My Mother-in-Law - Cover

My Mother-in-Law

by Bob Banger


Erotica Sex Story: Lucky guy gets recruited to help his mother-in-law finish her move to her new house. She rewards him in a very pleasurable way

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   InLaws   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

The first time I met my future wife Jennifer’s mother I actually thought Karen was her sister. We’d been dating a few months and my wife thought it was time to introduce me to the family. Her dad had been killed in a car accident when Jenny was only ten. So it was just Karen, her mother.

Karen was really friendly and I instantly took a liking to her — too much. She had a really fine body and dark hair, she took care of herself well, working out and eating properly.

Although she was fourty-two at the time, she barely looked thirty five. She dressed smartly and sometimes very sexy.

Time passed and I became quite close with Karen. I married Jenny two years later and Karen became my mother-in-law.

I was attracted to Karen since I met her, and over the years our relationship became even friendlier. Some times we flirted lightly and teased each other, but not much came of it really; until after the birth of our first child that is.

Few months ago, Karen decided to move closer to us so that she can spend more time with our son. After waiting and looking for something suitable, she managed to snag a decent house a street over.

A week after she moved, Karen phoned me at work to ask me if I could help her move the last of her things from the garage where the movers had piled her boxes and miscellaneous stuff that she hadn’t figured out what to do with on moving day.

Of course, I told her that I would be happy to help. After all, she will be the perfect babysitter for the foreseeable future and would give Jenny and me regular breaks while she enjoyed the presence of her grandchild.

I called Jenny and told her that I will be late coming home, and she said she knew as her mother had told her during their daily phone call.

I got to Karen’s fifteen minutes after leaving work.

“Hello Karen.”

“Hey John, I’m glad to see you. I sure need your strong arms as some of these things are too heavy for little old me.”

“No worries. I’m here and I’ll help you with whatever you need.”

“My hero!” She said dramatically as if I was some rescuing knight on a white horse.

I bent over just as dramatically, and said “At your service me lady.”

Silliness over, I headed to the garage and took a look at the enormous pile waiting for me. She had a lot of stuff.

We started working and had a good friendly atmosphere going.

An hour later I was drenched with sweat and feeling quite warm from the effort, so I took off my shirt.

As I did, Karen came in from the kitchen and playfully put her hands on my back and rubbed the sweat off.

That got me instantly aroused, it was different as Karen had never touched me so intimately before. But as usual I thought nothing would come of it as this was mother-in-law and I was there to help.

I took some stuff upstairs and when I came back she was working on something, bent over. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse and a short skirt. She was bent over at the waist and the view from behind was interesting. The way she stood, with legs apart to keep balance, I was treated to a nice view of her pussy. She had a thin G-string on and instead of covering things, it was highlighting the prominence of Karen’s shaved, fat outer lips. The thin string separated her pussy lips giving them a nice outline. As long as she didn’t seem to notice me standing behind her, I kept enjoying the marvellous view she gave me.

Suddenly, Karen turned around and saw me standing there. She had an interesting smirk on her face. She definitely knew what was going on and was exposing herself on purpose. She made further small talk and didn’t mention anything, but a few seconds later she bent over pretending to work, and gave me another look at her pussy.

I knew what I wanted to do, but also knew that I shouldn’t. Here was my mother-in-law who I’ve been crushing on for over three years and she was purposefully exposing her intimate parts to me. I loved Jenny very much and I didn’t want to jeopardize our marriage, especially with a toddler filling our lives completely.

I didn’t do anything.

Few minutes later, we were unpacking a box. I was standing and she was kneeling on the other side of the box. Her loose blouse was gaping open and gave me a really good look at her bra-encased tits. The bra she wore was low-cut enough to show nearly half of her areolae. I could easily tell that her nipples were erect as they pushed the soft cloth out markedly.

I was sure that she was aware of the view she was giving me, and obviously liked teasing me.

Half an hour later, we were working on some of the stuff that belonged in a small room in the back of the house. I was leaving the room for the next load when she came in with a bundle of stuff. I flattened myself against the narrow hall’s wall to let her pass, but she had other ideas. Instead of just passing, she turned sideways and made sure that she rubbed against me, catching my erection with her rounded ass. She made nothing of it and laughed while she was chatting away, but I saw the look in her eyes.

When we took the next break, Karen went to the bathroom to relieve herself. I couldn’t help hearing her doing it as the splashing made quite a bit of noise. That got me so excited my cock started leaking in my pants.

She came out of the bathroom and fixed us some lemonade to drink. When she handed me my glass she made sure to bend over to give me another look down her blouse and I nearly spilled my drink; Karen’s tits were swinging free as they were braless now. Her long, thick nipples were sticking out, quite erect. She had take her bra off in the bathroom to show me her tits!

She sat next to me on a sofa, and was quite close.

“Thank you for the help. It would have taken me months to finish what we did today. You’re a strong man and a hard worker.”

“Anything I can do to help. It’s no problem.” I assured her.

“You really look tired. You carried a lot of heavy stuff around. It must have been hell on your back.”

She was fishing for an opening.

“Yes, I nearly keeled over once carrying the box of china. I think I sprained my back.” I gave her an opportunity to start what she obviously was looking for.

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me give you a back rub.”

“No need, I’ll get a good soaking in the tub when I get home.” I pretended to not get what she’s getting at.

“Nonsense! You tired yourself helping me with my stuff and I must show my appreciation.” And pushing me forward, she instructed “Lay down on the floor, I’ll do my best to relieve some of the ache that I caused you.”

I was still topless, so I went down to the floor willingly and put my arms by my sides.

Karen quickly straddled my thighs and started to rub my back. Her hands were sensitive and soft, but it was obvious that it was not the first time that she has done this.

I could feel the heat from her behind on my legs and I could feel her clamping her legs around my thighs rhythmically.

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