My Adventure With Tatiana - Cover

My Adventure With Tatiana

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: The story of a nineteen-year-old girl who will experience her first lesbian relationship with a woman who is more than ten years older than her

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   White Female   Hispanic Female   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Nudism   .

My relationship with Tatiana started in a very particular way. We lived our first moment of intimacy in the darkness of a movie theater. And that same evening, we had our first sexual encounter in her apartment. In the darkness of the movie theater, she was the one who took the initiative. She plunged her hand through my blue jean and began to caress me.

She was caressing my vagina, stimulating me to my liking. We both remained indifferent to what was happening on the big screen. We looked into each other’s eyes, letting ourselves be carried away by the emotion. For me, this was unexpected and daring. The way I yielded to her caresses on my vagina made me feel vulnerable.

It was a little strange for me. I was letting myself be touched by a woman I had only met a day before. I had the feeling that I had sold myself short. I surrendered to the softness of her hands with ease. So in a sense I felt cheapened. But ... What did it matter? I was enjoying it.

“If you want, as soon as I finish this movie, let’s go to my place” she whispered in my ear. “I have a lot of toys there!”

“I’m more than happy with this for now” I whispered in her ear. “This is the most daring thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“It’s quite obvious.”

Tatiana kissed me on my lips. The two of us continued to whisper to each other throughout the movie. She groped my tits, slipped her hands under my shirt. She often tugged at my bra, hoping to get it off. But I held her back. I would gently let her understand that I didn’t want her to overdo it anymore.

But at the same time I didn’t want to lose her. So at other times I did let her continue. Her fingers would make contact with my nipples. I would close my eyes, forgetting that we were in a movie theater. Tatiana was kissing me, approaching me. The two chairs in the preferential area of the cinema offered us the comfort we needed.

I also took advantage of the moment. I searched for her lips, I kissed them, I surrendered myself to her wetness. I always kissed her with my eyes closed, reveling in pleasure. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that hers were open. Then I would think for a second if Tatiana kissed me without closing her eyes.

“You are a pretty young girl, Katherine” she whispered in my ear. “With me you will learn a lot. I’ll teach you to recognize a lesbian just by looking at her.”

“You’re very pretty, Tatiana. You know very well how to caress a woman.”

“I have more experience than you. You look like a lesbian who is losing her virginity to me.”

“Just keep giving me pleasure.”

The fingers of Tatiana’s hand were sinking into my vagina. I was receiving unique and delicious caresses. I had wanted something like this in my sex life for a long time. And now the opportunity was in front of me: that red-lipped woman with whom I had gotten so wet the night before, in the solitude of my room. She was caressing me tenderly, sliding her fingers on my clitoris with pleasure.

About two hours later, I was in bed in Tatiana’s apartment. From the moment we entered her room, the chemistry had been rekindled. She turned on the air conditioner and soon we felt cool. The atmosphere was very kind to us.

I sat on the bed, waiting for the action to begin. I was feeling a little anxious. Tatiana was behaving as if I were her prey. That is, as if she was a predator and I was the feast. But before any kind of play, she went to the bathroom. She returned a few seconds later, with a lipstick.

Then she sat down next to me and using her smartphone camera, wore the lipstick. Her lips were beautiful, radiating a very provocative red color. She then took me by the chin and started using the lipstick on me. I let her do as she wished, just as she had been doing since we were at the cinema. Tatiana was still exerting her powerful sexual force on me.

“That’s it, beautiful. Now we can enjoy.”

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked shyly. “I’m a little...”

“Anxious! I know you are. But in a while you’ll get over it.”

Tatiana brought her lips close to mine and we began to kiss. It was a very intense kiss, merciless, without restraint. So much so that my cheeks were smeared with lipstick. I felt the red makeup on my skin as if it had fallen in sugary liquid.

Our clothes fell to the floor, one by one. In my body I felt a sea of new sensations vibrating. I was losing my virginity to this woman whom I had just met in person. Once completely naked, she pushed me to lie down on the bed.

I moved freely, placing myself right in the center. Tatiana positioned herself on top of me, but a few seconds later it was me on top of her. It was fast, very sudden. I felt like I had just been the victim of a martial arts technique. Now I was the one kissing her from above, while she was caressing my buttocks. Sometimes we would suspend the kiss and then she would kiss my tits.

“I still feel you tense, honey. Let go, let yourself go. You were much more comfortable in the cinema.”

“It’s my first time at this, you know.”

“Be calm, give yourself to me, love. Take advantage of what I’m offering you. Or do you want to have a glass of wine?”

“No, not yet. I’ll take the glass of wine, but in a little while.”

I decided to overcome my fear and enjoy the moment. With a wild passion, I began to enjoy her kisses. For a long time I was kissing her, feeling her saliva and her tongue. Our tongues sought each other, embraced each other, connected as one. Her breathing informed me that I was reciprocating the gesture of surrender.

After a long time of groping and kissing, I felt free. I now felt like a fish in water. The cool climate provided by the air conditioning had an influence on that. I was experiencing fantastic sensations. I, a twenty-year-old teenager, had decided to come out of the closet. Just a day ago I had contacted her through a dating app.

We had had the opportunity to have a single video call, before agreeing on our first meeting. It was Tatiana who decided that we should meet at the cinema. That Wednesday afternoon, we both went up to the preferential seating area.

In the rest of the theater there were only about ten people at the most. Since Tatiana had chosen the highest seats, no one witnessed our kisses, our caresses. No one could judge what she decided to do to me there, in the middle of the darkness. Not even I dared to hold her back. I gave in like a helpless woman.

“That’s just the beginning, darling” Tatiana whispered in my ear. “With me you will have an extraordinary sexual awakening!”

“I can tell you have a lot of experience. I chose you partly because of your age.”

“I guess you’ll be seeing me as a MILF.”

“Something like that.”

“And yet I’m only 32.”

The whispering in the theater continued as discreet as that. She continued to grope me and I would occasionally glance around the rest of the place. I had the frequent desire to check that no one was watching us. But every time I turned my face, Tatiana would take it in her hands. She would push it away to force me to continue kissing her.

Now, two hours later, the two of us were pleasuring each other as if we were a couple. That is, one of those couples that have been together for weeks (or months). I was yielding more and more to Tatiana’s caresses. The way she was groping me was very exciting. She would squeeze my buttocks so that our vaginas would make contact.

Sometimes she used her hands to massage my shoulders and neck. They were caresses that relaxed me, that forced me to close my eyes and delight. A few minutes later, she asked me to lie on my back. She peeked into my field of vision and smiled at me. Then she withdrew before her mouth made contact with my vagina.

“What a delicious taste, Katherine” she said. “This pussy is fresh, delicious.”

“It always has been” I replied. “You are the first woman to kiss my vagina.”

“And I won’t be the last, darling. What an honor it is for me to be the one who is initiating you in your sexual life.”

It was easy for Tatiana to guess that I was a virgin. When we lived the video call she pierced me with her deep gaze. She was looking at me for several seconds until a discreet astonishment appeared on her face. She opened her mouth a little as if she had just discovered a treasure.

In fact, I could perceive that her breathing became deeper. But that attitude was soon masked. Tatiana continued talking to me, telling me about her profession. I asked her a lot about her lifestyle, about her activity as a writer. I even dared to ask her if she earned a lot of money.

She replied that it was enough to have the lifestyle she had always dreamed of. At that point she picked up her smartphone and began to show me her writer’s studio. It was fascinating to recognize her desk, the sunlight filtering through the window and some pictures on the wall.

“What a beautiful studio” I said, complimenting her.

“Would you like to meet it? Would you like to come to my house?”

“Maybe ... of course...”

“How about meeting me tomorrow? There’s a movie I want to see.”

And yes, the next day we met at the shopping mall. She told me to wait for her by the McDonalds on the fifth floor. There she found me, with my innocent look on my face, looking towards the clothing stores in front. I was sitting on a comfortable sofa. When she recognized me, she stopped in front of me at a distance of two meters.

I turned my face and was amazed to see her. What happened was that I was impressed because for an instant I had the feeling that she had been there for minutes, studying me. But then I noticed her red lips, her slightly tanned skin and her black hair. She was wearing a blue jean jacket, under which she had a white sleeveless top.

“Hello Katherine, good afternoon” she greeted me jovially. “Have you been waiting for me long?”

“No. I arrived about ten minutes ago.”

Then she approached me and sat down next to me. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and very soon she became confident with me. So much so that she unloaded her arm over the back of the sofa. The only thing dividing us was the leather bag she had. But even so, as soon as she had the chance, she placed her hand on my left knee.

“Well, honey, as promised” she said, opening the bag. “Here’s your ticket for the show.”

“Oh, thank you” I replied, looking at the ticket. “You are very kind. Thank you for inviting me. I thought we were going to the four o’clock show. I was going to pay for my ticket.”

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