Esperanza's Hot Vacation - Cover

Esperanza's Hot Vacation

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: Esperanza is a bisexual woman, passionate about sex, the good life and travel. Go inside your life to discover the delicious experiences she lived on her trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Spitting   Squirting   Nudism   .

Having sex with strangers is one of the most exciting fantasies that I love to live. My name is Esperanza, I’m twenty-nine years old, I’m bisexual and I love to travel. Travel has been what has allowed me to enjoy good sex. And of course, discovering the world, having new experiences and meeting people. Although when it comes to sleeping with someone, I avoid meeting them as much as possible.

Last week I was visiting Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was a ten-day trip, financed with a year’s savings. I only got to sleep with five people on this occasion. It was something very exciting, very splendid for the instinct of my active sexual life.

I remember very much the dark-haired man I slept with the first night. I loved feeling his thick, long penis in my vagina. His penetrations were strong, intense, merciless. What else could you expect from a man with a strong abdomen and a great physical workout? That man gave himself to me and unloaded all his desire like never before in his life. His penetrations were so strong that I held on to the pillows as if they were my lifeline.

“What a hunk, what a hunk,” I said, “How many women have been lucky enough to fuck you? Come on, answer me, honey, answer me.”

“I don’t know exactly. With many. At least a hundred.”

“Wow! I’m so excited. Now I’m one more on your record.”

“Of course.”

With tender looks I was teasing him, every chance I got. And that man was hitting me so hard that my eyes often turned white. When I managed to contemplate reality again, my field of vision was filled with little stars. It was fantastic to be under that man’s dominion. His name was, or well is, Sergio. He was now becoming one more on my list of having sex with strangers.

There came such an intense moment of his penetrations that I couldn’t take any more. I released intense moans of pleasure, proving that I had been defeated. Sergio had mercy on me and suspended his penetrations. But once his cock was out of my vagina he began to jerk off. He jerked his cock hard, with great agility, as if he would soon ejaculate.

But he didn’t. In fact he needed much more stimulation. I sat on the bed and decided to appropriate his penis. I took over the job of jerking him off. At first at the same pace as him, but then I eased up. I pulled his foreskin all the way down, completely baring his glans.

“How delicious, Esperanza,” he said, “I love those looks you give me.”

“You must always let love blossom in sex. Even when it comes to sex with strangers.”

“I love that massage you’re giving me. You really know how to give a man a handjob.”

“Are you holding back? At this rate you would have ejaculated long ago.”

Sergio replied that he felt a little nervous. And that was reflected in the stiffness of his penis. He told me that he was not used to having sex with strangers very often. He preferred relationships where there was ample time to get to know each other. I could tell he was a gentleman.

Later he confessed to me that it was the first time he had slept with a woman he had barely known for two hours. Yes, only two hours had passed since we met. Our contact was in the same hotel bar. And now he and I were fucking on the bed in my room. It would be a very exciting night for both of us.

As a lover, Sergio was a champion. During our first moment of sex we experimented with different poses. We played “Doggy style”, “Missionary”, “Spooning” and “Cowgirl”. Although the position I liked the most was the initial one, when we started in the bathroom. My buttocks were sitting on the sink’s vanity, while he remained standing.

“This is my favorite pose,” he said. “This is where I have the most dexterity.”

“When I have casual sex like this, I’ll accept anything,” I replied. “If you’re comfortable, I will be too.”

My legs were spread wide, in a butterfly position. I kept the balance of the pose by holding my hands on the dressing table. At times, his movements were so jerky that my arms would bend and make contact with the mirror. I was actually in a very comfortable position.

“Come on, darling, give it to me with full power,” I said, encouraging him, “Penetrate me with full power, let that beautiful big dick rape me.”

“If that’s the way you want it. But be careful, if it hurts, let me know.”

“All right.”

“Then here I go.”

Sergio then went on a frenzied and merciless attack of penetrations. He acted with such determination, that I was soon leaning my head towards the ceiling. My eyes immediately went to total white, as I moaned uncontrollably. The sound of his skin making contact with my buttocks was delightful.

What fascinates me most about having sex with strangers is being able to control a person. I was in awe of what I was experiencing. I felt that my lover on duty was under my dominion. Even though Sergio was penetrating me with all his power, I felt like I was on top of him. That aggressive attitude was the result of my quick manipulation of his mind.

I was using him as if he were a sexual object. A flesh and blood sex object, which I chose to my liking in a bar. I only had to whisper sweet words to him and surrender myself almost helpless to enjoy this man.

“Go on, champ, go on!”

“You seem to be insatiable, Esperanza. I’ll have to slow down a bit.”

“No, go on, go on. I know you can do it.”

A few minutes later, we left the bathroom and went to bed. That room would witness more intimate encounters of equal intensity. As I said, I would have five opportunities to have sex with strangers on my Playa del Carmen adventure.

Sergio was only the first of the two men I slept with. The other three people would be women. I can’t say with which of them I enjoyed the most or the least. Just having sex with someone I’ve just met turns me on tremendously. It is something that even delights me more than an orgasm. It is a fantasy that exalts my whole being.

That night with Sergio I was able to prove once again that jerking off a man is completely different from masturbating a woman. Well, that’s more than obvious. In the end I managed to make my lover on duty reach his first orgasm thanks to a little trick. At that moment, he was on his knees, on the bed. I looked into his eyes tenderly and smiled at him. We were both aware of the lengthening of his pleasure.

Then I told him to give me a few seconds. I got out of bed and went to my bedroom closet. I reached into one of my bags for a tube of lubricating gel, the kind I always carry with me to satisfy myself on my travels. Although I usually buy some to please myself when I’m at home. Or with my lovers on duty.

Then I went back to the bed and opened the lid of the lubricating gel. I poured on Sergio’s penis a good portion of gel. And only then I resumed the work of jerking this man off. My hand, moistened with the gel, slid easily around his penis. His foreskin went all the way down smoothly. It was as if my hand was oiled with a clear, sweet-smelling gel.

“Wow! I didn’t expect this,” said Sergio.

“You’ve never dared to jerk off with lubricant before?”

“Yes, sometimes I have done it with my partners. But that lubricant is unique. It’s very liquid, very oily.”

“I knew you’d love it.”

Jerking off with a lube always guarantees a quick ejaculation. At least that’s what has happened with the lubes I use. I know very well that Sergio made the effort to hold back. He would have ejaculated within thirty seconds of the massage I was giving his penis. But he resisted to enjoy the effect of the lubricant.

In the end, he conquered his orgasm and released his hot stream of semen. That discharge of semen was contained by my breasts. I knew it was going to happen. I was actually in an ideal position to receive that discharge. Since he was still on his knees on the bed, while I was sitting up. So when he came to pleasure, my breasts and belly acted as a wall.

“Thank you for this handjob, Esperanza. You are very good at this sex thing.”

“Jerking a man off, like the one I just gave you, turns me on so much. I feel like a whore, accomplishing a task.”

“Wow, how rude you are. For such a tender face, I didn’t think you’d use words like that.”

“It’s also nice to use rude words while you’re eating someone. While fucking someone. Don’t you think so?”

“You’re right.”

It was a sensational night with Sergio. Although it wasn’t quite one night. He was with me for two more hours. We had another round of sex and then stayed up watching TV. We ordered some hamburgers from the hotel service. And later, almost around eleven o’clock, he said he was leaving. He had his own plans for the next day.

We both knew that what we had just experienced was sex without commitment of the pure. If we met again in the elevator or at the hotel pool, we would recognize each other and say hello. But we knew for sure we wouldn’t go back to bed. It was no longer necessary, we had already indulged ourselves.

So that same night, as I was falling asleep, I accepted my new mission. Now I would have to use my sexual sniper to choose a new lover. Or a new female lover. In fact, I decided that, in order to indulge myself, it would be best to choose a woman. I wanted something other than a night that would end with me jerking a man off. And so it would be.

The next morning, I was on a visit to the Pyramid of Chichen Itza. It was a visit that had been planned long before. I had hired the service before traveling. So, at about eight o’clock in the morning, a white van picked me up at the door of the hotel.

“Are you Esperanza Ramirez?” asked the tour manager.

“Yes, that’s right,” I answered. “As far as I can see, I am the last person to be picked up.”

“Yes, we left immediately to visit the great pyramid.”

Although the tour guide was an attractive woman, she was not the one I chose. It was easy enough to choose my new lover from among the many amateur photographers. I have a tact, a developed intuition to know how to choose my mistresses. Sometimes I feel like a lioness. It seems to me that I become a predator who studies her prey very well.

“Hello, good afternoon,” I said to my chosen one. “Can you help me take a picture of myself?”

“Yes, with pleasure,” she answered.

“Thank you very much. It’s just that when it comes to traveling alone ... I don’t like selfies very much.”

“Oh, you are also one of those who travels alone.”

And so, with a simple photo, our casual relationship began. She was a woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin color was rather white, almost as white as mine. She was of a good height, though not as tall as I was. She was quite beautiful, she matched what I desired. Her name was, or well is, Paula.

Seeing her unaccompanied, sitting in the middle of the green lawn, I understood that she was a lone traveler. About seven hours later, the two of us found ourselves in my hotel room. She had already fallen into my tender nets. For me it was an equally easy accomplishment to the fascinating handjob I bestowed on Sergio. Interestingly enough, I used this same topic about giving a man a handjob to talk about sex with her. It happened while we were having lunch. It was very easy to make reference to that question. I saw the first attractive man in the restaurant and told her to watch him.

“He’s gorgeous, that guy. He’s very handsome ... he looks like he could use a little cuddle. I would gladly dare to give his penis a good handjob.”

“Are you serious?” Paula asked me, surprised. “That’s how impulsive you are.”

“Well, it’s just that I haven’t had good sex for a few days. I usually have such strong desires in periods of abstinence.”

For the rest of the afternoon, I gave her provocative glances and occasional winks. I didn’t care if Paula was straight, lesbian or bisexual. I knew I just had to tame her, lure her into my world. I knew she would eventually give in and gladly agree to have sex with me. With that strategy, as on so many other occasions with other women, I got what I was looking for.

Of all my sex toys, the one Paula enjoyed the most was the handcuffs. Feeling neutralized by me, it spiced up the sex experience immensely. I cuffed her hands behind her back, before I began to give her oral sex. And then, with total passion, I went on to kiss her vagina.

Under her buttocks we had one of the white towels from the hotel. This way, we guaranteed that in case she had a squirt, she wouldn’t wet the bed. Paula’s legs, while I was giving her oral sex, were kept in a butterfly position. My licks began with a gentle intensity, as if she was kissing me with her mouth.

Paula was fascinated by this kiss. She frequently demanded that I focus on her clitoris. And I was pleasing her with the best technique I know: describing little circles with my tongue. I was giving her oral sex until she reached a deep and intense orgasm. The lubricating gel I poured on her clitoris had also played a part in this.

“Did you love it,” I asked him after sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yes, it was delicious.”

“I still have so much more to give you.”

“For now, free me from the handcuffs.”

“Did you feel uncomfortable having my hands behind you?”

“Not at all, but now I want to feel free at all. As free as the pleasure you just gave me.”

Paula moved on the bed, lying face down. I could see her big buttocks. They were white, round, vigorous buttocks. On her right buttock there was a tiny birthmark, like a puddle of coffee. Before removing the handcuffs, I decided to open those provocative buttocks to look at her anus, her little ass.

“Give me a few seconds Paula,” I said, “Just a little taste I want to give myself.”

Then, still holding her buttocks open with my hands, I plunged my tongue into her anus. For the next minute I was tasting that little asshole. The excitement continued to grow. And it would have continued had I not taken pity on her. I knew she needed to be free.

I took the little keys by the bedside table and set her free. Quickly, like a prisoner seizing the opportunity to escape, Paula sat up in bed. And then, unexpectedly, she came up to me to kiss me. She threw herself hungrily at me, forcing me to collapse on the soft mattress.

There we were kissing while she groped me. She was on top of me, forcefully groping my tits. Finally, she stopped kissing me, but that didn’t mean she let me off. Both her hands were unloaded on my arms. I looked at her face as if she were a goddess, looking at a subordinate.

“Open your mouth,” she ordered me, imposing, without annulling my submission. “Open your mouth, dear Esperanza!”

I obeyed, sensing what she wanted to do. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Then she, placed her lips as if she was going to give a kiss. But what she actually did was to push a little bit of saliva. The bubbling saliva peeked out of her lips and stayed there for a few seconds.

It was evident that she was delighting in holding her saliva with her lips like this. But a moment later, she let the drop of saliva escape from her mouth. It landed on my tongue, while a smile appeared on my face. Paula was still holding me down, pressing my arms tightly.

“I hope you liked it. Now I’m the one giving you that pleasure,” she said.

“Of course you do, darling, of course you do.”

“What are we going to do now?”

“Keep on enjoying, dear Paula, keep on enjoying!”

The gesture of spitting in my mouth I had made to her first. We had done it when we were in the bathtub. It was that bathtub where we lived our second stage of great intimacy. After arriving at the hotel and entering my room, we decided to take a bath together.

By that time, I had managed to completely awaken her sexual desire. My provocative looks throughout the afternoon had paid off. The sexual chemistry and craving for sex was throbbing. We both knew we just needed a space to get naked and give ourselves away.

By the time we closed the bedroom door we were dominated by the same feeling of lust. The funny thing is that the fingers of our hands intertwined as if we were little girls. We both jumped up and down in happiness, saying “yes, yes, yes”. And when we stopped jumping, I gave her a little kiss on her mouth.

Then, with my right hand I dragged her into the bathroom. It was there that we started kissing and kissing. We were in sync, we knew we wouldn’t move on so fast. The passion of kissing went on for a while. So much so that at one point she decided to sit on the toilet seat.

“Come, Esperanza,” she said, “Sit on my legs. That way we’ll be more comfortable.”

“Okay, honey. Such nice kisses, Paula. I love your lips.”

“You’re a hot woman. It was impossible for me to resist your desire.”

“I have so much to show you, sweetheart.”

Up to that moment we were still dressed in our tourist clothes. Sitting on the toilet allowed us to start undressing. She tugged on my shirt, forcing me to stretch my arms up. Then I did the same with her. Just then I took the opportunity to do something I always love to do.

I noticed her underarms, waxed and beautiful. Before she started to lower her arms, I brushed the tips of my index fingers over them. I smiled at her and I think she understood what the gesture meant. That is, I sensed that she saw me attentively, contemplating her underarms. And before she could say anything, I decided to kiss her again.

Without stopping our kisses, we continued to undress, quickly, anxiously. We knew we had to take advantage of this chemistry that defied all prejudices. We both understood that we had to accept that powerful, almost cosmic force. Sex united us, unified us, granted us a pure and complicit, intense love.

“Come, let’s take a shower,” I said. “It’s time to refresh our bodies.”

“Of course it is, my love.”

That Paula had said “my love” in such a natural way filled me with pride. And now that we were under the shower that love was enhanced. I placed my elbows on top of her shoulders to entwine my hands behind her neck. She meanwhile decided to grab my buttocks and push them against her body.

For a long time I held her like that, a prisoner with my arms around her shoulders. The rain from the shower moistened us, refreshed us. The warm temperature was fascinating. Paula was busy groping me, caressing my tits, my vagina. Sometimes she would place her hands on my waist and that was something that thrilled me.

Our kisses kept stimulating the palpitations of our hearts. My heart was pounding, releasing adrenaline and dopamine. We kissed with our eyes closed, letting the darkness stimulate our sensations. Then came a moment when we decided to give each other a break.

“How many women have you kissed in your life?” she asked me.

“With many, Paula. So many that I’ve lost count. And you?”

“You’re the sixth. As I told you a few hours ago, I don’t consider myself a lesbian or bisexual.”

“But by the way you kiss me, you’re enjoying this encounter.”

“Of course I am.”

Paula and I started bathing. We used the small hotel soaps and shared my shampoo. I found bathing each other very delightful. It has always been great for me to experience love this way. Indulging in bathing another person, grooming them as if they were your own body, is very provocative.

After a while we even started to play like little girls. We used the foam to play as if it were snow. It was a daring and childish game, which did not last long. When we abandoned that game, we continued to remove the soap and suds.

At one point, Paula bent down to rinse my legs. And then, surprisingly, from that position, she launched herself against my vagina. She quickly brought her mouth close to my vagina to kiss me. It was exciting, fascinating and very impressive.

I managed to startle, as if I had suffered a shiver. But after that sexual attack, she kissed my vaginal lips before withdrawing her mouth. She looked at me from that crouched position for a second, biting her own lips.

“I wanted to know how you were going to react,” she said. “It’s clear from your little smile that you weren’t expecting it.”

“Of course not, my dear. Although if you want, I’d be happy to let you treat me to oral sex.”

“Yes, but we’ll do it right here. Come, lie down on the floor.”

Paula took the shower faucet and turned it off. Obeying her request, I lay down on the floor and left my vagina on display. I placed my hands behind my knees, to grasp and hold my legs open. My body was comfortable in that position. The shower space, not that it was very big for the two of us, but we fit very well. It was a sort of square, about two meters long and two meters wide.

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