Surreal Symbolism - Cover

Surreal Symbolism

by J. A. Aumond


Fiction Sex Story: Two girls' lives intertwined

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Spanking   Analingus   .

College had come quickly. And although Maryanne and Anna hadn’t gone far from home, they both knew that Bowling Green would be a new world. Maryanne had met Anna when she’d moved to Piercepoint, Ohio from Raztwa, West Virginia a few years earlier. Maryanne was a wild woman who liked to drive her mustang at full speed, it was a beat up kind of car, but it held memories and truths that couldn’t be said. Maryanne was a girl who had a life less ordinary who breathed in the fresh Ohio air and for a while wasn’t happy.

Anna had lived at Piercepoint her whole life, and she and her friends kept the small town alive. They where school outcasts, listening to 60’s rock and having Broadway dreams. But what kids didn’t. Their story is something usual and yet unusual, but love and sex often work that way.

Though once Cherry red, the caked on dirt of the Mustang gave it a ruddy look like the sun over the corn fields as the night lapped up the last of the day’s light. It was midsummer, and College was soon. Maryanne was parked in one of these cornfields that dotted the Ohio landscape.

“Yeah, Brandon, put it in.”

She breathed heard as her twenty something ex-everything boyfriend put his long cock inside her. He held one hand behind her back and he pushed harder in her. She liked it rough. Her long red hair was all over her green eyes. Her pouty red lips begged for faster and harder strokes. The top was down, and the first stars began to shine down. Her floral dress pushed up to her tits, and her light purple panties somewhere on the car’s floor. Her pubic hair was a lighter red than her hair. Brandon liked to play with it, pull it lightly and run his hand through the light covering. Now her labia were bright red and Brandon’s cock was sliding in and out faster and faster. “Fuck me, you bastard!”

“God, you’re so hot, Mar, I want this so bad.”

The tape deck blared ‘Cream’, Eric Clapton’s voice eerily filling the night.

His hard cock pushed deeper in her, and her breaths became faster and faster. He grabbed her tits through her paper-thin dress. Her pert nipples desperately wanting to taste the night air. Brandon began panting, “I’m going to cum!”

Like a smooth machine, Maryanne moved her body around until she was reversed and took his long cock in her mouth. Her red lips had just taken in the head when Brandon started cuming. His warm white cum filling Maryanne’s hungry mouth, and a little trail dribbled down the side of her chin and on her blouse. Her tongue loved the taste and slid down his shaft as his dick began to go flaccid. Maryanne swallowed what she could and lay against Brandon’s chest. Her cunt still open and naked to the warm July air.

Brandon’s hand found its way to her opening and he stroked it gently, his hands twisting strands of pubic hair and just sort of teasing her opening. Maryanne squeezed her legs closed on Brandon’s hand. “Now just rub your hand up and down.”

He did as instructed and Maryanne just threw her head back in delight. It was night.

Anna wasn’t like Maryanne; she was much gentler like a soft leaf that too often got blown around by life’s wind.

She was on her bed as the soft breeze of summer lightly moved the curtains on her window. Her legs where apart and her freshly shaved cunt was enjoying its freedom. Anna brushed her drying hair; she always liked to lay naked on her bed after she showered.

She had spent the morning working in the flower garden with her mother, the bulbs where set and a new bed of pansies helped to better accentuate the Victorian house’s features. She held the round plastic tip of her brush in her soft hands. She pretended it was a hard cock in her hands, she squeezed it. She now held the bristle end of the brush and slid the firm plastic rod down her chest and circled her nipples with it. They came to attention and she pinched one gently and she had the brush dance about her all the more.

Finally, it found its way to her inner thighs. She brushed the firm handle against her moist opening. She worked it slowly around her labia, which were now flushed and deep red. She worked it harder moving it inside slowly, and soon she had it against her clit. She slid it against her throbbing clit. The end of the brush had gotten very wet and her butt wiggled with excitement under the pleasure of the brush. Then she lifted her legs into the air thus making her hot cunt even more accessible. Her legs thrashed and she stabbed the brush deeper and deeper inside. She moaned and as she hammered herself with one hand she then reached down and slowly shoved a finger in her awaiting ass. “Oooh yeah, so good.” Her orgasm peaked and she rode it to the end, until she collapsed on the bed, her feet and body exhausted, the brush still half in her hot pussy.

A sharp knocking at the door sounded before Maryanne burst in. Anna whipped the blanket around her front. The brush making but a small noticeable bulge in her groin area. “Oh, Anna, I just had the best sex I’ve had ... this week.”

“Funny Mar, but I’ve got to get dressed.”

“So get dressed, Anna, I’ve seen a naked girl before, I’ve stared at myself in the mirror. What the Hell is this?”

Maryanne pushed the bulge with her hand. Anna tries to close her legs but throws her head back in delight.

“Don’t Mar.”

“I didn’t know you had a cock, what the Hell is that Anna?”

“Um nothing.”

Maryanne then began to grab at the towel. Anna and her got into a tug of war. Eventually Maryanne was able to wrestle the towel from her, and saw in all Anna’s naked glory the brush loosely inserted into Anna’s twat.

“You fucking whore, look at that.” Maryanne burst into a fit of giggles. “Fuck it,” she said as she shook her head. Then she moved next to Anne and gave her one deep kiss.

That was a long time ago, or so it seemed, now they were roommates and never talked about that incident and Anna has a new ribbed-handle set of brushes that she uses.

The alarm buzzed, it was 7:30 Monday morning. Maryanne fumbled for the alarm. Her Bowling Green tee shirt hugged her breasts tightly. The only other piece of clothing she had on was green silk panties. She almost fell out of bed. “Fucking Chem. class,” she moaned.

“Oh, turn that damn thing off, Mar,” Anna grumbled. She had on a black bra and panties. Anna found the alarm clock first and threw it against the wall it let out a sad “burrrzzzz” and died.

“You better not have broken that.”

“Whatever, Mar, let me sleep.”

Maryanne grabbed a fresh set of clothes and headed to the shower. The water was hot and soothing, it helped to wake Maryanne up, but she wouldn’t be fully awake until her first six cups of coffee. Her pert breasts looked a little saggy to Mar. She cupped one.

“Hmmm,” She said satisfied with it, “still looks good, wish it didn’t droop so much.”

She lathered herself up and scrubbed from head to toe. She fingered her ass a bit as she washed it, pushing her finger in and out of her clenching sphincter. She moaned and almost let out a loud shriek, she eventually worked two fingers in. She wanted Brandon to fuck her like that up the ass, hard sodomy, she wanted to bleed. She thought about that again, fuck that doesn’t sound sane. But what’s sane she thought?

Anna’s dream was surreal to say the least. The world that she slipped into was mountainous, the mountains wobbled and danced like Jell-O when they were touched. She was naked and for some reason she didn’t seem to notice. Overhead she saw what looked like a shooting star. She ignored it, but it got larger, and she realized it looked rather like a large bird, but different. Then the beast let out a hideous scream. Its body had thick fur like that of a dog or cat ... no wait it was a lion, it was a griffin! The body of a lion the wings and head of an eagle. The beast landed above her on a tree made out of coat hangers. Anna noticed its large erect penis right away. It way more veins than a normal human penis. Its hardness surprised her. The beast lunged at her. Anna tried to scream but the beast pinned her to the ground with its talons. Its body hair tickled Anna’s soft naked stomach and actually aroused her nipples, whose soft points stood erect and tufts of the griffin’s hair covered them. The griffin leaned down and with a gentle but deliberate slice of its beak cut Anna’s cheek. She could feel the warm blood trickle down her cheek. The griffin’s sandpaper cat-like tongue lapped the blood, it was oddly erotic to Anna, who just let the beast have its way. Then without warning it plunged its huge penis into Anna’s cunt. She let out a yelp of pain. But soon the rhythmic strokes of the beast gave Anna great pleasure. She wrapped her legs around the furry body and screamed with delight. Her back arched pushing her pert tits into the griffin’s chest. The more excited the beast became the more his talons sunk into Anna’s shoulders. This pain was pleasure to her, and soon the beast pushed in as deep as it could with a swift and powerful stroke. Then its cock exploded with a rush of cum that just kept flowing like a fountain, it leaked out the sides of the still driven in shaft and trickled to the ground. “You like that, bitch,” the beast said, but it wasn’t a griffin anymore it was...

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