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Best Laid Wives

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Chapter 1

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jessica's husband makes an unscheduled trip home from working out of town, only to find her and her sister, Jodi, preparing for a weekend of interracial partying. He encourages his wife and the weekend finds him watching his wife and her sister parade nude in public, and playing sex slaves for a group of black men. In return for his encouragement, Jessica gives him a new female club member to break in while watching the action.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   Black Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

I think the most frequently asked question about our bizarre extra marital activities is about parties. How does a husband describe a swing party to anyone? A bunch of people gathered together for the expressed purpose of having sex with any and all guests, but especially not one’s spouse. However, my situation went a step further than normal swinging, since our whole lifestyle was started by my wife, Jessica, and her sister Jodi.

Whenever pressed for details (and I was loose enough to relate the stories), I would recall some more of the sisters’ games they loved to play with their black male lovers. It wasn’t enough that the two women were beautiful young blondes who had incredible bodies, cute faces to match, and loved to fuck around with and without their husbands. No, these two young women had developed a sense of adventure that led them to a need for a constant stream of sex.

The taboo of having sex with someone other than a spouse was like a dependency on a drug that required bigger and stranger doses to satisfy the hunger. It started with my sister-in-law, Jodi, who got her first taste of adventure when she got me to take her to the store to pick out a new dildo, and wound up selecting a nicely formed, soft surgical rubber black model. The thrill of imagining a black cock in her pussy led her to venturing out and seducing a black member of the local gym where she worked. She couldn’t contain her excitement of breaching the taboo, and pressed her sister into trying it. My wife soon developed the same inner excitement, and the two femmes began building a herd of black studs, personally chosen to be the biggest and best. A husband’s first reaction to his golden haired housewife having a propensity for black cock usually borders on a near death experience. To see both his wife and her sister with the same addiction, well, that’s a totally different reality. The two girls liked their black meat; that was for sure. They often had their men over to fuck them, either at Jodi’s house, or even in my own bed as the occasion arose, and they even had the balls to introduce me to their lovers. It wasn’t out of spite, mind you, but out of a desire to gain full permission to pursue the hobby they loved.

The two sisters actively sponsored many of the swing parties, most of them involving their “inner core” of women members, and quite often held at one of the member’s homes during a weekday afternoon. The girls liked to organize their private parties around some theme, and liked the freedom to be as wild as they wished. They held no secrets about the afternoon get- togethers that they held once or twice a week. They just wanted, “ ... the opportunity to invite who they wanted, and to have the freedom to get fucked as they wanted.” It was all very innocent and serious at the same time, for they were convinced that they were doing nothing wrong, and they felt that it enhanced their marriages by giving them that freedom. Consequently, my wife almost always told me of her misadventures, and didn’t attempt to hide her participation in the events. For them, it was all done for pure fun, physical and mental. If either one had a rape fantasy, it was for the excitement and not the pain. They took their fun seriously and with all out enthusiasm. It was a part of life that would only stay a few years, and they were bound and determined to milk it for all it was worth.

I remember the time when my out-of-town work actually sent me home early on a Thursday to do some business in my hometown. It was a week that I wasn’t expected to be home at all, since I had just left the previous Sunday for another two-week stint on the road. I thought I would surprise my wife, Jessica, having finished my work in the morning, and I arrived home shortly after twelve noon. I didn’t notice my sister-in-law’s car parked down the street, so when I entered the house, I really got a surprise. I entered quietly, thinking about my surprise, and heard feminine voices coming from the master bedroom. Quietly sneaking down the hall, I peeked through the partially opened bedroom door, and watched as Jessica, Jodi and two other girl friends were putting the finishing touches on themselves, getting ready for one of their afternoon parties with their studs. It seems as if my house was volunteered for that week’s fuck fest.

The girls occasionally started out totally nude, but preferred to start their sessions dressed in some incredibly sexy outfit that they took pride in fashioning themselves. Both Jessica and Jodi were excellent seamstresses, and competed in making incredibly small pieces of cloth into something wearable. I had to admit, the outfits they concocted were really something to behold, and never failed to turn me on. My wife’s outfit was a skin coloured nylon cat suit, that she made from sheer nylon stocking material. The material stretched to every curve in her body, and had numerous oval shaped openings down each side and throughout. Some lace was strategically positioned in patterns from her ankles to her neckline, only this time it was carefully placed not to cover her tits and pussy, but to surround them. The transparent nylon stretched around her nipples, and clung to every slight fold of her slit and clitoris. She looked virtually nude atop her four-inch heels, and erotically accessible to those places that stood out so invitingly.

One of their friends had made a harem outfit of white sheer veil material made up of two separate pieces. Each piece (about four inches wide) was identical, intended for right and left sides of her body. They started by being tied once at each ankle, run up the inside of each leg and through a gold ring just below her cunt. One piece went to her back, the other to her front, up over her shoulder, and fastened to the other piece with Velcro about midway down her body. The effect was that one piece ran up the crack of her ass, over the shoulder and covered one breast, while the other ran up her front side, over the other breast. While the thin transparent material did little to hide her tits, the only way she could conceal her cunt was to keep the material bunched between closed legs. Or, at a whim, she could move to expose her bald pussy at will. At any rate, the flowing material up her crack, leaving her backside totally exposed, accentuated her ass cheeks. The other girl was not quite as inventive, and chose to purchase her outfit from a sex shop, but still didn’t disappoint. It was a typical open bra arrangement with pull away, or open crotch, but couldn’t hold a candle to the looks of my wife and her sister.

Jodi’s outfit was really not an outfit at all. It started with a single spaghetti-strap strip of chiffon material that she wrapped around the back of her neck, and then down the front over her tits where it widened to about four inches to cover her globes. The material then narrowed again; so she could tuck the two strands through her clit ring, and let it just hang over her bare pussy. From the back, she was totally nude, and from the front, she was only barely covered in strategic areas. Together with her long golden blond hair, she was the picture of a virgin innocence.

I slowly backed away from the door, not wanting to be seen, and returned to the family room where trays of snacks were set up, along with a cooler of chilled wine and assorted drinks. Pillows and mattresses were placed around the room, covered with silky sheets. Music was playing, and the incense was emitting a pleasant fragrance. I felt that I had wandered into a bordello as I decided to go back out and ring the doorbell.

You can imagine the look on Jessica’s face as she swung the door open, expecting someone else. I tried to look surprised to match her expression as she backed away from the door, and the other girls came prancing down the hall. Jodi smirked, and Jessica did her best to take my presence in stride, and said, “Wow! What a surprise! Well, you’re just in time for the party. Anyway, there are some people I always wanted you to meet.” This statement seemed a little odd, for I knew all the women there, but as she looked past me, I suddenly realized that someone was approaching from behind me. I turned to see four very healthy looking black men turn to walk up my driveway, actually carrying flowers. Jessica pulled me into the house and rushed me to the kitchen, while her sister simultaneously said, “I’ll play hostess for a few minutes, then it’s your party.”

After a quick explanation of my trip, Jessica hurried her lecture. “Look,” she began in hushed tone, “it’s great that you got to come home early, but we’re having a party here today, and I’m hosting it for the girls. You know very well what goes on, and I’m not about to disappoint everyone and embarrass myself in the process. So, I guess your surprise has turned into my surprise.” She cocked her hip and held her hands up in a helpless gesture and sexy pose, waiting for a response. My eyes traced her figure from platinum blond hair cut in a perfect bob style, perfectly made up face, down her sexy well exposed body to her white four inch heels. To say she was fuckable was a gross understatement, and my mind raced with images of how she would be taken that afternoon.

This was the time in our relationship when I had tried just about everything I could imagine to reconcile what was happening in our lives. I had gone from shocked to angry to trying to “fix” the situation, all to no avail. I realized several things by now. One was the fact that I wasn’t going to stop my wife’s antics. She was intent on living out her fantasies whether or not I was there to participate. Of course, I did have the choice of leaving her, but, alas, there was one big problem. I was in love with the bitch! However, there was one thing I hadn’t tried, cooperation. I had never actually been totally supportive of her actions, and it dawned on me that the tack just might give me some say in the matter, at least some degree of control. But, is that what I really wanted? It was worth investigating, and, in an instant, I formulated my new plan of surprise. I would agree to everything, support her black sexing, and everything else imaginable. What could I lose?

“I ... I had no idea,” I stammered in a fashion befitting the situation. Then, figuring on a good offence, I blurted out, “No problem, Sweetheart. I’ve always wanted to meet your black lovers. They must be such gentlemen to bring flowers too. I assume you’re the candy?” We both stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, trying to see an opening, but then, at the same time, we both burst out laughing. It was obvious from her wide smile and relaxed posture that I had actually totally defused the situation, and made her believe that I was now accepting of her behaviour. She was actually happy with me! So, taking me in hand, she kissed me and said, “C’mon, baby, there’re some people I want you to meet!” And I followed as she sauntered into the family room.

Jessica sprang into the room, jumping off the single step, giddy with delight at the thought that I was giving in to her way of thinking. The girls had already offered drinks to everyone, had just finished modelling themselves for the men, and were cuddling up with black arms around their white, semi-nude bodies. As Jess’s nearly naked body entered, all the men’s eyes focused on her great figure before noticing me right behind. Surprise was not the word, perhaps shock would be better as they all straightened up with a guilty “caught with a hand in the cookie jar” look.

“Hi, I’m Jessica’s husband,” I offered with full confidence as I approached the first man to shake his hand. Jessica broke in with an attempted introduction, “Sweetheart, this is one of my lovers, Jerry.” I thought to myself, “Hmmm, Jerry with the sweaty palms. I think I have the upper hand here.” She continued to introduce her friends, “and these are my ... our ... other lovers,” and each cordially took my hand in disbelief as I welcomed them to my home. Introductions were done in a matter of seconds, and I noticed Jessica leading the girls in smiles, as they stood relieved at my cheery attitude, and tried to look natural.

My strategy was working, and I definitely had my wife wrapped around my finger at this moment by my enthusiasm. I didn’t let the advantage slip as I turned to Jerry, Wyan, Mike and Buzz (as he was known), “So, fellas, Jess and Jodi have told me about being serviced by you guys while I was away. Do you get over here often?” I took a drink from one of the girls and began sipping as I listened.

“You’re kidding, right?” said Jerry.

“No, no! I really am Jessica’s better half ... and, that makes me Jodi’s brother in law. And, I really am interested in meeting you guys and getting some first hand feedback about how it feels to fuck a another man’s wife ... and, in your case, especially if it’s a white housewife.” I was pushing it, and I immediately sensed my mistake.

“Look, I, uh ... we didn’t mean to ... I mean, we didn’t expect ... we thought that...”

“Really, guys,” I softened my approach and put a hand on his shoulder, “this is the first time I’ve had a chance to meet my wife’s playmates. And, so, I want you to know that I’m ok with this, so relax. Did I say something wrong?” I was still in control.

“No. Actually, it’s me that’s off guard, here. You know, I guess the girls were right.”

“How’s that?”

“They always told us that their mates were cool.” Jerry smiled big, and shook my hand genuinely this time. I returned the smile, knowing that I was about to watch my wife get fucked by this guy, but also knowing that I had more to gain by enjoying it than fighting it. Besides, these guys weren’t small. The conversation relaxed, and the girls went back to stroking their playmates egos and bodies. Even Jessica came up to Jerry while we were talking, and cradled under his big black arm, and guiding his hand to her tit, which he took the opportunity to massage in front of me.

The more I talked with Jerry and his friends, the more relaxed I became. I realized that these guys didn’t fit my image of the black street gang, but were more gentlemen than anything else. They were very concerned with my comfort level, and that alone was enough to change my offence into acceptance. I was finding myself relieved that these men were actually human, and were only interested in good dirty fun, but not necessarily at my expense.

After about 20 minutes, the doorbell rang, and Jess trotted off to usher in five more studs to the party. I loved watching her form, as she looked for all the world to be naked while her bouncing walk jiggled her boobs, and her blond bob hairdo cropped perfectly around her face. The scene was pretty much the same ... my semi-nude wife making the introductions, and the new comers feeling uneasy with the husband who was about to witness them filling his pet with black jism. The first group cut the ice by ensuring that everything was cool, and that I was looking forward to seeing my wife in action. As the party got going, the men’s clothing started coming off bit by bit. I was impressed by Jess and Jodi’s choice in black men. I had been told that they were very selective, but now I knew what they meant. Both sisters once told me, “We don’t want to screw brown men, we want to fuck BLACK men with BLACK cocks.” Every man the girls had invited had dark to exceptionally black skin, and their cocks?

I couldn’t believe the jet-black slabs of tube steak that was swaying between their legs and slowing rising to attention. These things were huge! Jessica was so proud of her selections, and so excited about me being there, that she made a point of “showing me her men” by getting going from man to man, introducing me to their cocks. She was a vibrant little girl showing off her new dolls as she would wrap her small white hand around the base of a big dick and pump it half way to erection. Another she would suck for a few strokes to make her cheeks bulge, and flick her tongue in his pee hole before presenting the size to me as if it was her trophy. As she proceeded around the room, she would talk to me about each one, totally innocently saying things like, “ ... and this is Buzz. His poker is really thick and I get off on the way it stretches me wide. He fucks me about once a week ... then there’s Wyan...,” and she would move to show me the size of his balls and bat. I think that my wife was especially fond of balls, because she believed that the larger the man’s balls, the larger the load he could shoot. She loved to massage those black testicles like they belonged to her. Meanwhile, Jodi and the other girls were getting off on the brashness of Jessica telling her husband of her preferences in black meat, and started the orgy while watching her in action.

Jessica was really working it, a leg up on the coffee table gave a great view of her pussy through the nylon, a bend over at the waist to loosen some guy’s belt made her straight legs and straining muscles beg to be stroked, and no chance to cop a feel was missed as I watched her hand slip into the crotches of pants that were falling to the floor. Jodi wasn’t losing a beat either. Her one- strap girl outfit was being invaded with and without invitation as her nipples were pinched, breasts squeezed and pussy lips kissed while she lifted a leg to the arm of the sofa.

The women got the party going by starting some music, and, one by one, they got up to strip. Jodi danced first, turning it into a lap dance for two of the men, and ended up nude in their laps. My wife was next, gyrating to the music and slowly peeling the cat suit from her shoulders and down her body. She paused to suck her own tits, then fed them to a couple of men waiting to taste her milk. Unlike the typical strip club, she stripped totally nude, then continued her lap dance with her face in the men’s crotch. Again, unlike the local clubs her action didn’t stop until she was holding a big black prick in her mouth, and the other man next to her was inserting his finger in her sopping wet pussy. The other girls followed.

Jessica was not only relieved, I think she actually wanted to put on a good show for me, since I was so much at ease with her antics. She arranged for one of her girl friends to make sure that I was getting just as naked as her black studs. So the girl took advantage of stripping me to my hard on, then dragging me by the prick over to where she could suck a white one and a black one at the same time. Of course, by this time everyone was getting naked, and the fancy costumes that the girls wore did their magic with snaps and rips of Velcro before being thrown to the corners of the room. Soon there were four nude women in heels, nine black men with raging boners, and one white husband about to watch his wife, her sister and white housewife friends get fucked all afternoon.

And fuck they did. I think I viewed about every position imaginable as stiff black cocks penetrated the milky white bodies of the housewife whores. Actually, they couldn’t be called whores, because they didn’t get paid. In fact, they gave it away religiously and enthusiastically as I was witnessing. The girls always had more men than women, and usually arranged to have more than a two to one ratio, and today barely met that criteria. The object was for each of the girls to be able to have two guys at once if they so desired, and to assure that they would get fucked at least four or more time during the afternoon (counting on each man cumming twice). So there I sat, prick in hand, gawking at my wife and her sister impale themselves on big black cocks, and getting injected with black baby sperm in every hole.

Jessica was so thrilled at my attitude, that she made sure I had a good view of her penetrations. She even called to me to watch as she first sucked one guy to hardness, then turned to face me as he sat on the couch, straddle his legs with hers wide to the sides, and lower herself onto his pole as she guided it into her asshole.

My cute blonde housewife was now bouncing up and down on a huge black penis stuck up her ass, her gaping bald pussy opening and closing as she rose and fell. As another dark body approached her, I heard her cry, “Stuff my cunt. Stuff my cunt and ass at the same time.” And the man obliged by kneeling between his friend’s legs and sliding his black boner into my wife’s baby hole. Two huge pieces of black meat were about to explode inside her as they continued stroking in and out with their massive tools. Then, suddenly, all three seemed to shudder simultaneously, and she was filled with gobs of hot semen as the cocks buried themselves and spurt their cream as far as they could up her poop chute and baby chute.

I noticed that Jessica wasn’t the only girl getting fucked. Jodi was getting reamed front and back, face fucked and butt fucked at the same time, while the other girls rimmed a man’s asshole in front, and enjoyed a stuffing from behind. It was quite an orgy. Hot sex was everywhere, and the guys lived up to their label of studs as they went from one white girl to the next, keeping each filled with black meat and semen. The guys would occasionally come over and talk with me, saying how much they liked to fuck my wife, but always making sure that I was still ok with it all. One thing I enjoyed watching was when either Jess or her sister would nurse one of the gents. Both of them continued lactating after their pregnancies, and enjoyed the fact that their tits were fuller than normal and that they easily produced milk on demand. They would straddle a guy and squeeze their tits while rubbing the nipples between the men’s sucking lips.

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