The Flasher - Cover

The Flasher

by AC


Erotica Sex Story: A man is shocked when he finds out his wife likes to flash truckers. Things go too far when he gets interested in watching her

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Exhibitionism   .

Six months ago I was driving to Oxford on a business trip, the only difference from previous trips was that I had Fiona with me. She had said that she got bored and lonely when I was away for days on end and as Oxford was such a pretty town she might join me. She could go shopping during the day and at night we could spend the company’s expenses budget on romantic dining. It seemed like a good idea to me so I agreed and the next time I went she accompanied me.

I arranged my suits and luggage the night before but Fiona wasn’t so well prepared and consequently the early departure had her getting in the car in her bathrobe. We were on the motorway within a few minutes and heading north when Fiona started to change into her skirt and blouse. She reached over to the back seat, pulled her jeans out of the holdall and drew them into the front of the car. I was passing a wagon as she opened the front of her gown, I glanced up and saw that the driver was looking down into our car - I had no doubt that he had been using his mirrors as we approached!

I heard a loud blast from his bullhorn as we passed the truck and to my amazement, the same thing happened when we passed the one in front of him. Fiona was laughing and told me that they would be telling each other up the line over their CB radios. I was a little curious about how she knew this and she said that when she was younger, she and her friends would often flash to wagon drivers as they went past, “It was almost a hobby when I was seventeen,” she said.

The more I thought about it the more turned on I began to feel — there was something really horny about flashing and you couldn’t go wrong with wagons when you were in a car that could easily cruise at twice their speed. Yes it all felt safe so I asked... “When was the last time you did that?”

“Oh I dunno, I’ve showed a little bit of leg occasionally,” she said.

“Really?” I asked. “When was the last time?” I said, desperately fishing for a date, which I kind of hoped, would be recent.

“Well, maybe I did it last week when I got the groceries.” she said with a giggle, obviously trying to gauge my reaction. I felt my heart quicken and a stirring in my pants as I thought of her showing off to some poor unsuspecting bastard who probably came close to crashing as a result.

“Tell me what happened,” I asked.

“Well, I was just coming back from the supermarket with the shopping and I pulled up at these traffic lights when I saw this lorry-driver in the next lane looking down from his cab. He was just staring into the car at my legs ... I hadn’t realised at first but the wraparound skirt I was wearing had fallen open and he could see the tops of my stockings. I swear his shoulder was moving up and down and it turned me on too, the thought of this total stranger was staring at me and touching himself in broad daylight like that. I couldn’t resist opening my legs enough to get my hand between my thighs and just brush it gently over the front of my knickers. Then the lights changed and I moved off. I remember thinking that if the next set of lights were red then I should go a little further - I couldn’t believe it when they changed to red right in front of me, it was like I was being daring or something.

“I pulled the skirt right apart exposing everything from the waist down; you could see the front of my white lacy panties, the suspender straps and the lace frills on the stocking tops. I sat there and waited to see what happened. In a matter of seconds he was there staring down at me before the wagon had even come to a stop. He was so excited; I could see the sweat breaking out on his forehead - I couldn’t believe how turned on I felt and I started touching myself. I rubbed my hand up my left leg, starting at the knee and moving all the way to my crotch. I was really wet and couldn’t resist sliding the tip of my finger into my pussy and brushing my nail over my clit. Then the lights changed and I set off, I carried on touching my clit and getting so turned on I couldn’t drive anymore so about a mile further on pulled off the road into a country lane not far from home.

“I stopped the car and started to finger my cunt sending ripples of pleasure up my spine, I was so turned on I just had to come even if it meant soaking the upholstery with my juices. I reached into my purse, grabbed my hairbrush and started to rub the handle over my sopping lips occasionally pushing the tip into between the flesh and into my slit. I was almost at the point of cumming when the lorry passed the end of the road. The driver must have seen the car and stopped, he climbed down and started to walk over to my car. He must have been about forty years old, slightly overweight with a bit of a beer belly but otherwise not bad looking. He leaned towards my window and asked if I was all right, then he must have noticed that I still had my skirt open, my panties pulled to the side exposing my cunt and the hairbrush handle inserted between my slippery lips. I told him that I was fine and that I just needed to get off the road. He just stood there staring in at me, he never touched the car, not once, and then he started to move his rough hand over the front of his trousers pulling at his zipper. I began to run my fingers over my cunt again, got hold of the brush and gently pushed it into my sopping pussy, I opened my legs as wide as I could, never taking my eyes of his cock.

“I was really turned on and began panting heavily like a bitch on heat, with both hands I looped my fingers under the panties and pulled it down towards my knees lifting my ass and forced my leaking cunt upwards. I ran my long nails over my clit.

“He never took his eyes off my cunt and by now he had his cock in his hand and was wanking it roughly. I lifted my butt higher off the seat almost pointing my twat at his face as I reclined the seat all the way down and using both hands pulled the lips of my pussy wide apart giving him a proper look at my now burning and aching flesh.

“I must have looked like a real tart, skirt splayed open, no knickers, stockings and suspenders and frigging myself like crazy in front of this trucker. Then I heard a grunt from outside, I opened my eyes just in time to see his cock twitching in his hand and cum spurt out all over my side window. I started the car, drove past him and left the scene, only stopping to throw my sopping panties at his door ... a little souvenir for when he got back to his truck.”

I couldn’t believe that I was hearing this from my wife of three years, sure she was horny enough but she never put on a show like that for me. I asked if it had been the first time she’d done anything like that. If she’d enjoyed it enough to do it again and most importantly, if she did, would it bother her too much if I was to watch? She thought for a short while and then said that she might enjoy flashing someone even more if she knew that I was watching her and if I wanted she could let him wank himself off.

We sat in silence for a few miles and then decided to pull up at the next services to get something to eat. I parked the car and we went into the restaurant, Fiona said she was going to the toilet and would I get her something to eat and she’d join me when she got back. When she joined me at the counter she had a little smile on her face and said, “You know what you were asking about in the car?”

“What, you mean the flashing?” I asked.

“Yeah, see those guys over by the phones outside the toilets?”

I looked and saw two men, one using the phone and the other looking out of the window into the truck park. She continued, “Well, one of them was really staring at me when I went in ... So when I came out I’d opened a couple of buttons on my blouse to catch their eye, as I walked past them I kinda accidentally dropped my purse. As I bent down to pick it up one of them patted my ass,” she giggled.

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