Reversal of Opinion: a Fictitious Account of Oedipal Incest - Cover

Reversal of Opinion: a Fictitious Account of Oedipal Incest

by J. A. Aumond


Incest Sex Story: Young man get caught reading incest stories

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   .

I’ve read a lot of stories about incest on adult web sites late at night after the family was asleep, and thought myself alone. And often I would find that there were certain things that occurred in them that made the story almost laughable. In almost all of them, the mother (for it’s true I’ve had something of an Oedipal Complex and thus would read them) always had enormous breasts, was beyond good looking and would just have sex with her son and just go on as normal.

Now, I always believed the first parts were just put there so the reader, who was probably masturbating when he read it, would picture some good looking person. Now, the last part for the most part I thought was true. In many ways I thought sex was just some personal satisfaction that was selfish and self-serving, yet I didn’t realize how entrapping and powerful sex was until what happened only a few months ago.

I really don’t know how much you’d care to know about me. I’m bookish and quiet, and have had some sexual experiences but not much. I guess I’m your classic text book case geek. That would also explain why late into Saturday night I’m cruising the internet looking for porn, versus fucking some girl. But, in some ways I enjoyed my life of solitary sex. I know the dangers of all the possible venereal diseases you can get, and didn’t want my first fuck to be my last. As I said earlier, I’ve had some sexual experience, but never penetration, so I guess that would have made me a virgin.

One night, around maybe two am on a Saturday, I was at the computer and stumbled across HotSexStories. In many cases when it comes to incest, only stories really fill the desire, because you can come across a few pictures that will say something like: “Cousins in lesbian lick-fest” or “Mother And Son Fucking Til Cock Cream ‘Cums’”, but you never really believe that it’s anything more than actors. Thus, I was reading an Oedipal story where the mother seduces her son to have sex with her, my pants of course where around my ankles and I was slowly massaging my now erect cock.

What I didn’t notice was the soft sound of steps behind me, and a stern faced woman behind me.

“Allen Michael Travans do you know what the Hell time it ... What the hell are you reading?”

Now granted she couldn’t have known if there wasn’t a great big yellow banner at the top of the page declaring: “HOT INCEST SEX STORIES”.

“Um, nothing mom,” I stammered.

“So, is this why you’re always online so goddamn late? You’re sitting here jerking off in the den? Fuck and to incest too? What is wrong with you?”

Now, it was a combination of the shock and horror of her discovering me not only masturbating, but masturbating to my hidden fantasy that send me into a crying fit.

“Allen, no I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled ... I mean, I’m sorry honey.” And with that she had forgotten her anger and held me, I guess forgetting that my cock was still erect.

OK, now you’re sitting there saying, “yeah this guy’s mom just yelled at him, and now they’re two seconds away from a “fuckfest” of their own”. This I can assure you, reader, is not the case. My mother held me, this is true, but we were far from having sex.

Now, as she held me I moved from under her grasp. I didn’t want her to hold me, to have her breasts push into my back. It was erotic, and I didn’t want that now, I was too embarrassed. I moved from her as she watched me. I pulled my underwear up and she watched me button my pants.

“I’m going to bed,” I said meekly and ran upstairs.

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