My Awakening to Lesbian Sex - Cover

My Awakening to Lesbian Sex

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: In every woman there beats a lesbian woman. That is what I discovered with such passion and desire through Kira. In this story I describe intensely what was my first time with this woman, which allowed me to take a step forward in my sexual life. Thanks to Kira I was able to enter a new world, where I could give free rein to pleasure. Today, I am a bisexual woman who feels comfortable to live all my fantasies, fetishes and passionate desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   True Story   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Spitting   Squirting   Nudism   .

A woman may desire lesbian sex at any time. Or to put it another way, to become a lesbian unexpectedly. Kira was the woman who awakened that lesbian nature in me. I slowly fell in love with her, watching her work out at the gym. Her round breasts, her beautiful waist, her big buttocks, slowly captivated me. Her white skin and her height also contributed to that.

At first I watched her from afar. I liked to get into positions where her back was to me. That way I could contemplate with pleasure her big and well contoured ass. At other times, I took advantage of the virtue of mirrors to appreciate her. So for a long time I was her secret admirer. I became jealous when other women or men approached her.

Very soon I discovered that her name was Kira Alexandra. And from that day on, she became my object of fantasies. Long before I slept with her for the first time, I had already been lucky enough to enjoy her in my imagination. My most recurrent fantasy was to imagine the two of us, naked, wrapped in white sheets. I imagined it as if I were writing hot stories.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Kira said as she kissed me, “How much time have we wasted loving each other?”

“Well, my dear, I don’t know how to explain it to you” I answered in my fantasy. “The idea of having lesbian sex with you was a bit strange for me...”

“That lesbian condition is always in us. What happens is that not all of us dare to admit it.”

In my fantasies, always wrapped in those clean white sheets, I abused her. I condemned her to treat me like a queen. Kira would approach my mouth and kiss me. And at the same time she was caressing my breasts. She pampered me as if she were my slave. And then she would surprisingly grab my vagina hard.

Actually, it was myself, in the solitude of my room, who was grabbing my vagina. That violent grip, expelled me from my imagination. Then I had no choice but to masturbate. And while I did so, I imagined Kira’s tongue licking my clitoris. I was fascinated to imagine her red lips and her sensual face in front of my vagina.

Then, when I reached my orgasm, I felt unsatisfied, incomplete. My body longed to be with her. I wanted to accept once and for all to experience lesbian sex. I wanted to grope her body, to have her tits in my mouth. I wanted to feel all that sexual potency radiating from her feminine face.

As a woman, I had been attending the same gym as her for two years. But I had never met Kira because of schedules. My process of falling in love with her was maturing for a month. During all that time, I was silently investigating her. And so, I was synchronizing my schedule with hers.

“Are you new? I hadn’t seen you on the morning schedule before.”

“No, not new. I used to train in the afternoon and evening hours.”

“Keep up the good work. I have to go now.”

Kira then got off the elliptical machine and went to the locker room. For about half an hour we were facing each other. We were only about five meters apart. That is, I was working out on the elliptical machine located in front of hers.

Very discreetly I was looking into her eyes. When she was careless, I took the opportunity to observe her generous breasts. And of course, also her vagina well lined by her gym clothes. I think that at a certain moment she discovered me, because she gave me a very friendly smile.

I guess she knows very well that we women compare ourselves at the gym. That way, we get an idea of where we need to improve. The truth is that my figure is quite beautiful. It’s just as sexy and well-shaped as hers. I think that also influenced my desire to have sex with Kira.

I knew that we were both very similar in age. Although it was obvious to me that she must have been a few years younger than me. The day we had our first sexual encounter, I knew she was 27 years old. That is, she is younger than me by five years. But interestingly, in our lesbian relationship, she became the dominant woman.

“Have you slept with other women besides me?”

“Many, many more, my dear” she replied that afternoon. “So many you wouldn’t believe.”

“The truth is, I don’t doubt it.”

That afternoon, I was finally able to fulfill my dream of having her eat my pussy. Kira simply obeyed my request. She said, “Okay, if that’s what you want, I’ll gladly do it.” She then moved to the lower area of the bed and spread my legs. Like the savage bite of a wild beast, she grabbed my vagina with her mouth.

I felt a strong shudder. A shudder that for a second rolled my eyes. Then, I felt Kira’s delicious licks to my clitoris. Licking that alternated with biting my vagina. It was really delicious. She was giving me oral sex for long minutes. I assumed with pleasure the beginning of my lesbian sex era.

“Don’t you have any toys at home?”

“Do you mean vibrators?”

“Yes. I can guarantee you better thrills if you lend me one.”

“Look, there’s one in the closet. It’s in the third drawer, down my pantyhose.”

Kira gave me a few more licks before getting up from the bed. From my position, I saw her standing up, approaching the closet. So I could enjoy her huge ass, her shapely back. Her luscious figure forced me to grab my clit for a few seconds. For an instant, I wanted to stand up and approach her buttocks. I wanted to open those buttocks and give her anus a delicious kiss.

But that illusion ended when she found the vibrator and turned around. When she discovered me caressing my clitoris, she gave me a knowing smile. Then, she approached the bed and after getting on it, she approached me “walking” on her knees. A few seconds later, I felt my vibrator enter my vagina.

“Have you never used it? You shuddered as if a syringe needle had penetrated you.”

“It’s not that, Kira. It’s just that it’s something new. Having sex with you, feeling like you’re sticking it in me yourself.”

“I think I understand what you mean.”

The truth is that feeling that her hand was pushing that vibrator, it turned me on a lot. I was no longer the one using that object myself. I had at that moment a woman who was taking over that job. It’s like when you get a massage from a person on your back. When you feel the warmth of someone’s hands.

It was one of the most spectacular afternoons of my life. Our afternoon of passion lasted until late into the night. And we were together, pleasuring each other. Kira treated me with a special affection. I was happy to gain her trust. I learned her precious secrets.

Kira soon became my sexual accomplice in everything. The evening we had sex for the first time, I also experienced certain fetishes. Both she and I indulged ourselves. The first whim came when she pulled the vibrator out of my vagina, full of vaginal discharge. She asked me to open my eyes and watch her. Then I watched as she took the vibrator into her mouth. That’s how she tasted my vaginal discharge.

She was kissing that vibrator with her lips very affectionately. She was even kissing the tip of the vibrator with the tip of her tongue. It was something really fantastic for me. And when she finished tasting that vaginal discharge, she put it back into my vagina. The thrill of experiencing an orgasm again courtesy of her, restarted. Kira, with the same aggressiveness and tenderness as before, began to masturbate me.

“Come on, honey, feel the thickness of the vibrator thoroughly.”

“Of course I do, darling, give me more, give me more. You are my sexual accomplice.”

“I want you to squirt and stain all these white sheets.”

This is undoubtedly one of those erotic stories that motivate you to live your own fetishes. Because as I confess what happened, I relive those emotions again. Kira was massaging my vagina with that vibrator for a long time. As she inserted it, she rubbed her fingers over my clitoris. It was something that stimulated me. Although it stimulated me even more when she was giving me oral sex.

My sexual accomplice remained focused on her task, until I gasped. Then she started laughing, although she was sorry I didn’t have a squirt. Actually, the vibrator was quite wet. But, to me, as to any porn fan, properly a squirt is when vaginal discharge shoots out like a fountain. And that’s not what happened.

After that, Kira put the vibrator back in her mouth. Seeing her, I got on my knees on the bed and moved closer. I gave her a kiss on the mouth which she reciprocated. But then, she put the vibrator in my mouth. We were exchanging kisses and we used the vibrator as the sexual protagonist of that moment. We were kissing it as if it was a unique object of desire.

“Do you like ass licking?” she asked me.

“Kissing the ass?” I asked.

“Yes, black kissing” she answered, “In case you didn’t know, it’s very stimulating.”

“Yes, some of my ex-boyfriends have fulfilled that sexual fetish with me.”

“Did you return the favor? Did you do it to them?”

“No, not really.”

Kira told me that if we wanted to continue I had to face a test. And that test was none other than me licking her ass. She explained exactly what she wanted, that it would be a test to clear prejudices and release fears. So she positioned herself on the bed, as if she was in a four position.

In that position, her huge ass looked delicious. But it looked even more delicious when she placed her head against the mattress. That is, her back traced a diagonal from the end of her buttocks to her head. Her beautiful ass was now exposed and more captivating. With her right hand, Kira indicated that I just had to kiss her anus.

“Come on, do it, don’t be afraid, what’s holding you back?”

“My boyfriends used wet wipes. Give me a moment and I’ll clean you up.”

A minute later, my eyes were gazing at Kira’s delicious anus. It looked beautiful, just like that, tight, forming that asterisk, as they say. That asterisk of human flesh. I think it was the most exciting moment of the afternoon. Because I used the tip of my tongue to press on that anus.

Kira reacted as if she had been splashed with a drop of cold water. But then she remained calm. She wasn’t nervous at all. But I was, this was something new. It was something offered to me by my sexual accomplice to fulfill my desire. The idea of delving into lesbian sex was becoming more and more intriguing, ruthless and passionate. I knew that someday I would have to leave a record of that moment. And that’s why I decided to write this erotic story.

It was a long time that I was kissing Kira’s ass. I started timidly using only my tongue. But then I let myself go eagerly. Then I started to lick her ass with all my sexual potency. I imagined that delicious little anus was all candy.

“That, my dear, that, I love it.”

“Ufff, this black kissing is super delicious.”

“Do you want me to do it for you?”

“Yes, now that you’ve become the accomplice of my desires, I’d love it.”

So we decided to change positions. Then I was the one who got into a four position. And then I bent my head towards the bed. Kira immediately took possession of my buttocks, she was caressing them. And without fear, without having to clean my anus, she started. Although well, before that, Kira took to spitting on my asshole.

And then she approached her mouth to my anus and started devouring it. I closed my eyes to concentrate and feel that pleasure. At a certain point I took my hand to my vagina. I began to massage my clitoris. But, Kira, in a violent way pushed my hand towards the bed. And then she took over the area with her free hand.

So while she was massaging my vagina, she also continued to kiss my anus. There are no concrete words to define in this erotic story what I felt. In that subjugated position, with my head on the bed and my ass up, I enjoyed delicious orgasms and moans.

What turned me on the most was the way Kira spat on my ass. It was a gesture that had a dose of “contempt” in it. The sound of her mouth spitting added adrenaline to her ass licking. She only came to stop her labor, when I asked her to. In this instance, I had already reached several quite strong and intense orgasms.

“I can’t take it anymore Kira, stop.”

“No. Not until you can’t hold out any longer.”

“I really can’t, honey.”

She kept rubbing her hand on my clitoris, even though I was trying to slow her down with my left hand. Suddenly I could no longer hold back the experience of a multiorgasm. So my legs began to tremble and I collapsed. My legs were spread out on the bed.

I watched with my eyes wide open as Kira contemplated them. She delighted in the frantic, involuntary, nervous movements of my legs. Those movements were also reflected in my abdomen, in my breasts. It was as if I had fallen prey to a powerful electric shock. Something that was complemented by my intense moans.

“I can see that I am going to enjoy this, this new stage of your sex life” she said. “I can see that there are still many sexual desires to be fulfilled.”

After that, Kira and I would get into a 69 position. Not even a minute had passed since the explosion of pleasure we had just reached. She hadn’t let me rest or recover from the multiorgasm. What happened was that she kept kissing my ass, even though she kept lying down on the bed. She used her hands to push my trembling legs and continued to lick my anus. I continued to lie on my back, face up, enjoying her tongue massaging my anus.

“What a delicious little ass, my dear” she said, “I love it, the taste of it.”

“You’re not going to let me rest?” I asked.

“No. You said you had a fantasy of having sex with me. I’m going to give you all the pleasure you deserve.”

To help her enjoy the anal kiss, I used my hands to hold my legs. It was delicious to feel her tongue describing little circles in my anus. And other times she used it to push, as if she wanted to penetrate me. After a while like that, she decided to switch to the 69 position.

Kira climbed on top of me and placed her vagina over my mouth. I naturally started kissing her vagina right away. And she kissed my vagina too. She was eating my vagina to her heart’s content, even licking my clit. I really had to try hard to resist such licking. My clitoris was very sensitive.

“No more Kira, please, I beg you” I said.

“All right, I can see you won’t take any more.”

“I thank you, love.”

“All right. Let’s rest for a while.”

So, she cancelled the 69 position and lay down next to me. We were talking like this, next to each other, looking at the ceiling of my apartment. The softness of the bed made us feel at ease. Sunlight filtered through the window. Reliving that moment with this erotic story, I become aroused again just as it happened that day.

“Do you have anything to drink in the fridge?” she asked me.

“There’s orange juice, if you want ... and milk too.”

“Well, I’ll be right back.”

Kira came back with two glasses of milk. The coldness of the liquid relieved me from the joyful tiredness I was suffering. That sexual tiredness, unique and liberating. It is incredible that sex, when it exhausts us, gives us so much peace. It offers us an exquisite and unique tiredness. That glass of milk refreshed me and relieved my thirst.

When we finished drinking the milk, Kira approached me and kissed me. We kissed with pleasure. I became excited kissing her, tasting her tongue thrust into my mouth. I was thrilled to be with her. And I regretted that my clitoris was sensitive. Because otherwise we would be in a 69 position.

A moment later, Kira moved a little away from me, keeping herself on the bed. She was on her knees, naked, showing off her tits. Then she brought her hands back, resting them behind her neck. Now her elbows were pointing towards the ceiling. So in that position I could appreciate her nice, shaved underarms.

It didn’t take me long to recognize why she had placed her hands there. She started by giving me a sexy, provocative wink with one of her eyes. Then she tilted her head slightly towards her right underarm. And finally she used her eyes to point to said underarm. A gesture that lasted less than a second, before she winked at me again.

“Do you like them?” she asked me.

“Yes, they look provocative, they look beautiful.”

“Would you like to? Are you an underarm fetish kind of girl?”

“Of course I am.”

“Then what are you waiting for. We’ll leave the 69 position pending. In exchange you’ll kiss my underarms. It’s a big turn-on for me.”

Kira was still holding her elbows to the ceiling. I looked at her with a deep and seductive gaze. I stared at her underarms for a few more seconds. My gaze denoted the satisfaction I felt at the sight of them. They were completely depilated underarms, without any trace of hair.

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