Taking That Man's Virginity - Cover

Taking That Man's Virginity

by Tatiana Evans

Copyright© 2024 by Tatiana Evans

Erotica Sex Story: The sexual awakening of an eighteen year old man thanks to a woman who is ten years older than him. This will be just the first step of a stage of his life and very soon he will have the opportunity to enjoy his first orgy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Nudism   .

I indulged myself by taking that man’s virginity. My tits were sinking right in the middle of his nose, while we were on that couch. Gustavo was sitting on the couch, still dressed. He was in his jeans and blue T-shirt. I was also dressed in my traditional office clothes. Thus had begun our ritual of loving each other.

Then I began to unbutton my white shirt, so that my breasts sagged more. From the look on his face I knew he was enjoying my fragrance. He had always told me that he loved my perfume. And now that he was caressing my breasts and kissing them, that scent was turning him on even more.

My knees were on either side of his waist. And with my left hand I was pushing his head against my breasts. With the other hand, I took the opportunity to grope his genitals on his jeans. It was obvious that Gustavo was very excited. Soon he stopped licking my tits and decided to kiss me on the mouth. He also kissed my neck, my shoulders, everything.

“It was about time you dared,” I said. “Do you think I didn’t notice how you were looking at me?”

“It’s just that ... I mean...”

“Don’t justify yourself, I know you’re a little shy with women.”

That comment managed to hurt his ego a little. But it wounded him with kindness. It was a comment strong enough to awaken in him a new sensation. So he forcefully got up from the couch, forcing me to stand up. Between his hands he took my wrists, which formed an X of sorts. That X was placed over my breasts. Now he had me neutralized.

Then he pushed me with delicious violence and kissed me. He forced me back. I soon understood what he wanted. We moved back about ten feet, before he gave me the freedom to turn around. When I managed to turn around, we both ran towards my room, holding hands.

“Ready for action?”

“That’s what I should be asking you,” I said. “You’re the one who hasn’t lost your virginity yet!”

Once in my room, I hurried to the window. I closed the curtain in a second. The room was subjected to a soft color, similar to a brownish orange. That is, the sunlight was hitting the curtain softly. Now everything was given for us to fuck to our heart’s content.

I, positioned myself on the bed and took off my shirt, as well as my skirt. Just as quickly I threw my panties and bra on the floor. Now I was completely naked and ready to eat that man. Gustavo had also just taken off his pants and was now throwing his T-shirt on the floor.

“Do you want to put the condom on? Or do you trust me?”

“I trust you. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s say goodbye to my virginity on top.”

A moment later, I felt his erect penis plunging into my vagina. Gustavo, he must be an expert in watching movies and porn scenes. Because, although it was clear to both of us that he was a virgin, he knew good positions. We started with the traditional missionary position. But after a few minutes, without annulling the intercourse, he got upright, remaining on his knees while I remained lying on the bed, in a face up position. Thanks to this new position he kept my legs open and a little stretched towards the ceiling.

It was a somewhat comfortable position, where he could place his forearms on the soles of my feet. Gustavo was then able to penetrate my vagina with total pleasure. That position also guaranteed very deep penetrations. And very soon I would start moaning. I soon realized how well-endowed Gustavo was.

We didn’t really talk much while we were fucking. I just enjoyed myself, feeling proud of taking his virginity. That was not the first time I had the privilege of being with a virgin man. And it would happen with Gustavo, the same as with the first one.

I think it is a very natural thing to happen. The man, being inexperienced, is subject to a certain nervousness. And of course, he also gives himself pleasure and enjoys the experience. But conquering the orgasm becomes something difficult. That moment lengthens, distances itself, flees. Premature ejaculation is very unlikely. That’s why he was fucking me like a machine.

“Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! Play with me as you like,” I said, “Satisfy all your pleasure, dear Gustavo.”

“Thank you, darling, I didn’t know it was so exciting.”

“And you still have a lot to discover. Losing your virginity will take you to know a new world.”

As a few minutes later I got tired of that position, we decided to change. I told him to try the doggy style way position. Before I got into that position, I got on my knees on the bed. We were facing each other, as if we were a couple of sweethearts. Actually, there was a lot of love between us.

I decided to take advantage of that moment to kiss him on the mouth and hug him. I gave him some very gentle caresses, showing him my desire. In fact, after kissing his mouth, I decided to kiss his nipples. That instant of non-genital intimacy was fantastic for me. In fact, Gustavo asked me to bite his nipple a little.

“Come on, bite it with confidence. Make a mark, leave me a memory. I never want to forget the day I lost my virginity.”

“Are you sure? I’m biting you pretty hard, love.”

“Yes, a little harder, a little harder. Yeah, a little harder.”

“All right, I’ll risk it. I won’t hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

However, I warned him that I would bite gently to calibrate the intensity. Gustavo agreed. While I was biting his left nipple, while my teeth were touching his skin, I was massaging his beautiful penis. One of my hands was on his waist. And with the other I rubbed it. His penis was erect and thick.

Gustavo was happy that I was jerking him off while I was biting his nipple. Suddenly, after much rehearsal, I gave him the bite he wanted. Gustavo let out a little yelp of pain. I immediately released the bite. My lover looked into my eyes and then looked at his nipple.

Then he recognized the mark of my teeth around his nipple. My teeth left a red colored mark; but it was not blood. Gustavo smiled proudly at me for having left that mark of passion. And then he demanded, with gentle violence, that I get into the doggy style position.

After placing me in that position, he spanked me hard. It was an aggressive spank, but sexually stupendous.

“Oh,” I replied to his reaction. “What a delicious spanking.”

Gustavo didn’t answer anything. But he did thrust his cock deep into my vagina. The pleasure of loving each other still had great emotions in store for us that afternoon.

From that moment on he became my sexual lover. The intense sex we had that afternoon confirmed the beginning of our relationship. Me, in the doggy style position, was super pleased with his performance. The penetrations he gave me in my vagina were spectacular. His erect penis, still a virgin, behaved wonderfully. He was fucking me in that position for at least fifteen minutes. I managed to enjoy about two orgasms.

It was so much pleasure that I had to lift my hands off the bed and place them on the headboard. This way, I was able to reach a better stability to feel his cock thrusting into me. When his moment finally came, he pulled his cock out of my vagina with speed. It was a quick, jerky movement.

Then I felt him stand up on the bed. When I experienced the hot spurt landing on my back I understood what had happened. He did not want to ejaculate inside my vagina. That did not bother me at all and I understood. However, I did dare to ask him:

“Are you afraid of getting pregnant?”

“It’s not that,” he answered, “I had been dreaming of doing that for a long time. I wanted intensely to see my own semen spilled on a woman’s skin.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“In fact, I feel more excitement to do the same on your abdomen.”

“Later we will fulfill that whim. Gustavo, in the bathroom there are wet wipes for you to clean me.”

I stayed in the same position, with my hands resting on the headboard, until he returned. The wet washcloth cooled my back. Actually, he had to use about three wipes. Then he went back to the bathroom to throw them away. When he came back, Gustavo saw me lying on the bed, still naked. He lay down next to me and we talked.

For the moment I gave him the title of lover. Although I really shouldn’t call him that. My husband travels constantly for work. And I know very well that he is just as unfaithful to me. Since that afternoon I considered that the relationship with my “husband” would not last long.

I am ten years older than Gustavo: a young man who just finished high school. That is to say, he is only eighteen years old and I am twenty-eight. The interesting thing about our relationship is that he lives in the apartment next door. For a long time we were just neighbors. We would meet in the elevator or pass each other on the way out of the house. We would greet each other out of politeness and had cultivated a certain “trust”.

One afternoon in August, when we were going to take the elevator, I saw him dressed up. Well, not that he was dressed in a suit or tuxedo. He was wearing black jeans and a blue shirt. Moreover, a delicious scent was emanating from him. I found his perfume fascinating, as if it were his pheromones. Could it be those pheromones that triggered my desire to make him my lover?

“Are you going to the girlfriend’s,” I asked him in an amused tone, “You’re looking very elegant.”

“No, that’s not it,” he answered kindly. “I’m just going for a walk and to buy some oil paintings.”

“Oh, what a judicious boy. The other day your mother let me have a good look at the paintings in the living room.”

“Oh, when was that?”

“It was last week. I was out of sugar and your mom gave me some.”

As we rode down in the elevator I kept bugging him about the girlfriend thing. Finally, before we got out of the elevator car, I winked at him. It was a sexy, sensual, provocative wink. I did it with the feminine intention of arousing his desire for women. But in reality that wink had more effect on me.

From that evening on, I began to think more about him. I was motivated by the desire to meet him again in the elevator. I wanted to see him again, dressed in that elegant way and feel his fragrance. The evening I made him my lover, I dared to confess everything to him. I told him with affection how much I longed for us to sleep together.

“Me too, darling,” he said. “You are a woman who provokes great temptations.”

After we took our break, we continued fucking. He told me that another of his fantasies was for me to ride him. Then he lay on his back on the bed and I sat on his erect member. I was bouncing with pleasure, sinking my vagina deep. His penis remained nicely erect and rigid.

That stiffness guaranteed me strong sensations. Sometimes my eyes turned white with pleasure. And when I looked at him again, he would stare at me in fascination. He would flatter me by saying how beautiful it was to see a woman so ecstatic. He told me he was fascinated to see a woman with her eyes rolling.

I kept riding his cock in the meantime, enjoying myself to my heart’s content. After a while I got tired of bouncing and jumping on his penis. Then I leaned forward. So I could start kissing his mouth and neck. The satisfaction I felt was enormous, my moans were getting louder and louder.

“Enjoy it, honey, enjoy it,” he said to me. “Lack of sex is bad for your health.”

At certain moments, my lover would push his buttocks up. In those moments, my pleasure intensified. I felt his cock go deeper. And because he did not do it rhythmically, the pleasure was greater. The unexpected thrust of his buttocks took me mostly unawares.

After long minutes of this game, he warned me that I was about to reach orgasm. Roughly, quickly but gently, he managed to subdue me and lay me down on the bed. Now I was on my back. So, as we had agreed, he ejaculated again on me, on my abdomen. His whim was complete. Although well, the load of semen was not as generous as the first time.

From that point on we went back to lying on my bed. I looked at the clock next to the nightstand and discovered that it was going to be five o’clock. Our sex games would continue for the next few hours. And later, we would go out together to enjoy the city as sweethearts, until we discovered the perfect bar to have a few drinks and a disco to dance in. Thus began a relationship of which I still have a lot to say.

A few weeks later, Gustavo had the enormous privilege of living his first orgy, accompanied by three of my women friends. That event started in the living room of my apartment. At first, he was a little disconcerted, perhaps believing that what he was experiencing was an illusion, but mostly confused by the idea that I was the one who endorsed that he was enjoying his sexuality with the four women we represented.

That night I saw him enjoy sex like a god. I watched him enjoy Tatiana’s vagina, while Stephanie sucked him off. Tatiana had positioned herself almost standing on the couch, keeping her body in balance, leaning her hands on the wall. Her left knee was resting on the back of the couch.

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