Bar None - Cover

Bar None

by Anonymous


Erotica Sex Story: Young woman is tricked and sent to a rough bar. She suffers a brutal ordeal...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   First   .

The bar was a dump and located in the worst part of town. It never seemed to close, as required by state law. Most of the men who came here were drunks or trouble makers. Women very seldom, if ever, came in. It was always crowded from noon until 6 at night, because, after dark, nobody wanted to be in the neighbourhood. Since noon, some local gang members had been drinking heavily, driving the usual customers home early. Four were playing pool and five were talking with the bartender. Around 6:30 a women walked in. She was definitely out of place.

Her date was to take her dancing after drinks and dinner, and told her to dress “Hot”. To her, that meant sexy. She spent all afternoon shopping. She bought a black evening dress. The top of it showed a little of her cleavage, but not too much. She didn’t think her breasts were big enough but they did stand out, even without a bra. The bottom half of the dress hugged her ass and thighs nicely. She was proud of her ass because it was small and round. She looked tall because she was wearing a pair of new italian evening shoes with 4 inch stiletto heels, trimmed with rhinestones on the straps. Her shoes plus the short hem of the dress, just above her knees, showed off her long legs. Because the dress fit so snug, walking was slow. Dancing would be tricky and running was out of the question. Her dark brown hair was shoulder length and done up nicely. Overall, her appearance was stunning.

Her date told her to meet him here for drinks, but now she wasn’t sure if this was the right lounge as she looked around. Even the taxi driver asked her several times if she was sure about the address. Not seeing her date, she decided to order a glass of wine and wait a little while for him. Spotting an empty booth by the pool table, she sat and hoped the tour guide her date, would show up soon. She cursed herself, especially since she didn’t like being here alone.

The four gang members playing pool stared at her for a while and then ask her if she wanted to join them. Politely declining, she said she was waiting for her date.

Each of them blatantly stare and she felt like she was being violated somehow by their glances. They would lick their lips every time she looked their way. After more drinks, it got worse. They stood near her and rubbed their crotches waiting for their turn to shoot. They kept getting more crude with their remarks to each other, as though she wasn’t there.

“How about spreading those legs so we have a real hole to aim at!” one of the men playing pool said to her.

“Do you fuck as good as you look?” another asked.

She tried to ignore their obscenities but couldn’t. She decided to wait outside for her date to show up and was going to leave when one of them quickly came over. He placed one hand on her shoulder and roughly pushed her back in the booth while taking the seat next to her.

“Bet you a blow-job I make my next shot!” he said loudly then licked and kissed her ear.

She only sat there with her mouth gaping open and her eyes open wide in disbelief. She was shocked by his vulgar remark. No man had ever talked to her that way before, let alone treat her the way he was. When she didn’t say or do anything, he shoved his hand under her dress, rubbing high above her knees and tried to pry her thighs apart. She fought him and looked for help from the other men. Somebody yelled that it was his shot. When he got up, she was relieved, but not for long. Another man took his place and two more sat directly across, trapping her in the booth. The man who fondled her made his shot. He threw the cue stick on the table, looked at her with an evil grin, and slowly walked over to the booth.

“You owe me a blow-job!” was all he said.

The bartender quickly ran to the front door and locked it. Two men pulled her kicking and screaming body out of the booth. They said she could fight and scream all she wanted but was still going to give that blow-job one way or the other! She went white from fear and begged the men to let her go. She said she didn’t have a lot of money, but he could have it if he’d let her go. The guy pulled his zipper down and laughed.

“We don’t give a shit about your money! You can keep that! But we ain’t going to let you keep that pussy to yourself!” he told her.

She was about to be gang raped. She had only two choices. Fight and hope to escape, or try to relax and hope they didn’t seriously hurt her. When she saw the ten men gathered around her, she knew she’d better try to relax.

Suddenly, she was forced to kneel. The bartender got behind and grabbed her head so she couldn’t move it. The man who made the bet stepped closer. When he pulled his cock out, he told her to start sucking and if she bit him, he’d knock her teeth out and then fuck her face anyway! The bartender shoved her forward. The man in front ground his soft dick against her face. When he was hardening, he pinched her nose to make her open her mouth.

She finally gasped for air and he pushed his semi-hard dick into her mouth. He stopped moving once her lips encircled his cock and let the man behind take over. The bartender yanked her head back and forth over the prick. She was shoved and pulled, again and again, over and over. Her red lipstick smeared and coated the shaft of the dick that was between her lips. When the head of the cock hit the entrance to her throat, she gagged. The bartender kept pushing her head harder until the dick gouged past her tonsils. She was then forced to keep still, the cock buried in her throat, while the men talked to each other.

“Not bad! Warm and juicy! She needs more practice giving head though.” said the man raping her mouth.

“Maybe she’s never sucked cock before. How about it? You ever have a cock fuck your throat before? Sure she has! See how her lips squeeze around your dick!” the bartender said then leaned over her shoulder to look.

The man she was forced to suck then pushed the bartender away. Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head he began to violently fuck her face. Everyone could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat. Using her mouth the same way he’d use her pussy later, he fucked it with quick deep stabs. She was gagging and choking, but it worsened. Her nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. His cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and ran from her nose. Thick strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her face and seemed as though he’d never stop. The cum dribbled down her neck and spilled on the front of her new black dress. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air and coughed up yet more cum that was lodged deep in her throat.

Two men made sure she didn’t get away while everyone else got undressed. She wasn’t about to go anywhere after being almost drowned in cum, but they held her anyway.

When the men were ready, she was placed onto the pool table and held down immediately by four men, each grabbing an arm and leg. She was spreadeagled and face up, the light above blinding her. The bartender was the first to climbed on the table.

He slowly rubbed his huge dick on her legs. The other men were jealous of his 11 inch cock and he was always the first. The bartender yelled at her as another man pulled her head up. He ordered her to watch while he fucked his cock in her cunt. The men tried to spread her legs wider but couldn’t because of the way her dress fit. The bartender reached down, fumbled a bit, and ripped the bottom of the dress open up to her waist.

The men gawked at what she had on, or what little she had on, under the dress. She was wearing ultra sheer black nylon stockings with lace tops. These were attached to a thin black satin garter belt. Her panties were the Frederick’s of Hollywood style with a crotchless area in the front. Well you dumb cunt, you won’t be able to fuck him or anybody else for a while when we’re done! Now lets see just how tight your cunt is!”

Stunned, she realized the tour guide, and her date, was Tony! Tony asked her to go out! Tony told her to dress “Hot”. Tony said to meet him here! Tony had arranged for these men to rape her!

After ripping her panties and bra off, the bartender told the men to let her go. She tried to squirm and kick but he was quick. Grabbing her tiny wrists, he pulled her arms over her head and held them in place with one hand while he wedged his legs between her’s. He then forced her thighs apart with his knees and put his long hard dick against the opening of her pussy with his free hand. In one downward push, he brutally shoved his cock into her. She let out a blood curdling scream and fought harder, trying futility to stop him from raping her. He enjoyed all the screaming and fighting. He mockingly screamed each time she did.

While the bartender raped her, the other men made it worse by pinching, squeezing, rubbing, poking, kissing, licking and sucking her entire body. Men began to play with and suck her tits, their dirty hands squeezing and pinching her nipples. Someone covered her mouth with his hand so he wouldn’t have to listen to her high pitched yells. Her feet were high off the pool table as hands and dicks rubbed her, enjoying the silky feel of her legs. Somebody spread her ass cheeks apart and something wet being shoved into her asshole. Two dicks were slapping her face, hitting her cheeks and eyes.

Some minutes later, her muffled screams and cries turned to whimpers and sobs but the bartender wouldn’t let up, fucking with the same intensity he started with. After what seemed like an eternity to her, he pulled back for one last push. Almost pulling out of her, he grunted and rammed forward with all his strength. Her head snapped back and a long muffled scream could be heard from behind the hand still covering her mouth. He tightened his ass and shoved several times, his cock squirting deep inside her each time. Sperm, mixed with blood, began to pour from her raped and no longer virgin pussy. He filled her with so much cum that it formed a white puddle on the pool table. The other men let her go and then argued who would rape her next.

Laying passively beneath the bartender, arms and legs still spread out wide, she cried uncontrollably. The one thing she fought for and kept, all through high school, college, and two years since graduating, was her virginity. She wanted to save herself for her wedding night. It was most difficult on recent dates to resist giving in to her current boyfriend, but she did! Now, all of the arguments and fights over the years were for nothing! She was just raped! She was no longer a virgin!

“Fuck! She was a virgin! I’ll bet Tony didn’t know that!” the bartender said.

He looked down and she was still crying.

“Come on baby, lighten up! So you lost your cherry. No sense crying over spilt milk. You should be proud your cunt is tight! They’re the best kind! Besides, we’re just getting started!” he told her.

He then withdrew his dick. Everyone watched her bright pink pussy cling to his cock as he pulled out. Another man quickly jumped on the table when the bartender got off. He wasn’t in big a hurry. This time, she could feel her vagina being slowly stretched and filled with cock. Her facial expression was one of agony and she felt like he was tearing her apart with his prick.

“Quit making faces! If you don’t like my cock or his, there’s more! Sooner or later you’ll find one you like!” he yelled.

He confirmed what she tried not to think about. She was going to be raped and thought about what she could do to end this ordeal as quickly as possible. At least her initial shock and pain had passed and she could think more clearly. She tried to remember all the sex courses she took in school, all the intimate talks with her girlfriends, all books she ever read that were about sex or had a sexy part in it. Anything and every thing that might help. One book stood out in her mind. It was a paperback she found last year in the subway back home. From the explicit and obscene drawing on the front cover, she knew that it was xxx-rated. Even so, she picked it up when nobody was looking and read it in the privacy of her bedroom. She thought it was the most graphic and erotic story she had ever read and kept the book hidden, getting it out only to masturbate with once in a while. In fear of her own life and thinking about all the men who waited their turn, she tried things from the book on the man raping her now.

She wrapped one arm tightly around his neck and pulled his face down to hers, furiously french-kissing him. She wrapped her legs around him, moving them up and down so he could feel her nylon stockings. Though she knew it would hurt, she locked her ankles together behind his ass and pulled his prick deeper into her while wantonly grinding herself against him. She ran one hand through his dirty hair while her other one roamed over his shoulders and back. She sucked greedily on his thick wet tongue and faked a desired moan into his mouth. She tried anything she could remember from the raunchy book to get him to cum and get off of her.

It all worked! He shot his sperm in her already full vagina and pulled out. Immediately she was raped by another man, then another, and then another. She tried her best with each of them to do the same thing, but couldn’t keep pretending any longer. There were just far too many men. Unable to stand the pain and mostly all the humiliation she was going through, she broke down. She cried and begged the men to leave her alone. The man on top of her squeezed hard and twisted both her tits, causing her to scream.

“Shut up you cock-sucking slut! You haven’t fucked all of us yet! There’s still five to go!” he yelled at her.

Suddenly the man pulled his cock out and crawled to her chest. She was so terrified now that she just laid still with her eyes tightly closed, waiting for one of the other five men to get between her legs and rape her. She wasn’t aware that the man who just finished was pointing his cum covered dick at her face. Just before he came, she opened her eyes. Sperm splashed everywhere on her face. A man held her head still as more squirted out of the prick inches from her face. Finally done, he pulled her up by the hair and repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face as he yelled at her.

“The only fucking thing you beg for is cock and cum! You walk in here dressed like a cock-sucking slut and want us to stop! Who do you think you’re kidding? You’ll fuck and suck all of us until we can’t get it up any more! You got that slut!”

The last five men took their turns fucking her and did the same thing. When ready, they would pull out of her, kneel above her chest, and squirt their sperm all over her face or tits and then use her beautiful dark hair to wipe off their dicks. When the tenth man finished, she was barely conscience.

Her face, hair, and tits were completely covered with sperm. It ran down the sides of her face into her ears and onto her neck. She couldn’t open her eyes because there was so much cum on them. She had to breath through her mouth again because they even shot cum up her nose. Her dark brown hair looked streaked because there was cum matted and drying to feel sexy. It’s my fault, not theirs! I could have left when I saw only men in here, but I didn’t! I was asking for it. I might as well have walked in with a sign hanging around my neck reading “Rape me!” I dressed up like a slut, walk in here, and expected them to leave me alone. They’re absolutely right! I was asking for it!”

Two men pulled her off the pool table and carried her into the bathroom. They cleaned the cum off her with dry brown paper towels that scraped and scratched wherever they rubbed. When they brought her out again, she noticed the pool table was moved. In its place under the light was an old dirty mattress and eight naked men standing around it. She was pushed toward the men and mattress and fell face down on it, too weak to stand in her high heels and no will left to fight them anymore. She felt hands everywhere pulling, shoving, and lifting her. She opened her eyes to see a man laying on his back below her.

It was the bartender and his 11 inch prick was standing straight up. Her pussy lips were spread apart by two sets of cold fingers as she was lowered onto his long thick cock. This time it easily slid into her wet and stretched vagina. It came as a surprise that she didn’t feel a stabbing pain like before. She could feel him inside her, but no pain. Someone yanked her by the hair. They were going to force her to suck another prick. She relaxed her jaw and opened her mouth without protesting or being told to. She allowed the cock to push all the way to her tonsils and stop there. Next, she felt hands pushing her to a kneeling position. Then she felt more hands pull her ass cheeks open. She panicked and tried to crawl away from the men behind her. Moving forward as fast as she could caused the cock in her mouth to go straight into her throat.

“So you like it now? Here then, gobble it all up you cock-sucking slut!” the man who first came on her face said.

He shoved his hips at her mouth as hard as he could. Thrown backward by his movements, her asshole was stabbed by a cock that was waiting back there. Now the pain she though was gone, shot through her whole body. A tearing burning pain she never knew existed. Her mind screamed since her mouth couldn’t. The pain wouldn’t go away and only increased when the three men began fucking her in unison. She knew she was being ripped apart while the two cocks fucked and stretched her vagina and asshole. Two more men kept her from collapsing so the others could fuck her. She was being forced to endure having her ass, vagina, and mouth raped all at the same time. As a further humiliation, the men who held her up, wrapped her delicate hands around their cocks and used them to jack-off, while two more men knelt next to her and pulled her tits out to the sides and rubbed their cocks on her nipples.

She was barely kneeling and grotesquely being jerked around. Seven of the ten men were sexually abusing her. None of them cared if she could move. None of them cared if she did move. None of them cared if it hurt when she or they moved. They were using her for their own sexual satisfaction.

After a while, her pain started to ease up, but only a little. She kept her eyes shut tight because she didn’t want to know what the men were doing to her body or making her do to them. She wanted to forget the feeling of their pricks filling and stretching her mouth, vagina, and ass. All she wanted was for them to finish and let her go. She didn’t know how much more of their abuse she could put up with.

The guy in her ass was the first to cum. When he pulled out and got off, her relief was very short lived. Another man, using the first guy’s sperm as a lubricant, rammed his cock into her tight ass. The one in her mouth erupted and she gagged and choked again while trying to swallow her second taste of a man’s cum. This was also replaced by another prick, only thicker. She was trying to open her mouth, but he was in too big a hurry and began fucking her face violently. He jammed down her throat and didn’t pull out. She felt the bartender below tense and fill her vagina again with sperm, and like the others, was quickly replaced when he withdrew.

It seemed as though they had control over everything she did, felt, and thought. Her muscles and nerves were adjusting to the pain. She had stopped choking and was breathing though her nose effortlessly. The cock in her throat didn’t feel natural but she could live with it and still breath. If she timed it just right, she could move her hips a certain way and the pricks in her ass and vagina wouldn’t hurt at all. When the second guy came in her ass, she didn’t feel any pain when he pulled out and a third one shoved in. She began thinking that this was all just a dream caused by reading her paperback too many times. She thought she was the girl from that book.

She was confused. She heard stories that women lost track of how many men raped them or at least became hysteric during a gang rape. That’s why most gangs got away with it. Their victims couldn’t remember beyond the first few men and the rest got the charges against them reduced to assault. Here she was actually counting! Was this good or bad? So far, all ten men had raped her vagina. Two of them twice! Three times they forced her to commit sodomy with them and three times she was forced to perform oral sex on them. She began to wonder if having a clear mind was all that helpful. If the men knew she was keeping track of what they were forcing her to do, would they let her go?

She was just swallowing the fourth man’s sperm and didn’t know it until the guy pulled out and she heard herself calmly say “Four”. Shocked by her own gurgling voice, she opened her eyes and looked around.

Two men were kneeling in front of her, jacking-off and pointing their pricks at her face. Looking down, she saw a man laying under her staring back up, her hands were pressed flat on each side of his head. She tried to remember when the other men let her arms and tits go and couldn’t. Then she noticed that she was rocking. She could feel two pricks moving in her ass and pussy and back out again. They weren’t moving, she was! “Did I pass out?” she asked herself. She didn’t think so. She then felt the cock in her pussy shoot it’s sperm and was surprised that it felt so warm. The one in her ass felt the same way two seconds later. For a moment, she didn’t have a man’s dick in any of her openings. Yet, she was rocking.

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