A Lesbian Masturbation Club - Cover

A Lesbian Masturbation Club

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: Discover in this story the great secret that exists in a bar exclusively for lesbians. Behind one of its doors, women have access to a world full of sex, love and freedom in which to enjoy all its temptations.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

It was with Monica that I visited a masturbation club for the first time. It was a lot of pleasure that we gave each other in that spacious place. There were at least nineteen of us women there, rubbing each other, each in her own way, while we accompanied each other. It was delightful to share glances and watch as we were coming to satisfaction. There was a great naughtiness in the air, as if we were all committing a huge sin.

I remember that, across from me, sitting in an elegant armchair was a blonde woman. Well, she wasn’t sitting at all. Her buttocks were on the edge of the armchair and her legs were resting on the armrests. We looked at each other in a complicit way, each of us busy doing our own thing. We shared smiles, avoiding that strange sorrow that is always associated with sex.

It’s funny how this happens no matter how open-minded you are about sex. All of us women in that masturbation club knew what we were playing at. But the lustful and obscene sensation of doing something “illegal” gave us more pleasure. I don’t quite know how to explain it, despite my talent as a writer to discern emotions and ideas.

“Is this your first time here?” the blonde woman asked me, “I’ve never seen you before. Welcome!”

“Thank you. Yes, it’s my first time. I didn’t expect it. I thought this was just a bar.”

“I hope this isn’t your only time. It’s very exciting. And we’re just getting started.”

I think the “illegal” or “sinful” feeling in that room was derived from the nature of that nightclub, which would be the most appropriate word to describe that scenario. The room of that masturbation club was located in the back of a bar. Just like in Italian mobster movies, we women entered after crossing through the kitchen. There were only women, precisely because it was a lesbian women’s bar.

“I’m going to take you to live a night you won’t forget,” Monica told me a few hours earlier. “Now that you’ve accepted your lesbian condition, I’ll help you take a big step.”

“What do you mean, honey?”

“To continue living your sexuality while opening your mind more.”

We went out as two friends in a plan of healthy fun. We went to a restaurant where we accompanied the meat with a glass of wine. Only after that, we went to visit the bar La media naranja. As I already said, this bar only admits women. At the door there is a very beautiful woman who enforces this rule.

Something that even I consider unnecessary. Because you just need to know that behind that door there is a bar only inhabited by women. Anyone who passes in front of that door, considers that it is an ordinary house. But once inside, the atmosphere is perfumed with desire and lesbian instinct. I had no idea about the masturbation club.

Monica and I chose a table. We had fun for a while watching the young and not so young women. At one of the tables we saw a woman in her twenties accompanied by a lady who could very well be her mother. It was very exciting for me to be there. Love was in the air.

“How do you like it?” Monica asked me. “I’m sure you’ve never been to a place like this before in your life.”

“You’re right. It’s a very delightful atmosphere. I think that, if I sent a cocktail to one of these girls, I would easily join their table.”

“Yes, but I’ll let you in on the big secret of this bar later.”

I am an intelligent woman. I know very well why Monica didn’t tell me about the masturbation club. First she took the time to turn me on and tease me. And what better way to do that than to tell me about her profession. I had known her big work secret for two weeks. But, even so, it still turned me on to hear her talk about her job.

Monica made her living from home, as a webcam model. At another point in her life she had practiced as a professional lawyer. But she, by vocation, decided to enter that world. Now she spent a few hours of her afternoon masturbating in front of a webcam. Her clients were delighted as she caressed her body and had sex with herself.

That night she was telling me about her latest scenes in front of the camera. She told me how exciting it had been to feel the vibrations of her sex dildo. She also described to me how she had dressed up as a policewoman to excite her followers. I imagined her performing and my smiles gave away what I was feeling.

“Well, it’s time you knew the secret of this place,” she said after a while. “Do you know what a masturbation club is?”

“Well, I’ll tell you, Monica. Of course I do. I am a woman with a good world. I’m a writer, I’ve lived in several cities in the United States and Europe.”

“Well, excuse me, darling. It’s just that your innocent and tender face, without malice, makes you look naive. You have the face of a saint.”

“Don’t say that. In fact, I’m starting to write a book of erotic stories.”

Monica then took me by the hand and we approached the bar. The waitress who was serving greeted us politely. My friend introduced me to her, who shook my hand and said, “Welcome.” Then Monica said, “We want to have a Margarita Islands cocktail”. That was the secret key to get them to let us through the kitchen.

“Okay. You can leave your bags in this locker,” the waitress said. “Enjoy!”

After dropping our bags in the assigned locker, I let Monica lead me away. She dragged me by the hand as if I were a little girl. After passing through the kitchen there was another door. And once through that door, the atmosphere was like that of a discotheque. The smell of sex, of vagina, was in the air.

It only took me a second to recognize all the women there. Some were dressed, masturbating with their skirts on. Others, who were the majority, were completely naked. The masturbation club room must have been about fifty square meters in size. There was plenty of furniture for sitting and pleasuring oneself.

The darkness was dimmed by the glowing colored lights. The sound of the music was delightful, loud enough to make for sizzling sensations. That same intense sound encouraged Monica to sit on one of the sofas, where she began to unbutton her shirt.

I felt calm and excited. Seeing all those women masturbating turned me on so much. For an instant I felt like I could get naked and indulge in kissing them. In my writer’s imagination, I had quick little fantasies. In one of them: I passed in front of each woman, giving them a kiss to their vagina. It was something that made me smile, as if it were a vagina tasting.

It was obvious that I was in the middle of a big lesbian orgy. The masturbation club’s own laws prevailed, that was true. But in the atmosphere, all of us women were enjoying ourselves at the same level. In fact, it was quite normal to see couples of women kissing. There were even threesomes of women sharing kisses.

“Get totally naked, if you want,” Monica told me. “Surrender yourself to enjoyment, to happiness. I assure you that you don’t have to worry about your clothes. Here we all respect what belongs to each one of us.”

“I think your idea is very good. Besides, it’s getting a little hot.”

Without hesitation, I took off my shirt and my cloth pants. I also took off my panties and bra. Seeing me so determined to take action, a group of women applauded. When I looked toward them, I discovered that all three were also naked. The woman in the middle of them was masturbating her friends. And each of them, in turn, had her hand in her vagina.

The three of them were lying on a pink piece of furniture. For a few seconds I dared to look at them, to understand what they were playing at. That period was long enough for the woman in the middle to wave at me. And almost instantly, she waved her hand to tell me to approach. I looked at Monica with a smile.

“Go, Tatiana, enjoy it. More experiences for your book of erotic stories.”

“See you in a little while, then.”

When I was in front of the host woman, I positioned myself on my knees in front of her vagina. The fingers of each woman’s hand withdrew as I began to kiss her. My mouth plunged with pleasure into that white-skinned vagina. I proudly felt the pleasurable texture of her clitoris.

It didn’t take long for the woman’s moans to manifest themselves. I felt tremendous pride to be doing what I was doing. I was having oral sex with a woman I had never seen in my entire life. A woman whose name I did not know. And I’m sure the two women with her didn’t either.

It was fascinating to experience sex at that level of debauchery. In that orgy of women everything was allowed. We were all there to find the same thing. The law that sustained all emotions was to transgress, to go beyond and enjoy the moment. We were all looking for the same thing, to conquer an orgasm or a multiorgasm.

“What rich kisses, my dear,” said my hostess. “Pull those lips with your mouth. It turns me on so much.”

“Yes, that’s what turns her on the most,” answered one of the companions. “A while ago she did it to me. And I know firsthand how fascinating it is.”

While I kissed that woman’s vagina, I, remaining on my knees, masturbated myself. With my fingers I caressed my vaginal lips and my clitoris. The feeling of being in that secret disco, I was excited. I still had the feeling that I was living something illegal, committing a sin outside the law.

But I was calm, trusting in the delicious atmosphere of pure sex. The oral sex I was giving that woman was enhanced when one of her companions moved to my side. She positioned herself on her knees, just like me, and began to lick that vagina. So our tongues made contact as we caressed her clitoris.

After a few seconds, we stopped the oral sex and kissed. We kissed passionately, while she fondled my tits. That kiss went on for at least half a minute. I also began to fondle her tits, whimsically squeezing her nipples. The woman who was receiving the oral sex before, clapped her hands together with her partner again.

“Fascinating, girls,” she said. “Now we will join the party.”

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