Melina's Birthday - Cover

Melina's Birthday

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: At the lesbian masturbation club, located behind a secret door of a bar, Melina's birthday will be celebrated. This woman will intensely enjoy a night where she will share good sex and love with a large number of women. A real gangbang of women.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Spitting   Squirting   Nudism   .

Two weeks later, in that same masturbation club, a “squirt shower” took place. That’s what I called it, because I had never before witnessed so many jets of vaginal fluid. In my mind I remember with enchantment the strongest moment of that night. The birthday girl was surrounded by women who were literally peeing on her. Her name was, or well is, Melina. In her hands she was holding two cups that were filling up with the squirts of squirt from the women around her.

Esperanza, Monica and I were about five meters away from her. The three of us were masturbating, each one to herself. I knew that all three of us were taking pleasure in the scene we were contemplating. According to my two friends, that kind of event happened very occasionally.

“On birthdays or Women’s Day this usually happens” said Monica.

“And also on Love and Friendship Day” added Esperanza. “It’s always fun when something like this happens. In a little while we can participate.”


“Yes ... or well, if you want to participate” commented Monica again. “I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a squirt bath today.”

I knew something extraordinary would happen that night when I saw the DJ woman. That naked woman would be in charge of making the night exciting. Behind her DJ table she was dancing and communicating with everyone on the microphone. It was fun the music she was playing. Occasionally the waitress would bring her a drink and make out for a few seconds with her.

Everything was going normal, just like any other night. Esperanza, Monica and I started playing with each other. We were in a corner. Suddenly the music stopped and the DJ excitedly proclaimed a welcome message. “WELCOME THE BIRTHDAY GIRL OF THE NIGHT,” she said.

The three of us turned our faces toward the front door of the masturbation club. The eighteen-year-old girl entered accompanied by several friends. On her head she wore a headband of rabbit ears. Like her companions she was dressed in casual clothes. Two tubes of streamers exploded amidst the multicolored lights of the discotheque.

“Well, well” said Esperanza, “we have an initiate.”

The messages of jubilation and applause were not long in coming. All the women who were there were paying attention to that young woman. The so-called “squirt shower” would still take a while to start. But the feeling that strong emotions were coming was palpitating in everyone’s heart.

The birthday girl was accompanied by six women. Three of them were as young as she was. Two others must have been in their thirties. And the last one was a rather mature woman. I imagine that the age of the last one was close to fifty.

They then led the young woman to the large piece of furniture in the center of the disco. Almost instantly, her friends began to remove her white T-shirt. Two others took charge of removing her blue jeans. In the end she was only dressed in her underwear. At that moment she was sharing wild kisses with two women. My heart began to beat fast.

They were crazy kisses, because she had not finished kissing one of them, when the other one grabbed her by the chin to force her to reciprocate the kiss. The birthday girl was still the center of attention. And many of the women who were masturbating alone were focused on enjoying the scene.


The whistles and noises of excitement came immediately. The atmosphere was filled with fantasy and excitement. The liquor and the disco lights sowed a very pleasant excitement. I began to smile, to see how one of her friends, placed her vagina in front of her mouth. The birthday girl began to passionately kiss that vagina, without suspecting that it would be that same vagina that would perform the first squirt discharge.

At that moment two of her friends removed her pantyhose. And the two of them began to kiss the vagina of the protagonist of the night. Another one of the women was groping the birthday girl’s tits, while she was making out with the mature woman. To that mature woman I ended up giving the distinction of MILF. Because it was evident that she was a woman of good figure and great beauty.

“You already know the name of our birthday girl” said the DJ. “HER NAME IS MELINA. Happy birthday Melina. We hope you will come more often to our club.”

Esperanza, Monica and I had shifted to a neutral state. We were contemplating with satisfaction the pleasure Melina was experiencing. It was then that my two friends told me about how often such an event happened. And almost instantly we began to masturbate, enjoying the show.

“This woman is beautiful” said Monica. “She doesn’t have very big breasts, but she has a great figure.”

“Yes, I’ll gladly wait for my chance” added Esperanza. “I’d love to kiss those nipples.”

“When my chance comes, I’ll give her the pleasure she deserves. She will never forget this birthday.”

The opportunity my friends were referring to, was the moment they could getting sex with Melina. Each shift had a duration of one to two minutes. Or well, that was the rule, although it wasn’t entirely rigid. It was a rule implemented so that we would all have time to pleasure the birthday girl. Although not all of them would decide to have their moment of passion with her.

The truth is that, being a limited period of time, it intensified the emotions. The moment of the turns would begin after the first squirts of squirt. The spectacle of Melina and her friends filled the discotheque with a joyful anxiety. We all wanted to join the orgy. But for the moment, the only thing we could do was to respect the moment they were living.

Then, the moment came when she received her first squirt. The stream of vaginal fluid bathed her face completely. And in turn, that liquor fell on her tits, smearing her belly. Melina was smiling at her friend for that unexpected event. She was looking at her with tender and amazed eyes. Her friend continued to masturbate frantically. It was evident that she had reached an orgasm.

Surely she had driven herself with all her conviction to be the first to reach it. Surely she wanted that very thing: to bathe her with her vaginal fluid. She had succeeded beautifully. She had managed to give herself the honor of being the first to bathe her friend. After which, she held her vagina close to the birthday girl’s face.

“How exciting, girls” said Esperanza, “Don’t you think so? I can’t help biting my lips.”

“Yes, what a delicious scene. This is just the beginning” added Monica.

I’m sure Melina was overwhelmed with so much passionate sex. All the sexual energy of the discotheque was being absorbed by her. All of us women watching this spectacle were equally overwhelmed with emotion. Even those who remained indifferent to that orgy. That is, those who were still pleasuring themselves in other isolated groups.

“HOW ARE WE GOING, MELINA?” asked the DJ loudly, “You can answer with the microphone that the waitress is bringing to you.”

“FANTASTIC!” she answered, suspending the oral sex she was giving to one of her friends. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been in an orgy of women.”

“That’s great. In a little while I’ll give you a little cuddle too. Do you agree?”

“Yes, yes. My friends explained to me what’s in store for me.”

Soon the friends around her began to urinate on her. Well, I guess in the end they weren’t quite squirt squirts. But for me they were. They were identical to the ones that happen in porn movies. That’s why I thought it was a squirt shower.

Whether it was a squirt or not, those liquids poured into Melina’s mouth. And then it ran down her body, down her tits until they conquered her vagina. The synthetic leather furniture was full of these liquids. However, they dried it frequently using towels brought by the waitresses. The atmosphere was strong, intense. One experienced the fresh tension of passionate sex.

Melina felt blissful to be bathed in these liquids. She smiled full of fascination. Her eyes sparkled as much to her friends as to all the women in the discotheque. It was her eighteenth birthday. She would forever remember that initiation, that total acceptance of being a lesbian.

At that moment Melina was with her feet propped up on the furniture. Her legs were in butterfly mode. That is, open, allowing her vagina to be exposed. There were always one or two women there, in the middle of her vagina. They would approach to give her oral sex and rub her clitoris intensely.

“How I would love to be that girl,” said Monica. “I’m masturbating as if I were the one living that orgy.”

“You’re right about that,” I said. “It’s super exciting. She’s having a blast.”

“And I can’t wait for the shifts to start,” said Esperanza. “I want to have a good time of passionate sex with her.”

When two women were performing oral sex on her, both took the opportunity to kiss each other. It was delightful to watch. It reminded me of what I had experienced two weeks ago with Esperanza. And as we all watched the show, the anxiety increased. All of us, even for me who would be my first time, were waiting.

And that moment did not take long to arrive. Melina’s six companions let their guard down. That is, they reached the point where they needed to rest. It was evident that the birthday girl had defeated them. That young woman had limited herself to enjoying herself. Her friends, on the other hand, made an effort to give her the best tribute. And that had quickly turned into fatigue.

Then, the oldest woman in that group, the one I considered a MILF, greeted the DJ. With a somewhat childish gesture she waved her hand happily. Like most of the women, we all paid attention to the naked female DJ. In the disco we were about to experience sex on a new level. Passionate sex saturated with lots and lots of pleasure.

“GIRLS, THE TIME FOR SHIFTS HAS COME” she shouted excitedly. “Those of you who feel like spoiling Melina can do it now. IN A LITTLE WHILE I’LL COME FOR YOU, MELINA.”

Instantly, many women who were masturbating stood up. At least twenty women approached the cabinet where Melina was. A long line formed. Some of the women waiting in the line were kissing each other. All these women were enjoying the music, dancing with good energy.

After a while a group of women surrounded Melina, preventing us from seeing what was going on. But then, it was the DJ herself who took charge of dissolving that group. “RESPECTING THE LINE, GIRLS, RESPECTING THE LINE”. The group dispersed and the women went to take their place in line. I was sure they were the ones most thirsty for sex with Melina.

Esperanza and Monica told me that they would not be waiting in line for the time being. They explained that it was best to wait for the line to get smaller. “The more women there are, the shorter the time per shift” Monica said. To which Esperanza replied:

“Yes, although some repeat shifts. The ones who repeat shifts the most are the ones who start first.”

“I will save my energy and my anxiety” I said, “I will keep rubbing myself, holding back my orgasm. Then I will give myself to pleasure with her.”

“You’ve finally made up your mind” Monica opined. “That’s very good. It’s amazing how this eighteen-year-old has us all excited.”

Melina was indulging herself fully with every woman. For a long time she was sitting on the furniture. So each woman would climb up in front of her, sitting on her legs, so practically their vaginas were facing each other. The woman would indulge in kissing her and groping her tits. Or, she would use one of her free hands to masturbate the birthday girl.

Sometimes, she would come into play with groups of two or three women. Then it was like seeing again the group of girlfriends who started the show. Again two women would position themselves between her legs to kiss her vagina. The third woman would massage her tits and make out with Melina. Many of those women were much older than her. So they pampered her, taking advantage of her innocent age.

There was one moment that I really enjoyed watching (and I know Melina did too). It was when she started having caresses with a woman in her forties. That moment of passion lasted for about ten minutes. The birthday girl held her back, holding her hands firmly on her waist. As a result, many women refrained from interrupting them. Just as they began to say goodbye and give each other final kisses, a waitress approached a microphone, as if to interview them.

“I think my turn is coming to an end” said the woman. “Do you like me, dear Melina?”

“Yes, quite a lot. I’d like you to repeat in a while.”

“With pleasure.”

Then, unexpectedly, the woman in her forties took Melina’s face in her hands. Then she asked her to open her mouth because she wanted to give her a little gift. And that little affection was none other than to spit inside Melina’s mouth. It was a rude and daring gesture. But Melina liked it. The forty-year-old got off the furniture, seeing the satisfied smile on the birthday girl’s face.

There was still a little more to go for that fabulous scene that impressed me so much. The scene in which Melina was given two crystal glasses to fill with the squirts of squirt from her lovers. There was also still Esperanza, Monica and I to decide to line up for a chance to play with the birthday girl.

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