot and heavy.

The young Russian cabbie could see the man’s tongue move slowly up and down the pretty woman’s juicy cunt. She had wrapped her legs tightly around his head and had taken his swollen penis out and was jacking on it as he licked her between the legs.

The cabbie could see the man move lower with his tongue, licking the skin below the pretty woman’s cunt. He licked the tip of her asshole. Then he was moving his tongue into her hot tight butt-hole. Spreading her ass cheeks with his fingers. The pretty young woman gasped and tightened her legs around the man’s head again. She reached down and pulled his head closer to her forcing his tongue deeper into her.

The young Russian cabbie had never seen anything like this before; this couple didn’t seem to care that he could see everything. They didn’t even seem to know that he was there. He was having trouble driving now; his own hard-on was getting painful for him. Then when the young woman slid around and took the man’s hard shaft into her mouth, the Russian cabbie almost ran off the road.

Barbara wasn’t aware that ‘the tricks’ cock was touching the side of her cheek. He moved it even closer as she gasped for air. And then instinctively she took his cock into her mouth. Deeply. Rather than move up and down on his cock, she just sucked it like a vacuum cleaner. She was coming. He was a good lover for a paying customer.

Barbara was a VERY high priced call girl, who did unorthodox things with rich successful men. Men who wanted to live dangerously. Like right now ... Here she was giving a blowjob to the chairman on the board of a fortune 500 company. He wanted to play at exhibitionism. And Barbara was the woman to fulfill his fantasy. That’s why she picked this particular cab, because she could tell that the cabbie was new to this country, and wouldn’t call the cops on them. He knew it wouldn’t take him long to come.

The ‘trick’ pulled away from her and turned her over onto her stomach. He lifted her skirt higher and moved behind her and pressed his swollen dick into the cheeks of her lovely ass. Barbara knew what he wanted. Her ass was ready; well lubricated from his tongue.

“Easy,” she said as he slowly moved closer to her. His cock hurt as it found the hole and slowly entered. He paused, knowing she would voluntarily relax if he didn’t force her hole to open. Slowly the customer entered her tight tunnel.

“Oh my God!” she moaned as she felt the sensation. She moaned louder. And her body started moving backward to take him deeper. “Oh yes. Come in my ass,” she whispered.

He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer as his cock seemed to swell even larger. This was better than any sex the man had ever had before, everything was much more intense, every sensation was heightened; He began to pound into her. As he pumped into the whore, he looked up and saw that the young cabbie had his eyes glued to the rearview mirror. He closed his eyes and pounded into the young woman, humping her and imagining all the people in the vicinity watching them fucking in public. He was becoming short of breath. He felt as if they were suddenly moving in slow motion, and he knew it was time. He felt his cock swell once more and then he felt the great release as he came in her.

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